Gen 6 Recommendations for my Genesect

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Hey guys,

So about a year ago I went from being a massive collector to a competitive breeder/player. I have Pokemon from my much older versions of Pokemon games that I have migrated to each gen whenever possible. I recently came across a Genesect that I received from the Pokemon Black/White 2 Event code from purchasing the game. I have hundreds of legitimate and very rare Pokemon that I have prided myself on collecting over my many many years of playing. Unfortunately I can't confirm if this was indeed MY Genesect from years ago because I had traded a few from previous versions and other trainers as well and the majority of my collection has gone untouched until recently, and largely collected from betting/battling trainers in my area in real life. I used to make gambles with other trainers here in New York and bet eachother's Pokemon as stakes for winning.


I went to check my Genesect's IVs and was pleasantly surprised that it had 6 perfect IVs. (Suspicious, I know.)

6 Perfect IVs, Jolly Nature. So I guess my question is how would I benefit most from building this Genesect for competitive play? Singles or Doubles build recommendations?

I'm obviously in conflict with it because of its nature. It isn't optimal for it to be a special attack build because Jolly nature decreases effectiveness of SP. A. But is it worth trying a physical build? I'd like suggestions as to how I should built it, be it singles or doubles.

I'm a new poster on here, go easy on me please. And I'd like to keep it legitimate if possible. I don't use any hacks or exploits to build my competitive teams. I breed and train everything from scratch.


the simple questions simple answers thread may also be of use :D. btw camilas, posts like help me out quite a bit, ty. i owe you and peli a beer.

have a wonderful day (although i don't actually care if you have a bad one)
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