Regime Spriting Thread


Trainer Sprites | Fusions | Overworlds

Trainer Sprites:

All 80x80 Size.
-Generation I, II, III, IV Pokemon have multiple sprites, so I may provide various choices for the requester.
-Please provide the Trainer sprite unless you can provide a good description of what it looks like.


-Name 2 Pokemon you would like to be fused.


-Choose a scene, and describe it well so I can make it well enough.
(Any Map from FRLG, RSE, and most from DPPt/HGSS.)

Pokemon Highlights:

-Select # of Pokemon.


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Hiya, I really like your work, especially the sprites and the overworlds :)

Would you mind making me a custom trainer sprite of Zinnia + Mega Charizard X? Zinnia's sprite is here:

Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work :)

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