Pet Mod Regional Evolutions (Concluded for Generation 8)

In that case, please ban Toxidize for now (I'll see if I can use it in one of my subs for the next slate) and change the Galarian Cutiefly line's HA to Gluttony. Please also replace Ant Acid with the aforementioned Poison-type Steel-hitting Freeze-Dry clone - for obvious reasons, I'm calling it Acid Bath. (And again, I might also add it to future submissions of mine as appropriate - anyone else who wants to use it for their own subs is welcome to as well!)
There is already a Poison-type Steel-hitting clone of Freeze-Dry in this Pet Mod - Venom Storm, which I made for my Hisuian Marshtomp line. Just make a note to give it to the Galarian Cutiefly line as well, alephgalactus :)
In that case, please ban Toxidize for now (I'll see if I can use it in one of my subs for the next slate) and change the Galarian Cutiefly line's HA to Gluttony. Please also replace Ant Acid with the aforementioned Poison-type Steel-hitting Freeze-Dry clone - for obvious reasons, I'm calling it Acid Bath. (And again, I might also add it to future submissions of mine as appropriate - anyone else who wants to use it for their own subs is welcome to as well!)
Done. All submissions have been added.

Lot of fun submissions this time around, big fan of Infestout and Helpmee.


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Past and Future
This slate is a free slate but with a twist; they must be either from the past* or the future due to involvement of Koraidon and Miraidon, the Legendary duo from the upcoming game, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

*For Sinnoh and Hisui, Future must be represented for Sinnoh and Past must be represented for Hisui.

The submission phase will be opened for five days, so we have until Wednesday next week!​
Pokémon: Shroomish-Lental
New Typing: Ground
New Abilities: Effect Spore / Water Absorb / Mush Veil
Mush Veil: Flower Veil clone. Ally Ground types are protected from status and lowering stats.
New Stats: 60/40/65/60/40/30
New Moves: Rototiller, Mud Slap, Sand Tomb, Mud Shot, Magnitude, Mud Bomb, Earth Power, Earthquake
Removed Moves: Absorb, Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Worry Seed, Giga Drain, Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Energy Ball, Grass Knot
Flavor/Design: Pezizaceae mushroom, a prehistoric mushroom. The Shroomish is brown, and the bottom of its body is slightly upturned.

Pokémon: Pezizaloom
New Typing: Ground / Poison
New Abilities: Effect Spore / Water Absorb / Mush Veil
New Stats: 60/60/130/80/70/60
New Moves: Rototiller, Mud Slap, Sand Tomb, Mud Shot, Magnitude, Mud Bomb, Earth Power, Earthquake, Acid, Acid Spray, Clear Smog, Sludge, Venoshock, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave
Removed Moves: Absorb, Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Worry Seed, Giga Drain, Seed Bomb, Bullet Seed, Energy Ball, Grass Knot
Flavor/Design: Pezizaceae mushroom, a prehistoric mushroom. The evolution is massive, looking like a larger, grounded Shroomis from Lental. The cup shape typically serves to focus raindrops into splashing spores out of the cup. Additionally, the curvature enables wind currents to blow the spores out.

Pokémon: Spinarak-Ultra
New Typing: Bug / Dark
New Abilities: Web Shield / Swarm / Compound Eyes
Web Shield: Tangling Hair clone.
New Stats: 40/60/40/30/40/40
New Moves: Power Trip, Payback, Bite, Brutal Swing, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Lash Out, Beat Up, Taunt, Torment, Feint Attack, Snarl, Spikes, Shadow Sneak
Removed Moves: - All Poison moves except Poison Fang
Flavor/Design: From the shining Ultra Megalopolis, the scientists of this world have modified a simple Spinarak into a powerful Pokemon.

Pokémon: Ariados-Ultra
New Typing: Bug / Dark
New Abilities: Web Shield / Swarm / Compound Eyes
New Stats: 70/90/70/40/60/70
New Moves: Power Trip, Payback, Bite, Brutal Swing, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Lash Out, Beat Up, Taunt, Torment, Feint Attack, Snarl, Spikes, Shadow Sneak
Removed Moves: - All Poison moves except Poison Fang
Flavor/Design: He looks incredibly similar to a certain super hero.

Pokémon: Oharaiados
New Typing: Bug / Dark
New Abilities: Web Shield / Poison Touch / Compound Eyes
New Stats: 85/120/90/45/70/100
New Moves: Power Trip, Payback, Bite, Brutal Swing, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Lash Out, Beat Up, Taunt, Torment, Feint Attack, Snarl, Spikes, Shadow Sneak, Recover, Web Line, Venom Shock
Web Line: Bug type Bulldoze clone, ensnares opponents in web and lowers speed.
Venom Shock: Bug type Body Slam clone, user bites down on opponent and paralyzes them.

Removed Moves: - All Poison moves except Poison Fang
Flavor/Design: He looks incredibly similar to a certain super hero.

Pokémon: Duskull-Ultra
New Typing: Dark
New Abilities: Warp Hole / Entropic / Time Loop
Warp Hole: Magician clone
New Stats: 20/30/40/90/90/25
New Moves: Dark Pulse, Fling, Taunt, Torment, Snarl, Beat Up, Embargo, Fake Tears, Flatter, Fling, Memento, Parting Shot, Quash, Snatch, Torment, Payback, Knock Off, Thief, Throat Chop, Night Daze
Removed Moves: - Ghost type moves
Flavor/Design: From the darkest depths of Ultra Megalopolis, scientists have modified Duskulls to act as portals to differing dimensions via their eyes.

Pokémon: Dusclops-Ultra
New Typing: Dark
New Abilities: Warp Hole / Entropic / Time Loop
New Stats: 40/60/70/130/130/25
New Moves: Dark Pulse, Fling, Taunt, Torment, Snarl, Beat Up, Embargo, Fake Tears, Flatter, Fling, Memento, Parting Shot, Quash, Snatch, Torment, Payback, Knock Off, Thief, Throat Chop, Night Daze
Removed Moves: - Ghost type moves
Flavor/Design: Things got out of hand as the Duskulls evolved. They appeared to be making more and more eyes...

Pokémon: Duskvoid
New Typing: Dark
New Abilities: Warp Hole / Entropic / Time Loop
New Stats: 65/65/100/135/135/25
New Moves: Dark Pulse, Fling, Taunt, Torment, Snarl, Beat Up, Embargo, Fake Tears, Flatter, Fling, Memento, Parting Shot, Quash, Snatch, Torment, Payback, Knock Off, Thief, Throat Chop, Night Daze, Pitch Black Beam, Spotless, Scatter Spot
Spotless: Dark type Defog clone
Scatter Spot: Dark type Water Spout clone

Removed Moves: - Ghost type moves
Flavor/Design: ITS ESCAPING

:xy/ralts: :xy/kirlia: :xy/unown-question:
Pokémon: Ralts-Unova
New Typing: Fairy / Fighting
New Abilities: Synchronise / Steadfast / Pixilate
New Stats: 28/35/25/35/35/40
New Moves: Brick Break, Superpower, Close Combat, Bulk Up, Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, Payback, Revenge, Throat Chop, Quick Guard, Reversal, Vanquish, Slash, Cut, Facade, Fake Out, Headbutt
Removed Moves: -Psychic moves

Pokémon: Kirlia-Unova
New Typing: Fairy / Fighting
New Abilities: Synchronise / Steadfast / Pixilate
New Stats: 38/50/45/50/45/50
New Moves: Brick Break, Superpower, Close Combat, Bulk Up, Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, Payback, Revenge, Throat Chop, Quick Guard, Reversal, Vanquish, Slash, Cut, Facade, Fake Out, Headbutt
Removed Moves: -Psychic moves

Pokémon: Gardivant
New Typing: Fairy / Fighting
New Abilities: Synchronise / Steadfast / Pixilate
New Stats: 58/105/90/105/90/80
New Moves: Brick Break, Superpower, Close Combat, Bulk Up, Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, Payback, Revenge, Throat Chop, Quick Guard, Reversal, Vanquish, Slash, Cut, Facade, Fake Out, Headbutt, Divine Slasher, Dancing Blade
Divine Slasher: Fairy type Air Slash
Dancing Blade: Fighting type Triple Axel

Removed Moves: -Psychic moves
Flavor/Design: Forget gender roles in the future. Such an outdated concept.

:xy/nosepass: :xy/unown-question:
Pokémon: Nosepass-Orre
New Typing: Fire / Rock
New Abilities: Drought / Cloud Nine
New Stats: 40/45/115/65/80/30
New Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Ember, Flame Charge, Incinerate, Mystical Fire, Heat Wave, Morning Sun, Sunny Day
Removed Moves: - Steel moves

Pokémon: Solassus
New Typing: Fire / Rock
New Abilities: Drought / Cloud Nine
New Stats: 65/55/140/140/95/30
New Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Ember, Flame Charge, Incinerate, Mystical Fire, Heat Wave, Morning Sun, Sunny Day, Sunny Day, Weather Ball, Crimson Daze
Crimson Daze: Fire type Night Daze
Removed Moves: - Steel moves
Flavor/Design: Resembles the Aztec sun gods, and their statues.

:xy/riolu: :xy/unown-question:
Pokémon: Riolu-Orre
New Typing: Ground / Dark
New Abilities: Sand Force / Sand Rush / Stakeout
New Stats: 40/70/40/35/30/70
New Moves: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Stomping Tantrum, Drill Run, Knock Off, Bulldoze, High Horsepower, Rock Slide, Mud Slap, Mud Bomb, Sand attack, Sandstorm, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Magnitude, Sand Tomb
Removed Moves: Fighting and Steel moves, Elemental Punches, Dragon Pulse, Poison Jab, Blaze Kick, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse

Pokémon: Lucoyote
New Typing: Ground / Dark
New Abilities: Sand Force / Sand Rush / Stakeout
New Stats: 70/115/90/70/70/110
New Moves: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Stomping Tantrum, Drill Run, Knock Off, Bulldoze, High Horsepower, Rock Slide, Mud Slap, Mud Bomb, Sand attack, Sandstorm, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Magnitude, Sand Tomb, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Close Combat, Rocky Fangs, Headlong Rush, Landslide
Removed Moves: Fighting and Steel moves, Elemental Punches, Dragon Pulse, Poison Jab, Blaze Kick, Shadow Ball
Flavor/Design: Before the furry evolved to walk on two legs, it had to start on two.

I have a lot of Hoenn Pokemon in this set.
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There is already a Poison-type Steel-hitting clone of Freeze-Dry in this Pet Mod - Venom Storm, which I made for my Hisuian Marshtomp line. Just make a note to give it to the Galarian Cutiefly line as well, alephgalactus :)
I see Acid Bath has already been added to the doc - transwiththeplans or alephgalactus, if you feel it would be better to remove it and have Helpmee learn Venom Storm in its place, that's fine by me. If you want to keep Acid Bath, though, please change its secondary effect so instead of poisoning opponents like Venom Storm, it has a chance of burning them.



Resubmission from Not-So-Signature 3: Unique or Unused Type Combos:

These Pachirisu are adapted for harsh city life. They use their powerful tails both to pummel evildoers and to launch themselves over gaps in the skyline.
The muscles in its limbs generate electricity - the harder it fights, the more power it can produce. It tirelessly defends the innocent no matter the cost.

Updated Type: Electric/Fighting
Updated Abilities: Justified/Iron Fist (Hidden Ability: Volt Absorb)
Updated Stats: 60/90/45/70/45/95

Removed Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Last Resort
Replacement Moves: Quick Guard, Work Up, Detect, Sky Uppercut
New TMs: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Protect, Revenge, Brick Break, Bounce, U-turn, Drain Punch, Low Sweep, Acrobatics, Air Slash

Flavor/Design: A type of Pachirisu from centuries into the future that has adapted to life in the big city instead of forests, this little do-gooder is a symbol of heroism in Castelia City especially. It has light red fur like the color of Houndour's snout instead of white, and instead of blue stripes on their backs, its' is very dark gray except for the lower half of the face which remains white, with the same yellow cheek pouches as Sinnohan Pachirisu as well as hands and feet that are also yellow in color. The long tail terminates in what appears to be a cartoonish red boxing glove, and is the same yellow as the cheeks and limbs except for the red stripe up top which is connected to said glove; the three spikes on the top of the tail tip are still there, but arranged perpendicular to the tail instead of along its length, making it look like a knuckle duster. The entire top half of the head (rather than just the ears and a small stripe) is also dark gray, but there's also a black domino mask around the eyes, which are now solid white. The shiny sprite has gray fur, the same blue as regular Pachirisu on the top half of the head, yellow cheek pouches, a darker blue boxing glove and cheek pouches, and a white tail.
Stat and Gameplay Changes: There's no need to fear, Pachirisu is here! This little guy has outcompeted Emolga (which is not found in Castelia City) for one critical reason: its main strategy is to hit fast and hard, with a physical attack almost as strong as its Speed as well as Iron Fist and Justified as abilities - the former to boost punching moves including several STAB moves and the latter allowing it to switch into Dark-types before beating the ever-loving crap out of them. Aside from Electric and Fighting moves, it also knows a few Flying-, Ice-, and Fire-type moves, and can even use the Bug-type U-turn for scouting purposes or if it has to make a tactical retreat. Notably, Iron Fist makes both Ice Punch and Thunder Punch solid options for it since the former is useful against both Ground- and Flying-types that would otherwise threaten it, so while Ice Punch doesn't get STAB, and while you might still want to pack Sky Uppercut or Brick Break to beat down Steel-types, who wouldn't want a cute little squirrel sidekick that can and WILL unleash the infamous BoltBeam combo a la One-Punch Man?
The Heroic Pokémon
They leap and bound across city skylines unseen as they patrol in search of threats to their territory. Their keen senses alert them to incoming attacks, enabling them to dodge them before they even hit.
Its muscles in its tail channel so much electricity that it can move faster than the eye can follow and strike with terrific force. Famous for its sense of justice, it is a mascot of social justice groups across Unova.

