[Re-Opening 11-23-19]The White Lotus Trade Center: Special Poké Ball Emporium

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Modest or Timid, Run Away Caterpie in a Net Ball

Egg Move(s): N/A

Adamant, Jolly, or Naive Infiltrator Dreepy in a Luxury Ball

Adamant or Jolly Spread:
Naive Spread:
Egg Move(s): Sucker Punch
Note: I am currently working on Naive Dreepy so you will have to place a Waiting Order if you would like this Nature.

Hasty or Lonely Flame Body Sizzlipede in a Repeat Ball

Egg Move(s): Knock Off

Adamant, Modest, Jolly, or Timid Rattled or Static Toxel in an Ultra Ball

Egg Moves(s): No (Will probably add Power-Up Punch)
Note: Currently only have Adamant but I am breeding for other natures, so you will have to place a Waiting Order.

Adamant Disguise Mimikyu in a Poké Ball

Egg Move(s): Looking for Mimikyu in a Moon Ball.

Adamant, Relaxed, Impish, or Brave Big Pecks Rookidee in an Ultra Ball

Adamant or Impish Spread:
Brave or Relaxed Spread:
Egg Move(s): Roost & Defog
Note: Working on Impish Rookidee, so you will have to place a Waiting Order. If you have this bad boy in a Moon Ball or a Heavy Ball with Big Pecks I ABSOLUTELY NEED IT.

Quiet, Relaxed, or Sassy Symbiosis Oranguru in a Poké Ball

Egg Move(s): N/A
Note: Working on Sassy Oranguru. I want this guy in a Love or Dream Ball so help a guy out!

Adamant, Careful, or Jolly Tyrogue in an Ultra Ball

Egg Move(s): High-Jump Kick & Bullet Punch

Adamant Fluffy Wooloo in a Repeat Ball

Egg Move(s): Counter
Note: If you have this sexy BEAST in a Beast Ball hmu regardless of IV's. Good IV's are preferred, however.

Adamant or Brave Prankster Impidimp in a Timer Ball

Adamant Spread:
Brave Spread:
Note: Dream Ball Impidimp is on my Wish List, Regardless of IV's although Good IV's are preferred.

Adamant Sand Veil Diglett in a Level Ball

Egg Move(s): Final Gambit

Adamant Sand Veil or Sand Spit Silicobra in a Friend Ball

Egg Move(s): Dragon Rush & Poison Tail

Careful Magic Guard Sigilyph in an Ultra Ball

Egg Move(s): Roost & Psycho Shift

Adamant Iron Fist Pancham in an Ultra Ball

Egg Move(s): Quick Guard
Note: Wouldn't mind a Heavy Ball Pancham.



1. No Hacked Pokemon - I will not trade you hacked Mons, and I do not wish to partake in these Shady dealings.
2. I do not wish to trade for Cloned Legendaries, but if it's for a Shiny I really want I'll accept a Clone for clone.
3. I do have Pokemon not listed in this thread. Such as Ponyta (Dream Ball) and Ghastly (Moon Ball), and I do not want an Adamant Technician Scyther. But I will listen to one with an Impish Nature.
4. DO NOT start a negotiation over PM with me; I will ignore you, and be added to a 48 Hour no Fly Zone. Meaning I will not trade with you for those two days.
6. I will breed according to a waiting list. Meaning if you're not 1 on that list, DO NOT badger me. I am a full time worker. Meaning if you badger me, you will be pushed to the bottom of the list.
7. If I ignore you, I might have just missed your post. So post a second and third time, if I don't respond I declined your trade.
8. There is an Order Form at the bottom of this post. Please use it when offering a trade.
9. They do not care if I trade them, but please, for the love of God Almighty, DO NOT Clone Semi-Redi Pokemon without permission. We do not want to see all of these Pokemon everywhere.
10. You are free to request Pre-Orders of Pokemon Coming Out. 
11. Trophy Case Pokemon are not for trade unless the offer is too compelling or stated otherwise.
12. Trades will be completed within 24 Hours of Orders. If the waiting list reaches past 10, you should expect a little longer wait than 24 Hours.
13. Any Pokemon I am searching will allow you a store Credit. 1 Credit=1 Pokemon, so you can either trade it for a Pokemon in the shop or wait for that gifted Pokemon to become available in the shop.
Egg Moves:
Egg Group(s):
Trade Log:

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Spot reserved for Store Credit.

Want List:
Eiscue in a Dive Ball
Timid Swift Swim Lotad in a Nest Ball
Sand Spit Silicobra in a Level Ball
Sand Veil Drillbur in a Luxury Ball
Scrappy Farfetch'd in a Premier Ball
Iron Barbs Ferroseed in a Heavy Ball
Cursed Body Corsola in Moon Ball
Sand Stream Hippopotas in a Heavy Ball
Guts Larvitar in a Friendship Ball
Thick Fat Swinub in a Level Ball
Bulletproof Applin(#1 Request)
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