Tournaments RBY World Cup II - Quarterfinals

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(1.) France 3 - 0 Oceania (8.)
vs nicole7735: Peasounay should learn from his mistakes last round and clean this up I think, I like nicole but she's still pretty raw
BIHI vs Wazza37
Kaz vs Hipmonlee
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Lost to Nicole, ggs and wp to Oceania

Just want to give a quick s/o to Kaz for all of his efforts to keep my RBY (more or less) sharp during this tournament. Also thanks to Team France, I had a blast

Will definitely try to enter more tournaments in the future, as the current meta is super fun and the RBY community as strong as it's ever been

Good luck to the 4 remaining teams
Well done Oceania, especially Hipmonlee, Nicole for the hard work shes doing there and Wazza,for proving that the ladder grind is worth it, keep rocking magical weeb

France, thanks for the ride, always a blast to play with you guys, we can be proud of defeating our own record we set last year in pools.
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