Name origin: Pachipachi (electric crackling onomatopoeia) + Hiro ("hero" in Japanese)
Type: Electric/Fighting
Abilities: Justified/Iron Fist (Hidden Ability: Volt Absorb)
Stats: 70/110/55/90/55/125 = 505
Height: 2'8"
Weight: 70 lbs

New Moves: Mach Punch, Thunder Punch, Power-Up Punch, Wild Charge, Superpower
Evolution: Give Unovan Pachirisu a Thunder Stone with 1 HP left
Flavor/Design: Taller, darker, and more powerfully built than its pre-evolution, this "Raiclone" is built like a traditional Western superhero. It has the same large legs and long feet as Raichu, but the blue feet have fur tufts at the ankles suggesting boots, and the forearm portions of its muscular arms are also blue with matching fur tufts. The rest of the body is dark gray in color, save for the blue V-shaped stripe on its chest and the blue down its back. Its tail is still its main feature and best weapon, being much larger and more powerful, with an actual white-colored four-fingered fist resembling a cartoon glove on the tip; the rest of it is the same blue as the "boots", "gloves", and chest marking. The three knuckle-duster spikes on the tail are still there, but there are also three more spikes on the back, one on each shoulder and one between; all of these are also white in color, glowing blue-white with stored electricity. It has the same black domino mask around the eyes, but the corners have two upwards-curving spikes, the upper pair bigger than the lower, and the white eyes now have a fierce glare; the longer, but still conical ears also point straight up with a look not unlike Batman's helmet, though the lower half of the face once again stays white. The shiny sprite replaces all the blue hues with red, and changes the dark gray to brown.
Stat Changes: Leaning into the fast but frail sweeper angle, I added 10 points each to all stats from Unovan Pachirisu, before adding 10 more to Attack and Special Attack each and 20 more to Speed. This is a Pokémon that's as vulnerable as it is formidable in battle, its middling HP and awful defenses ensuring that it will go down to anything with priority or an even faster Speed stat, even with neutral damage. But if it can get a hit in first, it will hit HARD, and with Electric and Fighting both being excellent attacking types, that's usually all it needs to do. The same coverage as its predecessor applies, though. Of course, anything faster than Pachiro or that can get an Earthquake or a Ghost-type move in first will take it down with ease, so your best hope is to load up all your STAB moves and try to get Pachiro to take something down before it has to sacrifice itself so others can live!

This line is one I had in mind for a while now, and I wanted to see if I could bring it into this pet mod contest, and the unused type combos including Electric/Fighting gave me a golden opportunity. It was a bit hard to try and find a way to make an electric squirrel work in the same region as Emolga, but then I remembered how Eastern gray squirrels are invasive and have displaced the American red squirrel, and Castelia City doesn't have Emolga, so there you go. The obvious inspiration for this line is comic-book and cinematic superheroes, which mostly come in one of two varieties: the wacky, fantastical kind from the Golden Age which get into all kinds of wild scenarios limited only by the imagination of the writers, and the grittier, more realistic kind that took over the superhero scene from the 90's onward. Unovan Pachirisu is more akin to the former, and Pachiro the latter, with their standard color schemes specifically borrowing somewhat from the various incarnations of DC Comics' Robin along with the grown-up version known as Nightwing. The shiny colors, respectively, reference Rocky the Flying Squirrel and, well, Squirrel Girl! XD


Modified Resubmission from Evolution Items:

A type of Staryu from the Distortion World whose body is completely petrified. The mysterious force allowing it to move like a living Staryu comes from the eye-like gemstone at its center.
Staring into its central jewel seems to induce extreme terror, leaving victims scared stiff as it makes its escape. Some say it can even take over the mind of anyone looking directly at it.

Updated Type: Rock
Updated Abilities: Intimidate/Natural Cure (HA: Serene Grace)
Updated Stats: 30/70/55/85/55/45

Removed Moves: Harden, Water Gun, Psybeam, Brine, Light Screen, Psychic, Surf, Cosmic Power, Hydro Pump
Replacement Moves: Leer, Astonish, Hex, Ancient Power, Glare, Rock Tomb, Shadow Sneak, Stealth Rock, Shadow Ball
New TMs: Rock Slide, Charm, Will-O-Wisp, Imprison, Fake Tears, Rock Blast, Magic Room, Phantom Force, Draining Kiss

Flavor/Design: Somehow, a Staryu - or a piece thereof; seeing as starfish can multiply after being cut apart, who would know the difference? - ended up being dropped off in the Distortion World, and reacted to its eldritch energy, turning into a living stone effigy of itself. Attempting to move led to it crumbling to pieces, but then they started making more and more Staryu, and now there's a whole army of these evil-eyed stony abominations everywhere! These Staryu are almost blindingly white instead of brown (or slate-gray in case of the shiny), with tentacles that are segmented and conical instead of pyramid-like, as well as being narrower and longer; these twitch and wriggle like octopus tentacles and allow it to haul itself slowly along, since it can't simply yeet itself like a shuriken anymore. The golden center portion is still there, but brass-colored instead, and the jewel in the center is now vivid acid-green with a red diamond-shaped marking in the center like a slitted pupil. It is this gemstone that emits a mysterious force that locks down the nervous system of its victims, allowing it to drain all the life force from them; petrified husks are often left in their wake, with some still crawling on them as though trying to suck the dregs of life from them with the sucker-like mouths in the midst of all their tentacles. Spooooooky.
Stat and Gameplay Changes: I didn't change the numbers at all compared to Kantonian Staryu's stat spread, just rearranged them - this Staryu is much slower but more heavily attack-oriented than its predecessor. Its Special Attack is still its best stat, but there's a distinct lack of good special Rock attacks to make use of it, so the poor thing is stuck with Power Gem and Ancient Power. Evolution will definitely change this, however...
Upon evolving, five of its arms have developed jewel-like eyes of their own, allowing it to see in any direction. However, only the largest central eye is capable of unleashing its deadliest attacks.
If you somehow survive looking into its middle eye, the spirit energy emitted by it may still drive you insane. Those who've escaped it will forever react to anything star-shaped with absolute terror.

Updated Type: Rock/Ghost
Updated Abilities: Intimidate/Natural Cure (HA: Serene Grace)
Updated Stats: 60/75/85/115/100/85
Evolution: Give Distorted Staryu a Dusk Stone

Removed Moves: Rapid Spin, Minimize, Swift, Psybeam, Brine, Light Screen, Psychic, Surf, Cosmic Power, Hydro Pump
Replacement Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Mean Look, Night Shade, Hex, Ancient Power, Glare, Rock Tomb, Shadow Sneak, Stealth Rock, Shadow Ball
New TMs: Rock Slide, Charm, Will-O-Wisp, Imprison, Fake Tears, Rock Blast, Magic Room, Phantom Force, Draining Kiss

Flavor/Design: Like Distorted Staryu, this is a Starmie with thinner, segmented arms than its Kanto form, its center gem being the same round green one with a red pupil as Staryu. Notably, though, five of its arms sport a simple round gem on the end as well, making them essentially eyestalks; the other five are plain. The arms of this Starmie are blue in color with darker blue random streaks on them, with the shiny's being red, referring to sapphire and ruby, but also blue and red marble; the center portion remains bronze-colored like with its predecessor.
Stat and Gameplay Changes: As with Distorted Staryu, Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense have been rearranged to produce a Starmie that's slower, but specially sturdier and more powerful when it comes to ranged attacks. With the added Ghost type, it can now make good use of Shadow Ball, but some more specialized attacks might be useful for it later...
This line was originally going to be just Distorted Staryu and Stargoneion below, but I added Distorted Starmie for this resubmission to smooth the transition. I like the idea of it logically progressing from five arms, to ten, to fifteen total.
The Beholding Pokémon
Its many eyes are said to be able to see the past or the future, but no one has found out if this is true - and it's too hostile for this to be of use anyway. One can tell if a Stargoneion has been around by the presence of statues that look disturbingly life-like.
Its appearance strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest of souls, allowing it to freely terrorize everyone it comes across. Ironically, shields and masks are sometimes fashioned in its image to protect their owners from other supernatural threats.

Name origin: Star + Gorgoneion
Type: Rock/Ghost
Abilities: Intimidate/Natural Cure (HA: Serene Grace)
Stats: 80/75/85/125/110/65 = 540
Height: 3'11"
Weight: 150 lbs

New Moves: Gem Glimmer (special Rock-type Dragon Breath clone, may cause flinching), Refracture (special Rock-type Night Daze clone), Curse, Death Stare (Ghost-type Zap Cannon clone, paralyzes target)
Evolution: Have Distorted Starmie level-up while it has less than 20% HP left
Flavor/Design: This many-armed eldritch horror resulted from a Distorted Starmie's regenerating process going haywire. It has fifteen arms in total, every one of them narrower, longer, and segmented and conical rather than pyramidal, and again, its center portion is now a bit larger proportionally, and is brass-colored with a round, green gem sporting a red diamond-shaped "pupil", with five small spikes in a ring around it. However, its five main arms are now colored rusty red with dull pink streaks like red marble (the shiny's arms are black, i.e. black marble), and each segment of each arm has a small spike on the underside for additional traction. The secondary arms are simple stalks which are stark white in color, and lapis-lazuli blue in the shiny. Most frightening of all, every one of its arms is tipped with a smaller green gem of its own; the ones on the secondary arms are little round gems, but each of the ones on the main arms has its own pupil. This enables it to see virtually anything anywhere, and some even believe it can see into the past or future, though this has yet to be proven. Notably, unlike the Kantonian Staryu line, it lies flat on the ground, at least five of its arms raised like eyestalks at all times while the rest pull it along. On its underside, at the center of all of its arms, is a five-part beak not unlike Omastar, the purpose of which is unclear - like Distorted Staryu and Starmie, it "eats" by absorbing life force through its eyes - but whatever it's used for, it can't be any good...
The shiny color schemes of Distorted Staryu, Distorted Starmie, and Stargoneion have vivid orange eyes with dark brown pupil markings. This is of course a reference to tiger's eye gemstones, while the regular colors are a more saturated version of cat's eye gems.
Stat Changes: For this last stage, I added 20 points to HP, and 20 points each to Special Attack and Special Defense, but removed 20 points from Speed for balance's sake. Slower but even more specially gifted than either Kantonian or Distorted Starmie, Stargoneion is a beam-spammer that's mainly here to royally fuck up someone's day while the chance is there, and preferably before it gets shattered to bits and dumped in the trash to make way for the next party member. Thankfully, its Ghost-type gives it a Fighting immunity and it can hit right back with Shadow Ball and Death Stare, while Gem Glimmer and Refracture are also useful for dishing out paralysis and lowering accuracy respectively. Its main failing is its six type weaknesses, all common and all dangerous, and while Draining Kiss helps with recovery and against Dark-types, its HP isn't quite good enough to justify it so much, and while it still has plenty of Water and Electric attacks to take on Ground- and Water-types respectively, that's about as far as its coverage goes, sadly. Of note however is that hidden ability, Serene Grace - given that two of its best STAB moves have a chance of inducing status, and two others have a chance of lowering specific stats, Stargoneion is capable of pulling off some pretty hax strategies involving either technique, abusing either flinching or paralysis to stop opponents in their tracks and give itself or its teammates the chance to really cause mayhem.

Did you know that there's a genus of basket star - a member of the brittle star order - called Gorgonocephalus? I've wanted to do something with that idea for a while now, but I wasn't sure how to implement it in a way that was only minimally family-unfriendly. When I saw that Distortion World variants are possible and that a few are accepted, though, I realized that a Ghost-type that drained life force in the same way as how Yveltal's Oblivion Wing is portrayed in the anime as turning things to stone was a pretty solid option, and even fits the classic gorgon's gaze well enough. The other major inspiration for this line is the gorgoneion, a Classical bit of iconography portraying Medusa's head on the shield of Athena as a ward against evil, even though Medusa herself was monstrous when she was alive. This is why I added in some flavor about masks and shields depicting it being used as wards, which also references the evil eye amulets of the Middle East (I would've made the gem colors and patterns a more direct reference to that, but I decided that felt too on-the-nose). Add in some influences from D&D's Beholder, starfish having simple eyes on the ends of each of their arms, and the fact that echinoderm skeletons are made of calcium carbonate - the same substance that comprises chalk, which in turn is formed from the fossilized remains of ancient sea creatures - and there you have it! I really like this concept, actually, and regardless of whether it ends up in this pet mod or not, I might end up keeping it for my own use later... ;)


Resubmissions from Five Least Represented Types:

With talons that can tunnel straight through solid stone, it digs into the ground to make its den. This maze-like system of tunnels soon becomes home to other small Pokémon.
It gathers berries from trees around its territory and leaves them scattered around the entrances to its tunnels. It then preys on Bug-type Pokémon attracted by the berries.

