Rebecca Black Plague Thread

Welcome back, Smogon forums!

Welcome to the glorious thread both celebrating and loathing the Black plague. If you have been living under a rock for all of the Fridays in the past 2 months or so:

The one and only real video
(don't forget hitting the thumbs down button)

In this thread, we will discuss, hate on, and most of all laugh at this miserable yet hilarious piece of "pop music".

The one thing this video was good for, though, was providing us with a LOT of analyses, parodies, spoofs, and other video/picture gimmicks across the internet. Please post the funniest ones you can find here.

Rap that asks a few questions
Friday on Gameboy Color
Brock Dub
In depth lyrical analysis

That's only four, let's do something about it!
Charlie Sheen's tweet - "dear Rebecca Black, we don't hate you because you're famous, you're famous because we hate you :) "
The producers of this shit, who admittedly cater to parents willing to pay to have their kid in a music video, haven't stopped with friday. FYI they are apparently the two brown dudes pointing at a screen with enjoyment in the link below. Also, they use the same black dude to do clone raps in ever god damn song that they feel needs it (which is most).

Ordinary Pop Star

Mark Vital's page I highly suggest the song "Dream Girl" as the chorus is to DIE for (IIf you are an idiot, scroll down to player and change the song to "dream girl").

Yes, it seems like Ark Records is just getting warmed up.
A very nice orchestral version of the song, I think it sounds really good. Fortunately, they cut out the most annoying part of the song - her voice. Unfortunately, this gave me the opportunity to sing along. If I didn't hate myself before, I do now.
Death Metal Friday is actually a lot better than the original version in my opinion. And it's not really death metal, closert to metalcore (ninjad but he's not a metalhead so I should be the one posting it)

And Brock's Dub is fantastic

So is Game Day
But I love that song! It is full of lulz!

O.O google suggests rule 34 of her

google also suggests her as soon as i type the letter r

but that's google's fault
the Colbert shit was fucking terrible

best version was the horror version, start sounded just like Ness battling Gigyas
We shall form a resistance to plan an assassination. Also, we must quarantine the infected and starve them. After, we disinfect the quarantining room and outlaw the playing of Friday to prevent future pandemics.

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