Regigigas on Acid

When my Rob (Eelektross from B2) learned gastro acid I realised the power of a combo of regigigas, archeops and slaking with a gastro acider. So I made this team.

Ill say how my team works at the bottom.

252HP 252SpA 4SpD
Focus Sash/Flying gem
Modest(+SpA -Atk)

Gastro Acid

Jasons goal is to use gastro acid on politoed but politoed will switch out so regigigas will get it then he can thunder away on any pokemon he wants.
I want 2 giv him acrobatics for coverage but he has focus sash and i dont hack so i probably wont hav da right hidden power so i gave him for the weather war. He has protect like most in vgc should. He has focus sash in case he gets KOed before gastro acid goes up. I have questioned the evs thinking more defensive ones may be more effective so let me know what u think.

252HP 252SpA 4SpD
Iron Ball
Quiet(+SpA - Spe)

Ice beam

Polifroeg is there to set up the rain (Obviously). He will switch out to regigigas on the first turn to let eelektross use thunder. He has encore to lock pokemon into moves that wont do much to regigigas and to stop them from usin super effective moves. Ice beam for grass and dragon coverage. And the usual protect for VGC pokemon. Iron Ball and the quiet nature lets him get rain up ahead of the rest.

252HP 252Atk 4Def
Slow Start
Adamant(+Atk -SpA)

Drain Punch
Zen Headbutt

Here he is! The star of my team! He will switch in on the first turn for polifroeg and receive a gastro acid. Then the fun begins! With probably the greatest stats in VGC he will pwn any one in his path. Facade is his STAB and may may be even more powerful if an enemy tries to stop him with status. Zen Headbutt is coverage against fighting types. Earthquake goes well with eelektross for double hits. And Drain Punch can heal some life against enemies. He has leftovers for more healing so he can stay out and sweep the opposition.

252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Occa Berry

Bullet punch
Bug bite

Scizor is good for enemies with sandstorm or hail teams. Against hail he can use Bullet punch superpower on ice types and bug bite on Abomnasnow. Bug bite is also good on the very common cresselia. For Sandstorm teams he has superpower though mainly for tyranitar It can take out Excadrill and terrakion too. He has protect for obvious reasons. Occa berry because fire is still super effective in rain

Triton (Kingdra)
4 HP 252 SpA 252 Spe
Swift Swim
Life orb

Hydro pump
Dragon Pulse
Draco meteor

Kingdra is great for any rain team. He will be used when i face rain teams because of his big resistance 2 water. His only weakness is dragon and since the only dragons (from my experience) on rain teams in VGC are Latios and Kingdra so dragon pulse is more effective than ice beam. Though some do use Dragonite on rain teams it is usually not seen in VGC. Life orb is for extra damage. Protect is same as usual and as i have said I have dragon pulse to avoid the unnecessary SpA lowering.

Venom (Toxicroak)
252HP 252Atk 4Spe
Dry Skin
Black Sludge

Fake Out
Sucker Punch
Drain Punch

Toxicroak will rarely be used unless i come across a sand team who do not have a lot of earthquake users. He can use fake out on the switch in and sucker punch on enemies who may target him. Drain punch with dry skin and black sludge is a great combo for healing in rain. Protect for the last time is a staple on most in vgc.This description is short beacuse he will be used so little.

No Cresselia?
I do not have cresselia to fool people that regigigas is replacing it with a defensive set.
Team Layout
Every match ill start with polifroeg and eelektross then ill switch out polifroeg 4 regigigas. The last member of team in a match will depend on the opponent (list below).

Against rain and sun Kingdra
Against hail and sand with a few eathquakers Scizor
Against trick room or sandstorm with few earthquakers Toxicroak
I like your strategy of doing the same exact thing every match. Eelektross could end up getting fake out-ed or the opponent could use rage powder. Also, even after Regigigas sets up, Terrakion still beats it. You need to introduce some versatility to your team instead of relying on a one-track, somewhat powerful gimmick.