Updated Type: Ground/Flying
Updated Abilities: Harvest/Keen Eye (Hidden Ability: Tinted Lens)
Updated Stats: 60/33/50/33/56/30

Removed Moves: Technically N/A, but move all Psychic-type level-up moves to TM, tutor, or egg moves where applicable.
Replacement Moves: Leer (replaces Growl), Scratch (replaces Tackle), Metal Claw (replaces Echoed Voice), Sand Tomb, Sand Attack, Rototiller, Dig, Crush Claw (replaces Take Down), Night Slash (replaces Uproar), Earth Power, Fissure, Earthquake
New TMs: All Ground- and Fairy-type TMs/TRs and tutor moves

Flavor/Design: A Hoothoot adapted for life in deserts, it has a small, light orange-brown body with a white belly sporting dark brown spots like dirt stains; the ends of its wings also have dark brown mottling. Its legs are longer than Johtonian Hoothoot and are gray in color (the beak is gray as well), with four short toes on each foot and very large white spade-like talons in an X-shape; it still stands on one foot to minimize contact with the heated ground. It doesn't have the brow tufts of its Johto cousin, its large amber-colored eyes being surrounded by thick black markings akin to a pair of glasses, though it does have two white feather tufts with dark brown tips poking out of the top of its head.
Stat and Gameplay Changes: I was thinking of a more defensive build here, I switched the Speed and physical Defense stats around, and took 3 points from Special Attack to add to physical Attack to equalize the two. The Ground typing offers a nice Electric immunity and a nice resistance to Poison, though don't get too cocky when using it - its weakness to Ice is even worse.
Though its wings are large and strong, it only rarely flies, instead chasing after its prey on the ground. It's said that it is weighed down by the ancient knowledge it stores in its feathers.
Its senses are fine-tuned for hunting deep beneath the earth, but this leaves little room for remembering things. It spends most of its time excitedly searching for new secrets to uncover.

Updated Type: Ground/Flying
Updated Abilities: Harvest/Keen Eye (Hidden Ability: Tinted Lens)
Updated Stats: 100/55/96/55/96/50

Removed Moves: Technically N/A, but move all Psychic-type level-up moves to TM, tutor, or egg moves where applicable.
Replacement Moves: Scratch (replaces Tackle), Metal Claw (replaces Echoed Voice), Sand Tomb, Sand Attack, Rototiller, Dig, Crush Claw (replaces Take Down), Night Slash (replaces Uproar), Earth Power, Fissure, Earthquake
New TMs: All Ground- and Fairy-type TMs/TRs and tutor moves. A notable new egg move is Moonlight from Noivern.

Flavor/Design: In this case, the head and torso smoothly join with one another, and the standing on one leg is kept - this design is a middle-ground between Johtonian Noctowl and the unused beta design. Essentially, it has the overall shape of the beta design, but the same spade-like talons as Orrean Hoothoot, the same eyes and beak as canon!Noctowl but the brow tufts of the beta (which are white striped and tipped with dark brown), and rows of V-shaped dark brown markings like Noctowl's on the white belly as well as Noctowl's large wings. The color scheme is unchanged, light orange-brown with a white belly, gray beak and feet with white spade-like claws in an X-shaped formation, wings edged with dark brown mottling like dirt stains, and amber-colored eyes surrounded by rings of white and dark brown, though the eyes themselves are larger and rounder, almost like a pair of flight goggles or binoculars. The tail is also shorter and dark brown in color, and shaped a bit like the head of a shovel.
Stat and Gameplay Changes: This time around, I switched the Defense and Special Attack, but also took 10 points from Speed to add to the defense, so the physical and special defenses are equal. Then I noticed its main weak point was its attacking power, so I took 10 more points from Attack and added 5 to each offensive stat for slightly more offensive punch. Not that it matters much, since this is intended as a heavily defensive Pokémon, but still...

The Lorekeeper Pokémon
It sleeps deep underground during the daytime, accumulating immense power by dreaming about the wisdom of long-lost civilizations. As it hunts for knowledge all night long, other Pokémon wisely remain at a safe distance.
Though it has lost its ability to fly altogether, its large wings are still used to shield it from the elements as it travels the world in search of discoveries. The dust it can throw from its plumage can put someone to sleep within minutes.

Name origin: Archaeology/Arcane + Athene (the genus name of the burrowing owl)
Type: Ground/Fairy
Abilities: Harvest/Trace (Hidden Ability: Tinted Lens)
Stats: 110/90/96/90/96/60 - 542
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 250 lbs

New Moves: Play Rough, Sleep Powder, Dream Dust (Fairy-type Sleep Powder clone), Spirit Break, Vanquish (physical Fairy-type Crunch clone created by Rasdanation)
Evolution: Level up Orrean Noctowl while afflicted by the Sleep status
Flavor/Design: An immense, almost dinosaurian kaiju-like owl monster, this massive bird-zilla is definitely unlike the previous two stages and, if anything, looks more like Excadrill and Noctowl had a baby that in turn had a baby with Tyranitar. It stands on two legs with a short, trowel-shaped dark brown tail hanging low behind it, its digitigrade feet still sporting X-shaped feet and large spade-like claws, but its legs are very thick to support its stocky, upright body. Its large wings can fold around it like a cape, the outside being light brown edged with darker brown like dirt stains, but as they unfurl to unleash its Ground-type attacks, they reveal a forest-green interior along with huge muscular feathered arms with large Ursaring-like clawed hands, the arms being not unlike an extinct therizinosaur in shape; the green part has several glowing yellow star-shaped markings as well. The large head resembles Noctowl's in shape, but the tufts are straighter with a white coloring and dark brown bands; the amber eyes are again larger and rounder with dark brown and white rings around them like goggles. The lower part of the face below the eyes is white, but the plumage around the rest of the head and a ruff around the neck is dark brown almost like a hood; the ruff has a dark green outer part as well like a leafy wreathe, with a few small red berries on it here and there. Finally, its beak is much larger, shaped more like Braviary's than Noctowl's.
The shiny sprites for all three stages of this line simply reverse the dark brown and light orange-tan coloring, more like an actual burrowing owl's color scheme. Archathene's shiny sprite has golden berries and a vivid sapphire blue color and cyan-colored stars on the underside of its cloak.
Stat Changes: Trading its Flying type for Fairy, this third stage adds 10 points to HP, 35 points to each offensive stat, and 10 points to Speed, allowing it to be a decently serviceable mixed tank with such STAB moves as Earthquake, Moonblast, Earth Power, Spirit Break, and Vanquish, with a bunch of Psychic moves and other stuff like Metal Claw and Night Slash as coverage. Of note however is that it is also capable of employing a variety of supporting moves such as Rototiller, Moonlight, Whirlwind as an egg move, and especially Dream Dust - while that last one isn't 100% accurate, it guarantees putting a foe to sleep, which can seriously screw over an opponent's plans if timed properly. Its main drawback is that it has little in the way of countering the types it's weak to, with only Heat Wave to cover Steel, Grass, and Ice, and nothing against Water; while its HP is hefty enough that it can take a hit, its actual defensive stats might leave something to be desired. It does learn Roost for recovery, but if you want, you can instead run it with Harvest and a health-restoring berry to free up a moveslot for a different move to help with its offensive stats. Calm Mind or Swords Dance work fine for this, whichever you're more comfortable with!

This is another regional evolution idea that technically existed in my head prior to submitting it to this mod - it was originally meant for a little just-for-fun project involving creating an entire fakemon region based on the Hololive talents! The original intent here was just a Ground-type Hoothoot with a burrowing owl/archaeologist motif that evolved into something else instead of Noctowl, an obvious reference to Mumei Nanashi (who has an owl motif and is said to embody human civilization). Since there's already a variant Hoothoot/Noctowl line in this mod, however, I've had to adjust accordingly. The Harvest ability references not only Mumei's sweet berry obsession in Minecraft, but also the importance of agriculture in early human civilization; Trace meanwhile refers to how versatile mankind is along with Archathene's interest in knowledge and discovery. Archathene's design also harkens back to large Cretaceous bird relatives such as therizinosaurs and dromaeosaurs, with the folkloric sandman, D&D's Owlbear and Malfestio from Monster Hunter mixed in as well.


Altered by a strange technology, these Aipom have gained bizarre characteristics that defy classification. Every action of theirs seems unfocused and random.
Wherever a troop of Unovan Aipom appears, chaos inevitably ensues. On very rare occasions, however, they leave the place more orderly than it was before.

Updated Type: Normal/Bug
Updated Abilities: Run Away/Moody (Hidden Ability: Compound Eyes)
Updated Stats: 55/61/61/61/61/61

Removed Moves: Technically N/A, but move Sand Attack, Baton Pass, Tickle, Screech, Double Hit, Fling, and Nasty Plot to TMs/TRs, tutors, and egg moves as appropriate.
Replacement Moves: String Shot (replaces Sand Attack), U-turn (replaces Baton Pass), Sticky Web (replaces Tickle), Skitter Smack (replaces Screech), Memory Bug (Special Bug-type Thunder clone, can cause the same effect as Torment, replaces Double Hit), Electroweb (replaces Fling), Infestation (replaces Nasty Plot)
New TMs: All Bug-type and Electric-type TMs/tutor moves, plus Metronome, Encore, and Hyper Voice by TR

Flavor/Design: Once upon a time, a bioengineering corporation decided to bring in several Aipom for testing of some very dubious technology said to alter and enhance their DNA. Some of these enhanced Aipom escaped, and since then they've run amok and displaced a lot of native Pokémon (the elemental monkeys especially), not unlike the time when a real-world medical company accidentally got a bunch of macaques loose in Texas. This Aipom has black fur instead of purple, and though its face is much the same, there are two blue dots like ocelli above its normal eyes like on a spider; the eyes are also blue in color rather than white. The biggest change though is its tail - Now, it stands on the "hand" on the end, which is yellow and fuzzy like a Joltik's body, its long fingers resembling Joltik's legs with yellow fuzz and blue tips, and arranged almost like the legs of a spider.
Stat and Gameplay Changes: For this line, I decided to do something quite different - instead of rearranging the stats from the base form's stat spread, I subtracted the HP stat from the BST and divided the rest by 5, which got me and even 61 for all stats in the case of Aipom. Because the Moody ability raises one stat at random aside from HP, I figured it'd make the most sense to have all stats except HP be equal. There is thus no predictability regarding what Moody will do to Aipom - either the special or physical stats could be maxed out, allowing it to perform all kinds of roles depending on the situation, but only if the RNG is in your favor at precisely the right moment. You can try and skew specific stats in your favor with specific moves like Agility or Nasty Plot, but specific sets will need the Moody ability to affect the correct stats for the job. This is your best bet at any boost-related shenanigans, as its other two abilities offer no benefit given that most of its moves have 100% accuracy (meaning you have basically little reason to use CompoundEyes in the first place), and Run Away... is Run Away. :/
The Skitter Tail Pokémon
It is a fastidious Pokémon with an emphasis on cleanliness and organization. Its many tails allow it to efficiently set things exactly as it feels they should be, though its methods may sometimes come off as peculiar.
While capable of taking care of themselves well enough, these unnatural creations prefer to follow instructions as much as possible. As handy as this is, it can also lead to disaster if their trainer's orders are vague enough.

Name origin: Arachnid + Ambipom
Type: Normal/Bug
Abilities: Technician/Moody (Hidden Ability: Compound Eyes)
Stats: 77/81/81/81/81/81
Height: 4'
Weight: 44.8 lbs

New Moves: Fell Stinger (relearnable starting move)
Evolution: Level-up Unovan Aipom while knowing Memory Bug
Flavor/Design: This regional evolution builds off of Aipom's design rather than Ambipom's, and though there's still a hint of Ambipom in its head-to-body proportions, the head still resembles Aipom's more, with big round blue eyes and no visible nostrils. It has four occeli instead of two, and three jagged wire-thin antennae come out of the top of its head with yellow deely-bobber-like balls on the end. It has six stunted limbs, four arms and two legs; the arms are yellow in color with purple elbows. As with Unovan Aipom, the tails are the biggest change - it now has three, with the swollen purple-colored hands each resembling the abdomen of a Galvantula. The long fingers are blue with yellow fuzz from the knuckle to near the tip, and the purple part of the hands has yellow markings like Galvantula's abdomen. The tails themselves join together at a large purple ball on the main body's butt like a Hamadryas baboon's swollen rump; this in turn joins with the underbelly that is also purple in color. Weirdest of all, there's an eye like Galvantula's large blue ones on the top of each hand, as well, suggesting that the hands have brains and behaviors of their own.
The shiny sprites for this line use the same shiny colors as with Joltik and Galvantula themselves for their tails. The body and head fur meanwhile is purple - not purple like Johtonian/Sinnohan Aipom and Ambipom's though, but purple like Genesect's...
Stat Changes: The same change I made to Unovan Aipom's stats, taking the HP from the BST and dividing the remainder by 5 for the rest, also applies to Arachnipom compared to Ambipom's stats; in this case, though, I had to add a little to the HP so the numbers could result in even integers. The general idea is still the same, however. Normal and Bug STAB are fun and all, but the Electric typing is also worth noting - CompoundEyes Thunder is an obvious application, but I also tailored its signature move, Memory Bug, with this ability's benefit in mind. Because a successful Memory Bug can prevent an opponent from using the same move twice in a row, it's great for shutting down foes that rely on spamming one specific attack in order to succeed. Considering that the alternative is Moody, this might actually be a pretty decent option if you can get a good Nasty Plot in - add in Hyper Voice for Normal STAB and probably Thunder as an anti-Flying coverage option, and you should be golden. A pity that this thing has no answers to Rock or Fire-type moves, but given the fact that U-turn is almost as useful for it as it is for Ambipom (poorer speed notwithstanding), there's no reason for it to stay in a prolonged brawl anyway.

