Tournaments RBY World Cup I - Signups [CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE]

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Welcome to the inaugural RBY World Cup!

The tournament will tentatively feature teams of 6 starters + 2 to 4 substitutes, all playing RBY OU. The number of teams is undetermined as of right now - they will be formed based on signup numbers.

Please use the following format to sign up:

Player name: Amaranth
Country / State of Residence: Italy
Other Eligibilities: None
Interested in Captaincy: Yes/No
NOTE: Just list your country and, if you are in the US, your State. The borders for continental and US teams will be drawn at a later point based on how the signups shake out.

Do not lie about your eligibility, I will run IP checks. Just be nice and honest.

Signups will stay open until March 12th. I will announce teams and captains on March 5th.
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