Edit: also, the main thing you need Protect on is the only thing without it. You do realize that bulky attacker regigigas that has already setup will be targeted like crazy?
Having actually fought this team, I would say that it's just a one trick pony that people can see coming a mile away. [I believed our game ended 2-0?] Anyway, here's what you should change and why:

Volt Switch > Thunder What happens when you lose the weather war and you can't hit Thunder Reliably, in this case if something were to happen where you can't set up Regigigas, you can at least get him out of that tight spot and pray you can set up late game to sweep. (I would also consider flamethrower if you like better)

Protect > Earthquake Drain Punch gives you reliable power and still hits the same things, whereas only one pokemon on your team avoids earthquake. I understand your need for spread moves, and I'll get to that in a minute. Really the only things you would want to hit with Earthquake would be Tyranitar, Excadrill, Metagross, and Heatran, and the only one that really proves to be a major threat to Regi is Tyranitar sporting Low Kick. Some Metagross also run Hammer Arm, but if it's a good player, then they won't. Drain Punch still hits them hard, albeit hitting Metagross for 1x.

If you're giving him an iron ball set, you need to make him more support orientated because he will be moving last, consistantly. You can't really deal heavy damage if I hit you hard first, possibly KO'ing you. I would reccommend replacing Ice Beam with Helping Hand.

I don't understand the point of having 2 dragon type attacks on him. Draco Meteor is by far the superior move, but you would have to choose the lowered accuracy+SpA drops. Which would be the only reason to choose dragon pulse over it. So choose one and replace the other, I would suggest Subsitute, since you even said yourself his resistances really help make him get the sub out and hold it there. Muddy Water > Hydro Pump Hydro Pump is strong STAB and all, [even getting 50% in rain] but with 2 low accuracy moves on the same pokemon you really are rolling the dice with him. And if you were to face an opposing Gastrodon, especially a defensive set, you don't have a spread move to stop that, so I could switch him in on your H Pump or Politoeds scald and start getting boosts.

I would strongly advise you to remove Superpower. Bullet Punch does very well against Ice alone, and also hits Tyranitar hard, but Superpower is working against you lowering your attack and defense. 2 things you don't want lowered on him. Natural Gift > Superpower or Acrobats > Superpower now heres the deal. With Occa Berry, Natural Gift becomes a one time use 60BP Physical Fire attack, that will deal with opposing Scizor. Too lazy to run a calc right now on how often it will kill them, but know that it's very powerful. Alternatively, you could use flying gem Acrobats that only gets stronger the more you use it. Each are both powerful viable sets.

I don't know anything about Toxicroak, except that he's a Rain version of Bisharp. On to the next step, your EV spreads are just outright terrible, and they don't do anything for you. I would recommend reading Jio's article on efficiant EV spreads
You will realize after making your own custom spreads that your skill starts improving as a player on the whole. Also, no one will ever look at Regigigas as a defensive replacement, he will become a target as soon as they see him on team preview. Honestly, if you want to ever become good at VGC, switch over to Nugget Bridge. Over there we have the best help you can get with people who placed at and qualified for Worlds, as well as others who have quite a notable name in the community.
Both raters, Regigigas does not learn protect (or rest!)

Do not use acrobatics on a modest Eelektross. Change the nature to reduce speed for use in trick room, and leave the attack unhindered. If you really want to use acrobatics bare in mind that even with a flight gem, at -1 attack after the intimidate you will never 1HKO Adamant HP252/DEF0/ Hitmontop (max 99%) let alone any more defensive spreads. Also consider giving some defensive investment into Politoed, as winning the weather war can be vital, especially if you bring Kingdra.

Regigigas is a gimmick! He's very fun to play with. but I'm not sure I'd recommend for serious VGC stuff
He is the only pokemon to learn tm's who doesn't get those two moves. He feels a bit rubbish for being in the same club as like Magikarp, Kakuna and Wynaut.


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I know I'm a bit late to the party, but removing Slow Start from Regigigas is actually counter-productive - Regigigas's stats will not return to normal without Slow Start.

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