Remember the pluggage for n0rtist I did for my Alolan Solosis line above? Well, this line is based on the same ideas as one of their STEMian fakemon families, Monbogo and Atelgo. As with my Solosis variant line, I did my damndest to distinguish this monke from n0rtist's in terms of design if not concept; if anything, though, that's a definite testament to how creative those original designs were. I just hope they don't take it as a direct ripoff! The "spider monkey" pun is a typical way to go about the Normal/Bug type combo, but n0rtist's implementation of that idea is genius in and of itself. See, in computer science, an algorithm is a finite sequence of rigorous well-defined instructions typically used to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a calculation - essentially, it's a series of specifications for performing calculations and data processing. Sorting algorithms aim to put every item on a list in order, and while there are different ways of going about this, one of the least efficient, Bogosort, is simply to randomly order everything and hope you get a sorted list by chance. For Monbogo's design, n0rtist compared this to the Infinite Monkey Theorem, wherein an infinite number of monkeys typing for an infinite length of time can eventually write out a coherent piece of literature... but needless to say, nobody wants to wait that long! Hence, more efficient sorting algorithms like Quick sort, which Atelgo's design references. I decided to distinguish my regional Aipom by not referring to this, but instead referencing Merge sort, which is equally efficient as a sorting algorithm - basically, you divide the unsorted list into a number of sublists, each containing one element (a list of one element is considered sorted), and then repeatedly merge these sublists to produce new sorted sublists until there is only one fully sorted list left. Hence, the three long fingers on each of Arachnipom's tail hands representing a "joining" of three sorted sublists, then each of the three tails in turn joining to a single body (with the tail hands also mimicking Joltik and Galvantula in the vein of the spider-tailed viper). There's also three pairs of limbs in a bug-like configuration, three pairs of eyes, and in general an emphasis on the number three for everything. This refers to the ternary or base 3 numbering system, which uses only 0, 1, and 2 as its digits, and is in fact the most economical way of representing integer numbers.

Once again, my apologies to n0rtist if the reference I made with this line was too close to plagiarism for comfort, and if they do find out and are okay with this then that's fine by me, but if they do take issue with it, then I will humbly request to remove it from this project. Regardless, I can't recommend the Stema region enough in its own right! If you want to check out the full list of the designs for it so far, just track down n0rtist wherever their social media is!


New Submissions:

An ancient kind of Tirtouga which lived in the Galar region millions of years ago. Its descendants include both Unovan Tirtouga and the modern Chewtle line.
Its limbs are still adapted for a land-dwelling existence, but it has no problem taking to the water to feed. Though it prefers water plants, it will eat almost anything.

Updated Type: Ground/Water
Updated Abilities: Sap Sipper/Sturdy (Hidden Ability: Tough Claws)
Updated Stats: 55/103/78/53/45/22

Removed Moves: Technically N/A, but move Smack Down, Wide Guard, Rock Slide, Iron Defense, and Hydro Pump to TMs/TRs, tutor moves, or egg moves as appropriate.
Replacement Moves: Mud Slap (replaces Smack Down), Rototiller (replaces Wide Guard), Dig (replaces Rock Slide), Mud Sport (replaces Iron Defense), Headlong Rush (replaces Hydro Pump)
New TMs: All Ground-type TMs/TRs

Flavor/Design: Instead of Protostega, this Tirtouga variant takes after a more ancient shelled reptile, Psephoderma, which has a two-part bony shell; a stylized version of this shell is set on this Tirtouga's back, and is smooth without any pits in it, instead having simple lines running down the length suggesting ridges; the underside also lacks a shell entirely. The limbs most closely resemble Torkoal's, and it has a rather long, lizard-like tail with a small triangular-shaped fin on top near the end of it, and while the head and neck are otherwise the same, the dark mask over the eyes has extended over the top so the entire top half looks like it's covered by a sort of bony helmet, and beyond that is a longer, narrower snout, its tubular nostrils looking almost like Turtonator's. On each of its front feet are three long white claws resembling Drilbur's. Instead of blue, it is muddy brownish gray in color, but its skull cap and shell are a dull grayish green in color with darker green mottling and tail fin, invoking both army camo and how some water turtles grow algae on their shells due to sitting still for too long.
Stat and Gameplay Changes: Not much to say about this one. I simply switched the physical attack and defense because I wanted something with a stronger attack stat, befitting Ground being a very common attacking type. While it has weaker defenses and a type combo that can easily be exploited by Grass attacks, one of its abilities being Sap Sipper means it could potentially have no type weaknesses at all, allowing it to focus on the offensive might offered by its STAB attacks.
The Scythe Turtle Pokémon
Instead of flippers, this relative of Carracosta is armed with gigantic, razor-sharp claws that can slice through trees, rocks, and attackers alike. It digs into the ground to make its den, inadvertently creating sinkholes in the process.
When fossils of Carradana were first discovered, what turned out to be its talons were mistakenly thought to be its ribs. It can't actually swim that well, but instead stalks along the seafloor, devouring anything in - or crossing - its path.

Name origin: Carrara (the fossil formation) + guadaña (scythe in Spanish)
Type: Ground/Water
Abilities: Sap Sipper/Sturdy (Hidden Ability: Tough Claws)
Stats: 74/133/118/73/65/32 - 495
Height: 5'
Weight: 160 lbs

New Moves: N/A
Evolution: Level 37
Flavor/Design: This amphibious, kaiju-like, almost dinosaurian turtle monster has an outward resemblance to Carracosta, but there are several key differences. The first of course is its arms - instead of flippers, it has rather short but powerfully built, muscular forelimbs like those of Rhydon, but instead of small simple claws, it has three enormous scythe-like talons shaped like the arm blades of Kabutops, white in color and able to slice through almost anything. The next change is its overall proportions - its torso along with its smooth, two-part back shell are relatively smaller compared to the rest of the body along with being barrel-shaped, while its neck is relatively long, at least three times as long as Carracosta's. The head now resembles Charizard's in shape, though without horns; its eyes are exactly like Carracosta's, and in place of teeth it has a jagged mouth line like Drednaw's along with a hooked beak at the end of the snout. Its gray-green cowl of solid bone covers the entire upper half of the skull in the same way that Carracosta's does, and also has two downward-flowing flanges on the corners of the mouth forming a helmet-like shape. From the top of its head to the base of the neck is a fleshy fin that's tallest at the front and sweeps down in a shape reminiscent of a Roman horsehair helmet plume. The back shell is also simpler in form, shaped roughly like an inverted heraldic shield with several ridges running down the back instead of the more elaborate ribcage-like shape of Carracosta's shell, and two more smaller plates that are of the same color are mounted on the back of the waist, just above the base of its tail, and upon the chest like a crude breastplate. The tail itself resembles Tyranitar's, though instead of a spike cluster it has a fin running along the top, similar to the fin on the head and neck. It has the same color scheme as Galarian Tirtouga, brown with mottled gray-green armor, dark green fins, and white claws; the shiny sprite, meanwhile, is steel-gray with a dull grayish brown shell, presumably due to algae failing to grow on it, though it still has stains and head/tail fins that are darker brown instead of dark green, likely due to mud still accumulating on it.
Stat Changes: Trading some of its defense and special attack for a stronger attack stat, Carradana is still a slow-moving but brutal powerhouse that benefits from Ground being one of the best offensive types in the game, with its admittedly formidable Water attacks like Aqua Tail and Liquidation as a side-show because, while useful on their own, are less powerful than the ever-useful Earthquake. It's also capable of learning a number of Rock-type moves that can serve as useful coverage against Flying-types that its Ground-type attacks can't touch, though sets that don't run Sap Sipper would prefer at least one Ice-type move to deal with Grass-types, with Blizzard being the best choice because its raw power would help make up for a special attack stat which is actually weaker than Carracosta's own about-average special attack. A pity there aren't any useful physical Ice attacks to make use of with Tough Claws, but it's a livin'. Defensively, Carradana obviously benefits from its Electric immunity and can also get rid of its one critical weakness with Sap Sipper, but pays for doing so by sacrificing Tough Claws which could jack up its attack power to absurd levels with the right moves to go with it; Sturdy, on the other hand, is arguably better for riskier movesets that can risk coming into a powerful Grass-type attack and then hit back with a powerful-enough Water or Ground attack to seriously maim the unsuspecting attacker. Needless to say, its low speed, colossal physical attack, powerful STAB moves, and potential negation of its sole type weakness would also make Carradana a nightmare to face in Trick Room setups.

As of this writing, Galarian Archen has already been accepted as a winning submission, but while that line was supposed to form a thematic set with three other variant families with the canonical messed-up fossil lines of Sword/Shield in mind, in my OCD-plagued mind there was simply no way for Galarian Archen to exist without a Galarian Tirtouga to go with it! This line was largely inspired by the initial and now discredited hypothesis that Therizinosaurus cheloniformis, the "turtle-shaped scythe reptile", was an actual giant turtle with big meaty claws, and is sort of an inversion of that, being a somewhat retrosaur-shaped turtle kaiju. I also took inspiration from the extinct placodonts of the Triassic, which are thought by some to be related to turtles and also sport some rather nifty dermal armor, along with their diets varying from mollusk-eaters with shell-crushing teeth to herbivores that fed on marine algae. It also gave me a neat excuse to come up with a Water/Ground-type with Sap Sipper, just to see what role I could give to something which, like Eelektross before it, has no type weaknesses at all. There's also a bit of ancient Roman warrior influence as well, especially with the armor and the "plume"-like shape of the head fin, just to sell that this is an even more ancient lineage than the canonical Tirtouga line, whose shell seems to resemble the body armor of more modern policemen and hockey players starting from at least the late 20th century.

A Pokémon revived from a strange Old Amber found in the Orre region. It can emit flames from its wings that it can propel it through the sky even faster than its Kanto counterpart, seeming to set the sky ablaze as it flies.
Stories from locals suggest that at least one of these Aerodactyl survived to historical times. Despite not being a Flying-type, it seems to have hunted from the air, using its long neck to snap up its prey from the ground below.

Updated Type: Fire/Rock
Updated Abilities: Levitate/Pressure (Hidden Ability: Intimidate)
Updated Stats: 80/90/75/90/70/110

Removed Moves: Technically N/A, but move Iron Head, Take Down, Hyper Beam, and Giga Impact to TMs/TRs, Tutors, or Egg Moves as appropriate. Remove all Ground-type moves.
Replacement Moves: Flamethrower (replaces Iron Head), Flame Charge (replaces Take Down), Raging Fury (replaces Hyper Beam), Flare Blitz (replaces Giga Impact)
New TMs: All Fire- and Flying-type TMs/TRs that weren't already accessible by Kantonian Aerodactyl along with Solar Beam, Solar Blade, and Sunny Day

Flavor/Design: Once, a strange type of Old Amber was recovered from the ruins of an Orrean temple - what was contained inside the fossil couldn't be precisely determined, but it seemed to glow like a tiny spark of eternal fire. The revival process produced a type of Aerodactyl unknown to science, able to cast the land in shadow even as it lights the sky ablaze with its fiery wings. It actually owes more to Mega Aerodactyl than its usual counterpart, with rocky spikes all over the body, but its wing membrane is greatly expanded, its join with the body running all the way down from its underarms to its ankles like an actual pterosaur. It has rocky spikes on its wing finger, but shorter than Mega Aerodactyl's and invoking the edge of a macuahuitl (Aztec war club). the hands are the same as regular Aerodactyl's, and the arm part of the wing is itself thicker and more heavily muscled - curiously, this version uses its wings as walking limbs when on the ground, its wing fingers tucked backward in a bat-like fashion, though like its Kanto counterpart, its short legs and long arms make it awkward on the ground. Most notably, its neck is three times longer than Kanto Aerodactyl's and its tail only half as long, while its head has a single rock spike on the back like a Pteranodon head crest as well as regular Aerodactyl's horns, its jaws being more elongated and narrower to serve as tongs for picking up prey; a row of short spikes like on the edges of the wings runs along the top of the snout as well, and its chin also bears another one like Mega Aerodactyl, but smaller. Its body color is brick-red with an amber-colored plate on the chest, bluish black rock spikes like obsidian, and a luminescent orange underside to the wing membrane, fading to a bright yellow at the edges which actually trails flames from said edges like Moltres' wings.
Stat and Gameplay Changes: This stat spread keeps Aerodactyl's blistering speed, but adjusts its offenses to set it up as a powerful mixed attacker that can employ two very effective attacking types as its STAB, with Raging Fury, Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, and Stone Edge at its disposal along with a plethora of Flying-type moves in case of Fighting-types respectively, but it also gets both Solar Beam and Solar Blade to deal with Ground-, Rock-, and Water-types, though Levitate leaves it immune to the former. Notably, this leaves Water as its only double-weakness, but Water being vulnerable to Grass attacks and not being as effective in harsh sunlight makes this a Pokémon ideal for Sun teams, as harsh sunlight also boosts its Fire attacks which will arguably be its main way of maiming things. Its main failing therefore is the classic Four Moveslot Syndrome, as it would ideally need a setup move like Dragon Dance to really get going, but this leaves it with either two STAB moves and one coverage type, or two coverage types and one STAB move, each of which leaves it with different blind spots; additionally, while not the daintiest of 'mons out there, its defenses still leave something to be desired, and a strong-enough neutral hit let alone anything super-effective can doom it to extinction once again.
The Solar Wind Pokémon
Amazingly, exposure to a special mineral caused the Aerodactyl native to the Orre region to evolve into the mighty Aerocoatlus. Its fossils, once prized by natives as the bones of a sun god, suggest that it could chase down prey as effectively on the ground as in the sky.
Its wings burn as hot as the sun, allowing it to soar from one hunting ground to the next by generating its own thermals. It creates tremendously destructive wildfires while flying, but ironically, the ash left behind is a rich fertilizer that invigorates the landscape in its wake.

