RBY RBY Winter Seasonal #5 - Round 3 [Losers Bracket]


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Art by Blazenix!

Welcome to the fifth RBY Winter Seasonal! This tournament will reward points towards the 2023 RBY Circuit. The tournament winner will get rewards such as a Custom Role in the RBY Discord and a spot in the RBY Hall of Fame!​

Tournament Rules and Regulations:
  • The General Tournament Guidelines can be found here. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in disqualification.
  • This is a standard RBY OU Tournament. All games must be played in the "[Gen 1] OU" tier on either the main server or on smogtours. If players cannot decide which server to play on, smogtours will be the default option. All games in the Top 16 must happen on smogtours.​
  • RBY OU Resources can be found here. RBY OU Sample Teams can be found here. The RBY Forum can be found here.​
  • This is a Double-Elimination tournament. There will be deadlines of a week or less for all rounds. Losing once does not mean that you are out.​
  • Failure to properly schedule will result in me either making an activity call in favor of one player or coinflipping the game.​
  • It is the responsibility of the players to provide all scheduling evidence to the host before the deadline of the round. My preference is if players post an activity call with evidence in the respective round's thread, as I will definitely see it there.​
  • All rounds will be played as a best-of-three. You may switch teams between battles of the same set.
  • Replays are required for EVERY game played.

Quartosa  vs  Acetylaldehyde
Wazza37  vs  Janak
kjdaas  vs  chub
Shaneghoul  vs  Koalacance
TLTK  vs  CyberOdin✝
TL The Legend  vs  neige
Fant'sy Beast  vs  第二十五夜
SiceXV  vs  gorex
Marshall.Law  vs  Zankyou
Papa Hawk  vs  Mendeez
Isza  vs  RampageWebber
Bored Pikachu  vs  giraffefromholland
Farce Of The Death  vs  Sificon
hunternoooob  vs  Mister Tim
T4PD  vs  Kollin7
BoB Esponja  vs  Nick
Inder  vs  TehTayTeh
Theus BF  vs  Hyssou
BlazingDark]  vs  OmBrArch
stunner047 vs. Nakano Nino
Flopfish  vs  SOM/05
SwordIsBored  vs  Green on fire
Victory Victreebel  vs  SpaceSpeakers
Sergi  vs  Tanny89k
Akeras  vs  mimilimi
Segale  vs  MultiPokemon
Xandes  vs  theBigbrother17
FossilD  vs  Sabelette
shadowtime2000  vs  giove97
Yelodash  vs  Crunter
Ema Skye  vs  Liquidocelot
RichardMillePlain  vs  SponsoredPost
TibarnWasTaken  vs  Hockey1
mentalsoft  vs  Prehistoric
Tree69420  vs  kenny
Ara  vs  Quizats Hiderach
Daruma  vs  Surfy
SM Larvitar  vs  Osajima
robjr  vs  Spl4sh
Shedinja-43152  vs  Nael222
Electroman102  vs  Tuthur
toytean  vs  Spellcaster
TG2513  vs  airfare
The one and only buck  vs  Reken
Huston  vs  ExiDudi
TrainerPla  vs  Lialiabeast
Paulluxx  vs  Sirwings
Amaranth  vs  artificialdeath
ForgottenOnes  vs  Bye 1
Staxi  vs  Bye 2
Ran$om_II_Regal  vs  Bye 3
Tarvold  vs  Bye 4
dex  vs  Bye 5
oakdeon  vs  Bye 6
MTB  vs  Bye 7
swag god  vs  Bye 8
ewisko  vs  Bye 9
Arvinraj K III C  vs  Bye 10
Feli_joseph  vs  Bye 11
Satanic Beast  vs  Bye 12
Vnc  vs  Bye 13
entrocefalo  vs  Bye 14
Axel_Pokemon  vs  Bye 15
TheMemeHead  vs  Bye 16


This round's deadline is Sunday, January 29th, 2023, at 11:59 PM GMT-5. The deadline for extensions is Wednesday, January 25th, at 11:59 PM GMT-5.
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