Recently in tournaments huh

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(Writing from phone, so sorry for bad formatting and if its been already reserved, sorry for that too :) )


  • Intro
  • Round 1 featured games
  • Round 2 featured games
  • Highlight matches
XY PU tour
Its in semifinals.
  • Matchups
  • Brief summary of games and maybe finals too
RBY OU world championships

First blood finals

Walkthrough tour

Very brief. Link to the tour guide.

Oras nu tour

Any new tour about to be started.
I missed some, will edit those in a few hours.
Snazzy. You've done Recently in Tournaments for us before, so you know the drill. Keep in mind the article is subject to change a bit over the course of a week and a half, but getting a head start on it is certainly ideal.

Approved ^.^
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