Name origin: Aerodactyl + Quetzalcoatlus
Type: Fire/Flying
Abilities: Flame Body/Pressure (Hidden Ability: Thermal Boost [Chlorophyll rename])
Stats: 90/90/75/110/80/70 - 515
Height: 7'
Weight: 195.6 lbs

New Moves: Morning Sun, Fire Bomb (Fire-type Misty Explosion clone created by sharpen42), Sirocco (Flying-type Hurricane clone that burns instead of confusing the target; accuracy is 100% in harsh sunlight)
Evolution: Give Orrean Aerodactyl a Sun Stone
Flavor/Design: When given a Sun Stone, Orrean Aerodactyl evolves into a colossal, majestic king of the skies that hasn't been seen since the Cretaceous period - though perhaps certain Orrean temple carvings resembling it might not be so fanciful after all. It basically looks like Aerodactyl went through Willy Wonka's taffy stretcher, as its neck, legs, and head are now longer and thinner than its pre-evolution. The shape of the wing membrane is reminiscent of arvalis' Pokémon-ified Monsterverse Rodan, but the membrane attaches to the legs as well as the arms, running from the underarm to the ankle like an actual pterosaur. The legs themselves are likewise longer than Kantonian Aerodactyl's, with the rear talon being a vestigial stub since its limbs are used for running rather than grabbing prey; the length of the wings does not change, though, making them look a bit shorter relative to the rest of the body. The overall body shape, especially when on all fours while grounded, is reminiscent of the Azhdarchidae, the pterosaur group Quetzalcoatlus is part of which have recently been found to be terrestrial ground-stalking predators that look for all the world like reptilian carnivorous giraffes. That can fly. Yeah. Anyway, the obsidian spikes atop its snoot have grown into a covering on the upper jaw and the ridges over its eyes that forms a helmet-like shape and a long, viciously serrated beak with a serrated topside and mouth edges, while its lower jaw is now toothless but also sports a shorter beak of its own formed from the rock spike of its pre-evo; the angular shapes of the armor are reminiscent of a Mesoamerican Feathered Serpent statue. The spikes on its back and the rear of its head are further reduced into smooth blue-black nubs, and amazingly, growing from these are clusters of feathers which are a vivid blood-red fading to blazing orange then yellow, the plumage on the back of its head invoking a Mesoamerican feather headdress. A similar feather plume replaces the arrowhead on the end of its tail, which is now even shorter and almost stubby. All of these feathers, along with the trailing edges of the wings as before, trail flames behind them like a meteor as it flies. The bottom wing membrane itself seems to be made entirely of fire, with flickering red and orange patterns along its edges and the underside being luminescent yellow fading to orange along the edge. The body is otherwise a dark blue-green with a series of ruby-red armor plates on the underside of the torso, with three small rock spikes on the base of the neck like a ceremonial arrowhead necklace.
The shiny colors for this line reverse the color change between the two stages, with Orrean Aerodactyl being blue-green with a red chestplate and Aerocoatlus getting the Rodan-like red body and amber belly armor. The flames that are red, orange, and yellow normally are also white, purple, and blue in the shiny.
Stat Changes: For this regional evolution, I wanted to take on the challenge of coming up with a transition similar to the one from Scyther to Scizor: a different typing, a different stat distribution, a different competitive role, and different movesets to go with it, but the BST remains exactly the same. I rearranged the stat spread accordingly so that Aerocoatlus sacrifices some of its Speed for Special Attack instead. This is a 'mon built for Sun teams, its Hidden Ability allowing it to essentially recoup its Speed loss as long as sunny weather is at hand, along with boosting its Special Attack to god-tier levels. Not only would it be able to utterly devastate whatever its manage to hit with a single Fire Blast, but it gets a powerful custom Flying-type STAB attack as well which synergizes well with harsh sunlight, and Solar Beam to wipe out Water- and Rock-types that would otherwise threaten it. Unfortunately, despite now preferring to hunt on the ground, it can't actually learn any Ground-type moves. This omission was completely intentional, because given how terrifying it otherwise is in harsh sunlight, I wanted it to buckle in the face of something and given its access to Solar Beam, this left the Electric type as the only type it is both weak to and has no answers for. One final note is that Aerocoatlus does in fact get a recovery move - Roost is there, but ditching the Flying type for even a single turn might not be the smartest idea for something weak to Earthquake - and the fact that it's especially effective in harsh sunlight would make it a godsend, at least on paper. Ideally, though, it would be most useful on something with high defenses and HP that can afford to bring a stalling strategy into play, but Aerocoatlus is better off devoting its efforts to a strategy that can better take advantage of its absurd Sp. Atk., especially given that its pitiful defenses have only nominally improved compared to its predecessor.

Like I said earlier, I wanted to try out a regional evolution that doesn't change its BST at all, and I decided to KO two Flying-types with one Smack Down by addressing my irrational desire to come up with an Aerodactyl variant and regional evo despite its BST being on the same level as the majority of other fully evolved non-Mega Pokémon. This was the only way I could think of for it to work, since while I did make an exception for Drudraigoch in light of Druddigon's stat distribution being somewhat lacking, I knew I still had to take special care to not outright munchkin that one. My first thought was a Rock/Dragon Aztec-statue-themed Quetzalcoatlus that became Flying/Dragon due to Quetzalcoatl being a sky/weather god, but that would've been way too easy and also would've been redundant in terms of typing compared to a bunch of other winning submissions (including one of my own accepted subs which happens to be Rock/Dragon and another that's a weather-themed Flying/Dragon-type). So I instead leaned into the fact that Quetzalcoatl is also a solar deity who is associated with the Aztec myth of the sun destroying one of the four worlds that existed before the one we're currently living in, tying into the notion of the sun and fire being a revitalizing force as well as a destructive one. The influence from Rodan is admittedly self-indulgent, but I simply couldn't not fold in some bits and bobs from that particular kaiju into a Fire/Flying-type pterosaur. Not only is there more than a little design inspiration from the lava-birdy take from Godzilla: King of the Monsters, especially in Orrean Aerodactyl's and shiny Aerocoatlus' color schemes, but Aerocoatlus' weight is also a nod to the release date of Rodan's debut film in 1956!
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Pokémon: Galarian Honedge (Past)
New Typing: Steel/Fairy
New Abilities: Sheer Force
New Stats: 55/90/80/35/37/28 (-20 Def, +10 HP, +10 Atk)
New Moves: Spirit Break, Dazzling Gleam, Misty Terrain, Dive
Removed Moves: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Spite, Destiny Bond
Flavor/Design: Looks like a shitty version of Zacian's sword. This variant of Honedge was personally created by a powerful fairy for a certain king. No members of the breed remained after his kingdom's fall, until today.

Pokémon: Galarian Doublade (Past)
New Typing: Steel/Fairy
New Abilities: Sheer Force
New Stats: 69/120/130/45/49/35 (-20 Def, +10 HP, +10 Atk)
New Moves: Spirit Break, Dazzling Gleam, Misty Terrain, Dive
Removed Moves: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Spite, Destiny Bond
Flavor/Design: Instead of a second sword, Galarian Doublade gains a spear. For whatever reason, this version of Doublade likes to sleep underwater.

Pokémon: Excaliberd
Typing: Steel/Fairy
Abilities: Sheer Force
Stats: 80/140/120/55/60/35 (500)
New Moves*: Spirit Break, Dazzling Gleam, Misty Terrain, Dive, Surf
Removed Moves*: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Spite, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball
*compared to Aegislash
Flavor/Design: The sword and spear have merged into a fucked-up weapon resembling the cross between a halberd and a machete. The personal Pokémon of a king from long ago. Until recently, there was only one to ever exist.

may sub more later

New Typing:
New Abilities:
New Stats:
New Moves:
Removed Moves:


Banned deucer.
I’ve currently got some submissions in the works and I might not get them in until pretty late Wednesday. I’d like to request that the slate not close until I get them in.
:ss/pineco: :ss/forretress: :ss/unown-question:
Pokémon: Pineco-Hoenn
New Typing: Bug / Water
New Abilities: Bulletproof / Water Veil (H)
New Stats: 50 / 65 / 90 / 35 / 35 / 15 (290 BST)
New Moves: Bubble, Aqua Jet, Surf, Scald, Water Pulse, First Impression, Rock Blast, Liquidation, Waterfall, Hydro Pump (+10)
Removed Moves: None
Height/Weight: 0.6 m / 10.0 kg

Pokémon: Forretress-Hoenn
New Typing: Bug / Water
New Abilities: Bulletproof / Water Veil (H)
New Stats: 75 / 90 / 140 / 60 / 60 / 40 (465 BST)
New Moves: Pineco-Hoenn's moves + Razor Shell, Shell Smash, Body Press, Clamp (+14)
Removed Moves: Zap Cannon, Magnet Rise, Flash Cannon, Volt Switch (-4)
Height/Weight: 1.2 m / 150.0 kg

Pokémon: Caddonball
New Typing: Bug / Water
New Abilities: Bulletproof / Water Veil (H)
New Stats: 85 / 120 / 160 / 60 / 60 / 60 (545 BST)
New Moves: Forretress-Hoenn's moves + Cannon Bomb (Water-type Double-Edge clone, blocked by Bulletproof), Lunge, Steamroller (+17)
Removed Moves: Forretress-Hoenn's moves (-4)
Height/Weight: 1.8 m / 340.0 kg

Flavor/Design: This ancient form of Pineco takes inspiration from caddisflies instead of bagworms, covered in jewels and stones collected from the water. Traditionally, Hoennian Forretress was loaded into cannons on battleships and launched as ammunition, often destroying other ships in the process. Caddonball was usually trained by pirates, capable of launching its own barrages of heavy stones.
:ss/machop: :ss/machoke: :ss/unown-question:
Pokémon: Machop-Unova
New Typing: Fighting / Fire
New Abilities: Flash Fire / No Guard / Stone Tools (Steelworker clone, powers up Rock-type moves by 50%) (H)
New Stats: 70 / 80 / 50 / 35 / 35 / 35 (305 BST)
New Moves: Ember, Flare Blitz, Blaze Kick, Heat Crash, Overheat, Hammer Arm, Stone Hammer (+7)
Removed Moves: Ice Punch (-1)
Height/Weight: 0.7 m / 22.0 kg

Pokémon: Machoke-Unova
New Typing: Fighting / Fire
New Abilities: Flash Fire / No Guard / Stone Tools (H)
New Stats: 80 / 100 / 70 / 70 / 50 / 35 (405 BST)
New Moves: Machop-Unova's moves (+7)
Removed Moves: Machop-Unova's moves (-1)
Height/Weight: 1.3 m / 75.5 kg

Pokémon: Cromachon
New Typing: Fighting / Fire
New Abilities: Flash Fire / No Guard / Stone Tools (H)
New Stats: 90 / 130 / 80 / 95 / 65 / 45 (505 BST)
New Moves: Machoke-Unova's moves + Inferno, Flame Charge, Pyro Ball (+10)
Removed Moves: Machoke-Unova's moves + Cross Poison (-2)
Height/Weight: 1.6 m / 220.0 kg

Flavor/Design: This ancient form of Machop uses stone tools in order to create flames. By banging sharp stones together, it can summon fire to attack. Unovan Machoke behaves similarly, but slower than standard Machoke. Cromachon is a massive menace, capable of igniting stones and using them to attack. It's slow, but rather innovative.
:ss/sigilyph: :ss/unown-question:
Pokémon: Sigilyph-Johto
New Typing: Psychic / Dragon
New Abilities: Forewarn / Magic Guard / Levitate (H)
New Stats: 72 / 58 / 80 / 103 / 80 / 97 (490 BST)
New Moves: Twister, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rage, Power Gem, Flamethrower (+6)
Removed Moves: Gust, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Sky Attack, Aerial Ace, Pluck, Dual Wingbeat, Ice Beam (-8)
Height/Weight: 1.4 m / 14.0 kg

Pokémon: Sigiclypse
New Typing: Psychic / Dragon
New Abilities: Forewarn / Magic Guard / Levitate (H)
New Stats: 82 / 58 / 80 / 123 / 100 / 107 (550 BST)
New Moves: Sigilyph-Johto's moves + Dragon Dance, Outrage, Dragon Energy, Fire Blast, Moonblast, Moonlight, Meteor Beam (+13)
Removed Moves: Sigilyph-Johto's moves (-8)
Height/Weight: 2.9 m / 88.5 kg

Flavor/Design: The Sigilyph in the Johto region from long ago once defended the Ruins of Alph, and were imbued with draconic energy. They fire destructive laser beams to defend their territory. During eclipses, they activate and evolve into the mighty Sigiclypse. Their bodies are made of pure crystallized dragon energy.
:ss/larvesta: :ss/unown-question:
Pokémon: Larvesta-Distorted
New Typing: Ghost / Fire
New Abilities: Aftermath / Solar Power (Hidden)
New Stats: 60 / 85 / 55 / 55 / 50 / 55
New Moves: Shadow Ball, Poltergeist, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Hex, Explosion, Meteor Beam, Destiny Bond (+8)
Removed Moves: String Shot, Struggle Bug, Bug Bite, Leech Life, Bug Buzz, Amnesia, U-turn, Skitter Smack, Signal Beam (-9)
Height/Weight: 1.1 m / 90.0 kg

Pokémon: Coronova
New Typing: Ghost / Fire
New Abilities: Aftermath / Solar Power (Hidden)
New Stats: 100 / 135 / 65 / 105 / 60 / 85 (550 BST)
New Moves: Larvesta-Distorted's moves + Core Collapse (physical Mind Blown clone), Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Heat Crash, Shadow Force, Fiery Boost (+15)
Removed Moves: Larvesta-Distorted's moves + Fiery Dance, Quiver Dance, Whirlwind, Gust, Hurricane, Dual Wingbeat (-15)
Height/Weight: 2.2 m / 999.9 kg

Flavor/Design: Distorted Larvesta are slowly burning out, their flames white-hot but slowly cooling. Coronova's incredible density leads to it burning through its own mass like a collapsing star. Its body is white and gives off a destructive, ghostly glow.
:ss/yanma: :ss/unown-question:
Pokémon: Yanma-Galar
New Typing: Bug / Electric
New Abilities: Compound Eyes / Download / Frisk (H)
New Stats: 65 / 65 / 45 / 75 / 45 / 95 (390 BST)
New Moves: Charge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, Magnet Rise, Wild Charge (+8)
Removed Moves: Gust, Wing Attack, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Ancient Power, Hypnosis, Aerial Ace, Defog (-8)
Height/Weight: 1.0 m / 25.0 kg

