RBY UU Circuit Tour - ROUND 1


Art by the talented grape tylenol
Hosted by local clown GraveBee and the lovely dwebble-enjoying Murm


Time for Round 1 of the RBY UU Circuit Tournament, to count for the RBY Low Tier Circuit!

This tour is worth over 1/8 of the points toward qualifying for the circuit championship, so don't hold back on us! It's also the first time we're hosting this on the UU forum rather than the RBY forum, and we hope this will promote more interaction and integration between the communities. In other words, show each other some love while you duke it out! Also, to cut on unnecessary formalities, read the rules and resources if you haven't already. They're in neat little spoilers just ripe for the clicking.

  • General Tournament Rules: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/tournament-rules-and-general-guidelines.3642760/
  • This will be a single elimination, best of three tournament.
  • All tournament games must be played on Pokemon Showdown!, and replays are required for all rounds. It is preferable to play on Smogtours - if players disagree on which server to play on, Smogtours is the default.
  • Each round will last one week. If you and your opponent are unable to schedule despite both players making an effort, extensions of up to 3 days may be granted. If one player fails to attend a scheduled time or does not make a genuine effort to schedule, an activity win may be awarded to the other player at the tournament host's discretion. If neither player makes an effort to schedule, the host may "coinflip" the win, awarding it at random. Please schedule publicly so as to ensure activity wins are judged correctly. See the Tournament Scheduling Guidelines for further information. If, for any reason, you have questions regarding scheduling or activity cases, please be civil about it and feel free to ask your hosts as needed.

And now, for the thing everyone's been waiting for... Brackets! Here's your week 1 lineup!

As determined by https://www.smogon.com/bracketmaker/view/12601/

Bag of Trixx  vs  SOMALIA
giove97  vs  Lily
Lialiabeast  vs  hariyana grande
phoopes  vs  YBW
BigFatMantis  vs  gastlies
NotVeryCake  vs  DarkAuroraSystem
Maris Bonibell  vs  King Billu
Goombatower69  vs  Kaosdone
spell  EXTENDED  Concept Everything
NDK  vs  jking55
romanji  vs  pac
Slip  vs  Teh
DiannieRatson  vs  Toxin boost
Liz Angeles  vs  Nikebeamz
torkonpeter  vs  Medeia
Gerrychu29 EXTENDED olivia
ZeStinky  vs  Bye 1
Tree69420  vs  Bye 2
stunner047  vs  Bye 3
Sabelette  vs  Bye 4
leoperi99  vs  Bye 5
Roaring Valiant  vs  Bye 6
FrozenTea  vs  Bye 7
Melbelle  vs  Bye 8

Bracket Notes: I hate the bracketmaker forcing me to use byes right away, especially in a single-elim tour. However, it's better than having byes in round 2 onwards.

Your deadline is Sunday, April 14, at 11:59PM EST (GMT-4). Remember, ALL replays are required. Please remember to be respectful with one another, both in scheduling and in battle. NOW LET'S LOAD UP SOME TENTACRUEL AND SHED SOME BLOOD!
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Time for the unfun stuff.
When scheduling, speech is silver, but silence ain't golden. Silence means I get to wait until midnight to see if games were played.

I'll be giving extensions to those who asked for it. Gerrychu29 vs olivia and spell vs Concept Everything will have until Wednesday.

Activity Decisions:
If you feel like refuting any of these, feel free to let me know. I'm always more than happy to discuss any concerns, especially for a single-elim tour like this.

Slip > Teh, actual act win
Lily < giove97, flipped
phoopes < YBW, flipped

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