Pokémon: Yanmicro
New Typing: Bug / Electric
New Abilities: Tinted Lens / Download / Frisk (H)
New Stats: 66 / 96 / 36 / 106 / 66 / 145 (515 BST)
New Moves: Yanma-Galar's moves + Rising Voltage, Techno Blast, Tri Attack, Eerie Impulse (+12)
Removed Moves: Yanma-Galar's moves + Slash, Feint, Night Slash, Swords Dance (-12)
Height/Weight: 0.8 m / 1.0 kg

Flavor/Design: The Yanma of the Galar region have become digitally enhanced, letting them absorb data and electricity from computer systems for energy. Upon evolution into Yanmicro, they become much smaller and lighter, capable of zipping around data centres and transmitting data and signals. It can transform itself into pure data to teleport directly between computer systems over the internet.
:ss/absol: :ss/unown-question:
Pokémon: Absol-Kalos
New Typing: Dark / Flying
New Abilities: Pressure / Lightning Rod / Drizzle (H)
New Stats: 65 / 85 / 60 / 110 / 60 / 85 (465 BST)
New Moves: Hurricane, Nasty Plot, Twister, Night Daze, Weather Ball, Air Cutter, Ominous Wind, Tailwind, Gust (+9)
Removed Moves: Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rock Tomb (-3)
Height/Weight: 1.2 m / 42.0 kg

Pokémon: Heralcane
New Typing: Dark / Flying
New Abilities: Pressure / Lightning Rod / Air Lock (H)
New Stats: 85 / 85 / 70 / 130 / 70 / 95 (535 BST)
New Moves: Absol-Kalos's moves + Defog, Acrobatics, Roost, U-turn (+13)
Removed Moves: Absol-Kalos's moves (-3)
Height/Weight: 1.5 m / 67.0 kg

Flavor/Design: In the far future, Kalosian Absol take to the skies, developing a small pair of wings like Mega Absol. Unlike regular Absol, rather than warning of disaster, they summon it, and wherever they go storm clouds follow. Heralcane's temper is unpredictable - at times they will follow Kalosian Absol to quell the storms they bring, whereas other times they will intensify them tenfold.


Banned deucer.
Johtonian Bronzor
Stats: 57/34/76/34/76/23 (300) (+10 Atk, -10 Def, +10 SpA, -10 SpD)
Abilities: Battle Armor, Soundproof (HA: Heavy Metal)
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Snarl, Roar, Glare, Scary Face, Ember, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Hurricane, Ice Beam, Earth Power
Removed Moves: Confusion, Confuse Ray, Imprison, Hypnosis, Extrasensory, Future Sight, Guard Swap, Hex, Light Screen, Power Swap, Psyshock, Reflect, Shadow Ball, Skill Swap, Speed Swap, Trick, Trick Room, Wonder Room, Expanding Force, Dream Eater, Gravity, Psywave, Signal Beam, Telekinesis
Flavor/Design: Johtonian Bronzor is a bronze color rather than the blue-gray metallic color of its Sinnohan counterpart. Its eyes are greenish-yellow and reptilian. Rather than a leaf pattern, its back is covered by a raised engraving of a snarling dragon’s head. When attacking, it turns around and expels fire from the engraving’s mouth, or transfixes its opponent with its terrifying expression. Johtonian Bronzor have lived in the area of Blackthorn City for millennia. Dormant specimens have been found in tombs dating back to the beginning of the Bronze Age five thousand years ago. Historians believe this variant of Bronzor may have been created by the ancient Draconid clans that lived in the area before they were driven out of Johto three thousand years ago.

Johtonian Bronzong
Stats: 67/89/106/99/106/33 (500) (-10 Def, +20 SpA, -10 SpD)
Abilities: Battle Armor, Soundproof (HA: Ringing Bell)
Ringing Bell - Punk Rock clone. 1.3x power to sound moves, takes 0.5x damage from sound moves.

New Moves: Echoed Voice, Outrage, Dragon Rush, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Bite, Crunch, Chomp Down, Saw Tooth, Hurricane, Defog, Johtonian Bronzor’s moves
Removed Moves: Confusion, Confuse Ray, Imprison, Hypnosis, Extrasensory, Future Sight, Guard Swap, Hex, Light Screen, Power Swap, Psyshock, Reflect, Shadow Ball, Skill Swap, Speed Swap, Trick, Trick Room, Wonder Room, Expanding Force, Dream Eater, Gravity, Psywave, Signal Beam, Telekinesis, Psychic Terrain, Zen Headbutt
Flavor/Design: Johtonian Bronzong has similar eyes and the same bronze color scheme as its pre-evolution, with fangs instead of square teeth. It is covered with a pattern resembling dragon scales. The yoke attached to the top of it has a bronze sculpture of a dragon’s head in the middle of it. This sculpture is animate and can breathe fire and bite opponents. Like its Sinnohan counterpart, Johtonian Bronzong has been revered since ancient times for its ability to change the weather. Rather than opening portals to other worlds, Johtonian Bronzong can summon or dispel rain with its loud ringing, which causes vibrations in the air that can form or dissipate rain clouds depending on the frequency. When threatened, it deafens the opponent with overwhelming noise and shoots twin streams of fire from its mouth and the mouth of the dragon sculpture above its head.

Stats: 77/99/116/109/116/53 (570) (+10 HP, +10 Atk, +10 Def, +10 SpA, +10 SpD, +20 Spe)
Abilities: Battle Armor, Soundproof (HA: Ringing Bell)
New Moves: Clanging Scales, Clangorous Soul, Boomburst, Scale Shot, Round, Johtonian Bronzong’s moves
Height/Weight: 2.1 m, 943.5 kg (6’11”, 2080.0 lbs)
Flavor/Design: Tintinnabulong’s main body is taller than its pre-evolution’s, covered with bronze scales. It has similar eyes, teeth and color scheme to its pre-evolution. The yoke above Tintinnabulong’s main body is much larger, featuring an arch above its body with ornate swirling patterns; in the middle of this arch is an animate dragon’s-head sculpture similar to its pre-evolution’s. On the sides of the arch are bronze dragon wings, which do not move and are purely for decorative purposes. The arch also features two smaller bells hanging from it. The yoke itself extends outwards to Tintinnabulong’s left and right, like Bronzong’s, but much longer. There is a medium-sized bell resembling a tsurigane (a kind of bell found in Buddhist temples in Japan) hanging from each side of the yoke. There are also chains of bronze scales hanging from the yoke. The scales on Tintinnabulong’s body sit loosely enough for them to be rattled together, producing a loud jingling or ringing sound. Combined with the bells on its body, including the enormous main bell, it produces a chorus of bell sounds that can either form a magnificent harmony or a discordant cacophony depending on Tintinnabulong’s mood. At close range, its ringing can burst eardrums and shatter glass; at farther range, the vibrations can form thunderstorms or earthquakes. It can usually be found in temples, shrines, and other sacred places. An old legend says that a monk once stole a Tintinnabulong from the shrine in the Dragon’s Den and dragged it all the way to the top of Mt. Mortar to put up in his own monastery.
Competitive: Tintinnabulong is a solid defensive Pokémon with its good 77/116/116 bulk and amazing Steel/Dragon typing, but its main strength lies in its capability as a setup sweeper. Clangorous Soul combined with Throat Spray gives it +1 in everything except for Sp. Atk, which it gets +2 in instead. Combined with powerful sound-based moves in Clanging Scales and Boomburst boosted by Ringing Bell, as well as an excellent variety of coverage moves both physical and special, a set-up Tintinnabulong is a force to be reckoned with. However, there are still some weaknesses that can be taken advantage of. Mr. Crime can steal Tintinnabulong’s Clangorous Soul before it ever gets a taste of that sweet, sweet stat boost, though its weakness to Steel means it has to watch out for Heavy Slam or Flash Cannon. Hallucybin’s typing and special bulk let it not be concerned with living a hit from anything other than Crunch, then strike back with Topsy-Turvy. Anything with base 110 Speed or faster can outspeed a fully invested Tintinnabulong at +1, leading to problems against strong Fighting-types and Ground-types that hit that benchmark, such as Distortace, Commanto, and Scarf Garchomp, as well as Amoureal, which can hit it with a quick Haze. Comickull can switch into just about anything Tintinnabulong carries and hit back with Retribution. Quagsire doesn’t like taking a hit from Clanging Scales or Boomburst, but it does have access to the rare combination of Unaware and Haze, invaluable against a setup sweeper of this caliber. Prankster Pokémon that can inflict status are also excellent against Tintinnabulong; Ranseian Chansey takes a special place for its ability to switch into anything Tintinnabulong can do and Prankster Haze away its hard-earned boosts. Soundproof Kommo-o can also switch into both Clanging Scales and Boomburst and hit back with a strong Close Combat.

I wanted to do something with the Bronzor line for a long time, but I only recently had the idea to make it a Dragon-type, and it took me a while to develop the idea into a full-fledged submission. It was difficult finding a way to keep Bronzong’s weather-changing capability in the lore while also removing its psychic powers, but I think I managed. Tintinnabulong’s weight is the exact same as that of the Liberty Bell.

New sub:
Kalosian Tauros
Stats: 110/95/100/40/70/75 (490) (swapped HP and Spe, swapped Atk and Def)
Abilities: Intimidate, Rock Head (HA: Solid Rock)
New Moves: Rock Throw, Smack Down, Power Gem, Stealth Rock, Ancient Power, Tail Slap, Hail, Comet Tail, Icicle Crash, Mountain Gale, Headlong Rush, Raging Fury, Iceberg Rush
Removed Moves: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Rain Dance, Solar Beam, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Zap Cannon, Incinerate, Surf, Whirlpool
Flavor/Design: Kalosian Tauros is larger and darker brown than its counterpart, with large horns made of rock. The bases of the horns are fused, forming a helmet-like covering of rock over its head, like the horns of the Cape buffalo. Its hooves also have rocky growths around them, and its three tails have small rocks at the end of them. This form of Tauros is the original form that existed during the Ice Age. It was once found across the world, but when humans domesticated it, the domesticated Tauros changed into its modern form and the unchanged wild Tauros population began dwindling. The last ones went extinct 400 years ago. Scientists worked to bring back this form of Tauros via a selective breeding program, but the resulting Tauros only vaguely resembled the ancient form. Hope was almost lost until a well-preserved Tauros skull from Kalos was discovered, leading to the ancient form of Tauros being reconstructed through Fossil-revival technology. Now, thanks to a vigorous repopulation effort, Kalosian Tauros is found throughout nature preserves and forests across much of its former range.

Stats: 135/120/110/70/85/80 (600) (+25 HP, +25 Atk, +10 Def, +30 SpA, +15 SpD, +5 Spe)
Abilities: Intimidate, Rock Head (HA: Sheer Force)
New Moves: Head Smash, Rock Wrecker, Head Charge, Rock Polish, Meteor Crash, Boulder Smash, Kalosian Tauros’s moves
Height/Weight: 1.9 m, 738.0 kg (6’03”, 1627.0 lbs)
Flavor/Design: Taurochs is much larger and bulkier than its pre-evolution, with a large bump on its back similar to that of a bison or gaur. Its rocky horns are enormous, similar to that of Ankole-Watusi cattle, but it still maintains the helmet-like cover of its pre-evolution. It has a mane similar to Tauros’s, but it’s made out of rock instead of fur. Its hooves are also covered with rocky outcroppings. It has nine tails, each tipped with a spiked ball made of rock, and a ring in its nose that’s also made of rock. This Pokémon was written about in ancient texts and medieval bestiaries, but it was only recently rediscovered thanks to the reintroduction of the formerly extinct Kalosian Tauros to its native habitat. When it’s charging, it’s close to unstoppable—it will mow down trees, knock over buildings, and even tunnel through mountains until it tires out. Fortunately, Taurochs has a calmer disposition than Tauros thanks to its size and strength leaving it essentially unchallenged in its native range. Even though it rarely breaks into a charge and isn’t easily provoked, Taurochs still loves to fight and will enthusiastically spar with others in its herd. Its enormous horns, which make up half of its body mass, can punch through a foot of steel when it charges. If they’re broken, the horns grow back even stronger.
Competitive: Taurochs has a pretty miserable defensive typing, but its excellent natural bulk, wide movepool, great Abilities and very solid Attack stat make it good as an offensive pivot or wallbreaker. A bulky Intimidate set can be used as a Stealth Rock lead and a switch-in to a good amount of physical attackers, especially Flying-types that lack the coverage to hit it super-effectively. Sheer Force sets can be used as physical wallbreakers with boosted Rock Climb, Boulder Smash, and all sorts of coverage options, including Blizzard if, I don’t know, you really hate Tangrowth or something? Even then, you should probably run Mountain Gale over it. Anyway, Taurochs can also serve as an incredibly powerful banded wallbreaker thanks to Rock Head, with incredibly spammable STAB in Head Smash and Head Charge (preferable to Double-Edge due to less recoil in case of Neutralizing Gas). Taurochs’s main weaknesses are its middling Speed and awful defensive typing, which can be offensively exploited very easily. Being doubly weak to the most common coverage type in the game makes it difficult for Taurochs to find switch-in opportunities—even with its amazing physical bulk backed up by Intimidate, it’ll usually die to a non-STAB Close Combat from anything willing to run it. Even the odd Rock Polish set isn’t safe—Awakened Power Quadroplex sets can take it out with Vacuum Wave.

This line is based on the aurochs, the ancestor of domesticated cattle, which once inhabited a range spanning from Scotland to Korea and was well known in ancient and medieval times but slowly disappeared from its native range over time for a variety of reasons until the last one died in a Polish forest in 1627 (which is why Taurochs weighs 1627 pounds). Basically, aurochs were to cows what wolves are to dogs—their larger, fiercer, far more dangerous ancestors that humans decided to tame anyway for some reason. I would have liked to make this a regional form for Gen 9’s region, what with Spain having a lot of cultural bull-related stuff and all, but the region’s name hasn’t been released yet so Kalos it is. It’s got a lot of Ice-type moves because the aurochs was prevalent during the Ice Age, and also because haha funny Gen 1 Tauros Blizzard joke (which is the same reason Taurochs has 70 Sp. Atk).

Resub from Not-So-Signature Moves slate:
Orrean Octillery
Stats: 75/105/95/105/75/25 (480) (+20 Def, -20 Spe)
Abilities: Bulletproof, Sniper (HA: Mega Launcher)
New Moves: Gyro Ball, Iron Head, Shadow Ball, Weather Ball, Magnet Bomb, Mud Bomb, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Steel Beam
Removed Moves: Bind, Constrict, Wrap, Wring Out, Charge Beam, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hidden Power
Flavor/Design: Orrean Octillery highly resembles the original design of Octillery seen in the 1997 GS demo (and this Sugimori-style recreation), but its body is colored an olive drab green, its helmet, suckers and armor are gunmetal gray, and it has a red star on the front of its body instead of those three yellow dots. Orrean Octillery was genetically modified by Cipher members in an attempt to weaponize Pokémon before they began their Shadow Pokémon project. While testing their firepower in their desert laboratory, they managed to induce evolution in one, resulting in the near-total destruction of their facility; after rebuilding, they shuttered the Octillery project and moved on to Shadow Pokémon instead. After Cipher’s first defeat, the population was taken into the care of a local sanctuary for abandoned Pokémon, which began releasing them into the wild during Orre’s ongoing rewilding process. Its armor is thick enough to withstand blasts from explosives, and it launches projectiles with enough power to punch through two feet of steel plating.
Competitive: As a Water/Steel type with good Eviolite-boosted bulk and access to Scald and Thunder Wave, Orrean Octillery can serve as a good status spreader and defensive pivot, though it has to take care to not get worn down over the course of a match.

Stats: 85/115/105/145/85/15 (550) (+10 HP, +10 Atk, +10 Def, +40 SpA, +10 SpD, -10 Spe)
Abilities: Grand Cannon, Warhead (HA: Mega Launcher)
Grand Cannon - Mega Launcher clone. 1.5x power to ball/bomb moves used by this Pokémon (i.e. any move blocked by Bulletproof).
Warhead - Poison Touch clone. Special moves used by this Pokémon have a 30% chance to badly poison.

New Moves: Zap Cannon, Fission Beam, Barrage, Beak Blast, Fire Bomb, Snipe Shot, Searing Shot, Unovan Octillery’s moves
Height/Weight: 3.7 m, 784.1 kg (12’02”, 1728.6 lbs)
Flavor/Design: Octomic has a helmet and armor similar to its pre-evolution, but its tentacles are coiled tightly into the shape of tank treads and act as such to move it along the ground. The body is much larger, covered in armor, and shaped more like a tank than Octillery’s, with the head being located on top where a tank’s turret would be, and the helmet’s shape closely resembles the steel helmet of a World War II soldier. It has two tentacles coming out from the front of its armor, which it uses to manipulate objects with high levels of dexterity. Its eyes are red, with black pupils shaped like crosshairs. Its mouth is much longer and larger than Octillery’s, with a bulge at the end resembling the bore evacuator commonly seen on tanks and self-propelled guns. The mouth is chitinous and much more solid than the rest of the Pokémon’s soft body (aside from the armor, of course), and research has shown it to actually be a highly modified beak. Its body and the suckers on its tentacles have a similar coloration to those of its pre-evolution, but the armor and helmet are colored in a gray-brown desert camouflage pattern that blends in well with the landscape of the Orre region. The armor and helmet are part of its body, and it can change the camouflage pattern to better blend in with different environments. Octomic is incredibly intelligent and able to perfectly calculate the trajectory of its shots and the movement of its opponents or prey to fire shots with deadly accuracy. The modifications done to its pre-evolution by Cipher have allowed it to split atoms within its mouth, then release the energy as a blast that can turn a city block into an irradiated wasteland. Octomic can launch a projectile over twenty miles and uses its impressive powers of calculation to ensure a hit every time.
Competitive: Octomic is an absolute beast of a special or special-biased mixed wallbreaker. Its decent physical bulk and amazing defensive typing give it many switch-in opportunities. Base 15 Speed and Grand Cannon give it access to an INCREDIBLY powerful Gyro Ball, which it can use to deal massive damage to special walls like the Chanseys and their evolutions. On the special side, Grand Cannon boosts Octazooka if you’re willing to sacrifice some power from Hydro Pump for a bit more accuracy and a potent secondary effect. Alternatively, Snipe Shot can be used for its high crit rate (the one situation where Octomic misses Sniper), or Scald on a Warhead set for two independent 30% chances of status. Grand Cannon also boosts a lot of Octomic’s coverage, giving it access to a 135-power Sludge Bomb or Energy Ball, a 120-power Shadow Ball or Aura Sphere, a 97.5-power Mud Bomb, a 150-power Beak Blast to clock Fighting-type switch-ins and burn U-Turn pivots, a 75-power Rock Blast at minimum, a highly dangerous 150-power Searing Shot, and a staggering 180-power Focus Blast that makes even Blissey quake in its Heavy-Duty Boots. It can also wield a 150-power STAB Weather Ball in the rain, which does only slightly less damage than a full-health Water Spout from a Kyogre. Of course, this is counterable by opposing weather teams (though a lot of setters don’t like switching into a 150-power hit even if it’s resisted and non-STAB), Cloud Nine Escargoo (or any other Escargoo, I suppose; double resists are a hell of a drug), and the rare Air Lock Distorted Porygon2. Status-spreading Warhead sets with Scald, Searing Shot and Thunder Wave can also be run. Octomic is also scary strong in Trick Room, only being outslowed by a few things. So, what beats this monster? Well, first off, Bulletproof users completely ruin its day. Explealth can switch in on pretty much anything Octomic will commonly run except for some of its Water STAB. Kommo-o switches in on everything Octomic can do, period, unless it’s running something bad like Icy Wind or Aurora Beam. The walliest of special walls can also stomach much of what Octomic can throw at them. Notably, Distorted Porygon2’s single weakness can’t be exploited by Octomic (which lacks any Dark moves that it’s reasonable to run), Eviolite Firewall makes special moves practically useless against it, it’s physically bulky enough to eat a Gyro Ball, and it commonly runs Discharge. Gourmaw, especially Assault Vest sets, can swallow special hits with its massive bulk, and Gyro Ball is virtually useless against an opponent with base 5 Speed. Escargoo is also difficult for Octomic to hit hard, resisting both its STABs and much of its coverage and even taking advantage of its Water moves and Searing Shot to switch in, Steam Engine itself to +6, and subsequently hit it with a quadruple-effective Boil and serve up a nice soup afterwards; the mere presence of a non-fainted Escargoo on a team is enough to discourage Octomic from using any Water or Fire moves at all. Offensively, Rillataiko can take advantage of Octomic’s Electric weakness and slightly below-average special bulk to smack it with a Rising Voltage. Ironically, though, the biggest answer to Octomic may be its very own pre-evolution. Bulletproof with a Water/Steel typing shuts down almost every option available to Octomic, while Unovan Octillery is free to hit back with Aura Sphere or Focus Blast. Octomic can use Fire Bomb to hit most of its Bulletproof checks, but it comes at the cost of fainting, so the risk usually outweighs the reward.

Orrean Octillery is my personal ode to Beta Octillery, which was a much better design than what we ended up with. It should have always been a tank, but for some reason they were like “you know what, no, let’s axe this good idea and make it just a boring regular octopus” and that makes me so upset that I have decided to correct this error myself. Octomic is based on America’s Cold War-era experiments with nuclear artillery, especially the M65 atomic cannon (nicknamed “Atomic Annie”) and the M28/29 Davy Crockett. Its height is the same as the M65’s in traveling position, and its weight is a reference to the M65’s weight of 78,410 kg. Its origin in Orre also reflects the design’s basis, as the American Southwest is a common location for testing military hardware, which is also alluded to in the games themselves—the Cipher Lab is highly reminiscent of a military proving ground or testing facility. An “Atomic Annie” cannon also currently resides in Arizona, right at the entrance of the Yuma Proving Ground. “Grand Cannon” is an oblique reference to the Grand Canyon, also located in Arizona.

I’ve also been bouncing the idea around in my head of making a Pokémon that gets hard-countered by its own pre-evolution, so consider this my attempt at that.

New subs:
:ss/mr. mime:
Distorted Mr. Mime
Stats: 65/65/85/115/85/45 (460) (+25 HP, +20 Atk, +20 Def, +15 SpA, -35 SpD, -45 Spe)
Abilities: Pressure, Perish Body (HA: Entropic)
New Moves: Perish Song, Heal Block, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Hex, Grudge, Destiny Bond, Night Shade, Spite, Shadow Punch, Imprison, Speed Swap, Eerie Spell, After You, Me First
Removed Moves: Aerial Ace, Bide, Counter, Double-Edge, Dynamic Punch, Fire Punch, Follow Me, Magical Leaf, Power-Up Punch, Quick Guard, Rage, Seismic Toss, Skull Bash, Submission, Take Down, Thunder Punch, Wide Guard, Zap Cannon
Flavor/Design: Distorted Mr. Mime is tall and lanky, with a largely black color scheme. Its eyes are solid red and glowing, and its body is enshrouded by a long black cloak. Its hands are large, skeletal and claw-like. Everything around Distorted Mr. Mime ages much faster than usual. Plants wither and die, people and Pokémon become old and decrepit, rocks become dust and metal rusts and crumbles. It’s theorized that time speeds up in its immediate vicinity, but the reason for this is unknown. The best guesses scientists have are that it either somehow feeds on order and produces entropy as waste, or adds the projected lifespans of objects and living things to its own. It’s thought that Distorted Mr. Mime may be immune to the process of entropy itself, allowing for it to effectively live forever.

Mr. Time
Stats: 85/40/95/135/95/70 (520) (+20 HP, -25 Atk, +10 Def, +20 SpA, +10 SpD, +25 Spe)
Abilities: Regenerator, Time Loop (HA: Time Traveler)
Time Traveler - Quick Draw clone. This Pokémon has a 30% chance to move first in its priority bracket when using an attack.

New Moves: Recover, Rewind, Slow-Motion, Instruct, Entropy Bomb, Quash, Distorted Mr. Mime’s moves
Rewind - Psychic, status. Aromatherapy clone.
Slow-Motion - Psychic, status. Toxic Thread clone. Target’s Speed is lowered by 1 and target is paralyzed.
Entropy Bomb - Ghost, special. Eerie Spell clone. If successful, target is put under the effects of Heal Block.

Height/Weight: 2.1 m, 89.1 kg (6’11”, 196.3 lbs)
Flavor/Design: Mr. Time is tall and lanky like its pre-evolution, with a black-and-purple color scheme. Rather than a black cloak, its body is covered by red robes with an ornate gold collar and headdress. The robes have golden patterns all over them resembling clockwork gears, and the headdress has markings similar to a clock face. Mr. Time has learned to stabilize the flow of time in the Distortion World, giving it nearly complete control over the flow of time in its general vicinity. It can speed up, slow, stop, or even rewind time, or travel as far into the past or future as it wants. At the end of time in the Distortion World, long after the heat death of the universe, there was nothing left except a small population of Distorted Mr. Mime. They drifted in the void for untold eons before they figured out how to bend time with their psychic powers, which led to their evolution into Mr. Time. They then traveled back to the present to teach their method of evolution to others of their kind, and possibly figure out a way to prevent heat death in the far future. Mr. Time has the ability to repair its own cells with its psychic power. When its body is damaged beyond repair, it expends enormous amounts of psychic energy, resulting in total physical transformation.
Competitive: Mr. Time’s high Special Attack and access to Regenerator and Teleport makes it an incredibly potent Future Sight pivot. Rewind and Recover let it serve as a cleric that can come in multiple times and eat hits from a decent amount of Pokémon thanks to its decent bulk. Entropy Bomb turns it into an incredible stallbreaker, and Slow-Motion is fantastic for Speed control and spreading status (especially in conjunction with Hex). If you’d rather have it be a late-game setup sweeper, Calm Mind lets it boost its power to scary levels, it has access to an excellent variety of coverage moves, and the combination of Time Traveler and Quick Claw makes it a lot harder to revenge-kill since it can randomly just move before your Scarf Dragapult and net a KO. However, Mr. Time suffers from a less-than-ideal defensive typing with two double weaknesses, including the incredibly common Dark, leaving it vulnerable to Knock Off, Pursuit trapping, and Sucker Punch, the latter of which will triumph over even Time Traveler sets thanks to its increased priority. Pursuit trapping is especially problematic for Regenerator sets, as they remove its main method of gaining both healing and momentum. Dark-type Pursuit trappers like Tyranitar and Carniferous, and even less bulky ones like Weavile, can easily defeat Mr. Time unless it runs Focus Blast, which a lot of sets really don’t like to do. The Chanseys and their evolutions are vulnerable to Psyshock, but not to anything else Mr. Time runs, including Entropy Bomb thanks to their typing.

I’ve been mulling Mr. Time over for a while and I think I finally came up with something I’m satisfied with. Distorted Mr. Mime is somewhat based on the Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death, and other similar shadowy cloaked figures representing death, but Mr. Time is lifted straight out of Doctor Who, from the Time Lord robes to its ability to regenerate. I originally planned to design it to more resemble the Doctor, but I couldn’t figure out whether to go with a certain regeneration, mix and match the traits of different ones, or whatever, and I wanted a more “time-controlling ultra-intelligent being from the end of the universe” vibe anyway so I decided to go with just the generic Time Lord costume. I made its weight 196.3 pounds because 1963 was the first year that Doctor Who aired on television.

Ultra Elgyem
Stats: 53/26/67/83/67/39 (335) (-2 HP, -29 Atk, +12 Def, -2 SpA, +12 SpD, +9 Spe)
Abilities: Pressure Suit, Heatproof (HA: Technician)
New Moves: Iron Head, Meteor Mash, Flash Cannon, Light Beam, Light Burst, Eerie Impulse, Steel Beam
Removed Moves: Thief, Snatch, Swagger, Uproar, Recover
Flavor/Design: Ultra Elgyem heavily resembles a regular Elgyem wearing a Victorian-era atmospheric diving suit. It was sent from the future to explore Ultra Space, but the Ultra Wormhole it entered sent it back in time. The specialized suit it’s wearing protects from any hazards that can be found in Ultra Space, and also serves as sturdy armor.

Ultra Beheeyem
Stats: 74/43/101/127/101/39 (485) (-1 HP, -32 Atk, +26 Def, +2 SpA, +6 SpD, -1 Spe)
Abilities: Pressure Suit, Heatproof (HA: Technician)
New Moves: EM Pulse, Magnet Rise, Ion Deluge, Charge Beam, Sterilize, Mind Reader, Ball Lightning, Ultra Elgyem’s moves
Removed Moves: Thief, Snatch, Swagger, Uproar, Recover
Flavor/Design: Ultra Beheeyem resembles a normal Beheeyem wearing a modified Apollo spacesuit. Its suit has been fitted with all the tools necessary for its survival. The suit gets energy from Ultra Wormholes and directly converts it to sustenance, so Ultra Beheeyem can live almost indefinitely in an environment without food, water or air. Originally designed for deep-space exploration by Beheeyem’s civilization in the future, the suits were modified for interdimensional travel. When Beheeyem from the future set out to establish a colony in Ultra Space, they were sent into the distant past. The Ultra Elgyem and Beheeyem of the present have been changed from living in Ultra Space for so long, and the suits have been partially integrated into their bodies.

Stats: 107/53/113/137/113/47 (570) (+33 HP, +10 Atk, +12 Def, +10 SpA, +12 SpD, +8 Spe)
Abilities: Pressure Suit, Heat Shield (HA: Levitate)
Heat Shield - Levitate clone. This Pokémon is immune to Fire-type moves.

New Moves: Discharge, Thunder, Fission Beam, Cosmic Beam, Moonblast, Tractor Beam, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Ultra Beheeyem’s moves
Cosmic Beam - Psychic, special. Astral Barrage clone.
Tractor Beam - Psychic, special. Spirit Shackle clone.

Height/Weight: 4.2 m, 999.9 kg (13’09”, 2204.4 lbs)
Flavor/Design: Yuefoh heavily resembles the Pokéstar Studios UFO from the “Invaders” series. Due to its origins in the future, it’s unknown whether the movie was influenced by the Pokémon or vice versa, or potentially both. Yuefoh has fully integrated its protective suit into its biology, becoming a fusion of Pokémon and machine. It’s modified for long-distance interstellar and interdimensional travel, using Ultra Wormholes to cross massive distances in a short time. They can commonly be seen flying overhead in Ultra Space. Their method of using Ultra Wormholes transports them through both time and space to reach their destination, so they sometimes appear in the sky over Earth at some point in history on their way from one Ultra Wormhole location to another. Many historical sightings of alien spaceships are thought to be the result of Yuefoh. It’s equipped with many defense systems, including heat shielding, armor plating, and laser weapons.
Competitive: Yuefoh is blessed with a good defensive typing, amazing bulk and Special Attack, a wide movepool and three incredible Abilities. Pressure Suit sets can fire off an incredibly powerful zero-drawback Steel Beam boosted by Life Orb. (There’s a lot of coverage it can use, but Steel Beam usually outdamages it anyway.) Alternatively, Heat Shield and Levitate each remove a weakness and make Yuefoh a potent switch-in to Fire-types or Ground-types should it decide to run them. The mere presence of Yuefoh on a team before its Ability is revealed can deter powerful Ground-type and Fire-type attackers from switching in lest they make a wrong prediction and take far more damage than they can afford. Air Balloon and Heat Shield can briefly give Yuefoh the best of both worlds, allowing it to confidently switch in on many of its normal checks (Heatran in particular, which rarely runs attacks outside of the Fire and Ground typings) and potentially even trap them with Tractor Beam to use them as setup bait. Nasty Plot allows it to play the role of a very scary (albeit slow) setup sweeper, while Future Sight and Teleport let it act as a slow pivot if you’d like that instead. However, its slow Speed makes it a prime target for wallbreakers and its lack of reliable recovery makes it easy to chip down, especially sets without Pressure Suit. Excadrill with Mold Breaker is a big problem for Levitate sets, though less so for Air Balloon sets. Even setup-based sets won’t be able to deal meaningful damage to Glastiodon, and non-setup sets have to rely on Flamethrower or Focus Blast, both of which fail to KO and earn it a heaping helping of Metal Burst. Non-setup sets that don’t carry Dark Pulse (which is basically all of them) also falter against Comickull and Distorted Porygon2. Basically, Yuefoh has a bad case of 4MSS and can’t run everything it wants on a set, and it’s very liable to being worn down by strong hits.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned: I had to use semiprimes for Elgyem and Beheeyem because their BSTs are odd numbers and it’s mathematically impossible to add 6 prime numbers up to an odd number unless I wanted to make one of its base stats just 2, which I absolutely do not. Just chalk it up to them not actually being FROM Ultra Space originally. Anyway, this one’s pretty cut-and-dry, it’s just aliens in spacesuits that eventually turn into spaceships. I hope the Ultra Wormhole stuff makes sense; I have this whole big physics-y headcanon about how they work and I tried to get it across as easily as I could. Yuefoh’s name is, well, UFO, keeping with the rest of the line being named after abbreviations used by alien-sighting enthusiasts. I feel a little lazy straight-up ripping the design of a Pokéstar Studios thing, but I think the time-paradox angle makes it kind of fun. (Author’s note: Yuefoh designed their suits based on spaceships from old Earth movies, but the designs of the spaceships in said movies were inspired by descriptions of UFO sightings that were actually Yuefoh briefly appearing in the past, so they both inspired each other. Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey, et cetera.) Yuefoh’s 4.2-meter height is a not-exactly-subtle Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.

Ultra Banette
Stats: 71/62/83/113/65/61 (455) (swapped Atk and SpA, +7 HP, -21 Atk, +18 Def, -2 SpA, +2 SpD, -4 Spe)
Abilities: Pickpocket, Prankster (HA: Dealmaker)
Dealmaker - Magician clone. This Pokémon steals the stat boosts from a Pokémon it hits with an attack. Does not affect Doom Desire and Future Sight.

New Moves: Pay Day, Crafty Shield, Giga Drain, Bullet Hell, Dastardly Deed, Vitality Drain, Ensnare, Gunk Shot
Removed Moves: Cotton Guard, Mud-Slap, Throat Chop, Fling
HEY EVERY     !!

The puppets that would eventually become possessed by Ultra Banette were originally mass-produced by a large manufacturing company that expected them to be big sellers. However, talks with distributors fell through, so none were ever sold. After desperately trying more and more ineffectual sales tactics, the company was forced to discard them in dumpsters en masse. When a scientist figured out how to use Ultra Wormholes to dispose of garbage, the company threw all of the dumpsters through a portal, and they ended up in the Ultra Junkyard. The mysterious energies of Ultra Space combined with the feelings of failure, desperation and salesmanship imbued within the puppets, resulting in a warped variant of Banette. It presents itself as a legitimate businessperson and attempts to make deals with anyone it finds, but it only sells useless items and tries to scam people out of as much money as possible. Its speech is garbled, nonsensical, and frequently interrupted by snippets of advertisements and commercials.

Stats: 97/73/113/127/89/71 (570) (+26 HP, +11 Atk, +30 Def, +14 SpA, +24 SpD, +10 Spe)
Abilities: Download, Prankster (HA: Dealmaker)
New Moves: Blue Light Special, Telephone Call, Data Drain, Lithium Flower, EM Pulse, Discharge, Tri Attack, Ion Cannon, Echoed Voice, Ultra Banette’s moves
Blue Light Special - Dark, status. Shell Smash clone. -2 to Attack and Sp. Atk, +2 to Def, Sp. Def and Spe.
Telephone Call - Electric, special. Bug Buzz clone. 10% chance to lower target’s Attack. Sound-based.

Height/Weight: 3.2 m, 905.9 kg (10’06”, 1997.1 lbs)

During Ultra Banette’s time in the Ultra Junkyard, it upgraded itself with discarded electronic parts and machinery in the hopes of becoming more than just a puppet. However, it’s still bound by the strings attached to its body, which are actually cables powering its mechanical parts. Thanks to its new electronic capabilities, Neonette can communicate over many different forms of airwaves; it can turn its hands into phones, send and receive radio signals, and connect to the Internet even across dimensions. It uses these abilities to attempt to scam people in various ways, appearing in television commercials, telemarketing, sending out spam e-mails, and creating various malware and adware programs designed to drain money from the unsuspecting. Neonette appears to feed off of electronic currency. It’s often found working alongside Liepard, Kryptoklep, Mr. Crime, and other unsavory Pokémon.
Competitive: Neonette’s good defensive typing and excellent bulk, especially on the physical side, combine with its great Special Attack to make it a powerhouse on bulky offense teams. Download turns Neonette into a threatening special sweeper with no need for setup, while Prankster is good on more support-focused sets that can spread status with Thunder Wave and Will-o-Wisp, or even an incredibly annoying Prankster SubSeed (well, SubLithium) set. A host of draining moves give Neonette semi-reliable recovery options, though none are STAB. Speaking of STAB, Telephone Call is powerful, reliable, and has the chance of rendering physical attacks even less threatening than they already are, while Shadow Ball continues to do the same thing Shadow Ball has always done. Though Neonette’s physical Attack is somewhat lacking, Dealmaker sets can still make excellent use of Shadow Sneak to steal opponents’ stat boosts before they can do anything with them, making it an excellent choice for neutralizing setup sweepers and starting a sweep of your own. Neonette suffers from weaknesses to very common coverage types and is fairly slow, leaving it open to powerful breakers and revenge killers. Obstagoon in particular can switch into Will-o-Wisp without a problem and is immune to Prankster and Neonette’s Ghost STAB, making it a major thorn in Neonette’s side.

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:shroomish: Lentalese Shroomish line
:spinarak: Ultra Spinarak line
:duskull: Ultra Duskull line
:ralts: Unovan Ralts line
:nosepass: Orrean Nosepass line
:riolu: Orrean Riolu line

Falchion's lines
:pachirisu: Unovan Pachirisu line
:staryu: Distorted Staryu line
:hoothoot: Orrean Hoothoot line
:aipom: Unovan Aipom line
:tirtouga: Galarian Tirtouga line
:aerodactyl: Orrean Aerodactyl line

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:honedge: Galarian Honedge line

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:absol: Kalosian Absol line

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:bronzor: Johtonian Bronzor line
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:banette: Ultra Banette line
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:staryu: Distorted Staryu line
:tirtouga: Galarian Tirtouga line
:shroomish: Lentalese Shroomish line
:honedge: Galarian Honedge line
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First and foremost, I hope that everyone has been well or at least okay. This month has been rather crappy as a whole (for everyone), so I guess it's little surprise that as soon as I finally get done with my month long obligation, my Internet basically explodes off and on until today. I'm not even sure that will be the end of it, annoyingly enough, since American infrastructure rather sucks. but I'll still try to look over things even if transwiththeplans has done a fine job updating as far as I can tell; I'll wait until after this latest vote is updated to do a(nother) look through though (if my Internet allows it, sigh).

Secondly, I didn't mean to talk you out of Toxidize, Falchion--sorry. I was just thinking out loud really more than I was truly worried. In the same vein though, to clarify, Fire Bomb is doubly boosted by Sun given it's a Misty Explosion clone on a mon that ignores Terrain by virtue of being on a Flying type (that lacks that stupid terrain seeds interaction), correct?

Lastly but not least, my votes to justify all this blathering:

My Votes:
1. :duskull: Ultra Duskull line
2. :staryu: Distorted Staryu line
3. :aerodactyl: Orrean Aerodactyl line
4. :honedge: Galarian Honedge line
5. :pineco: Hoennian Pineco line
6. :yanma: Galarian Yanma line ([insert sad lack of actual Teleport here])
7. :mr. mime: Distorted Mr. Mime line (Mr. Mime variants for every region or bust!)

Maybe July will be slightly less terrible despite my loathing of summer and what the heat tends to do to people. Regardless, stay safe everyone.


Banned deucer.
And with that, voting is finished! Here’s the final tally:

Distorted Mr. Mime: 4
Galarian Yanma: 4
Lentalese Shroomish: 4
Galarian Honedge: 4
Distorted Staryu: 3
Orrean Aerodactyl: 3
Ultra Duskull: 3
Johtonian Sigilyph: 3
Ultra Elgyem: 3
Johtonian Bronzor: 3

Galarian Tirtouga: 1
Ultra Banette: 1
Unovan Pachirisu: 1
Kalosian Tauros: 1
Orrean Octillery: 1
Hoennian Pineco: 1
Orrean Hoothoot: 1
Orrean Nosepass: 1

Everyone had a winning submission this time around! Congratulations to Z-nogyroP, transwiththeplans, Pika Xreme, Falchion, and of course the one and only alephgalactus!
Yaaaaay! Finally, the my two favorite things about knights (halberds and King Arthur) can unite as one!

The sword - which becomes the cutting blade of the halberd - is obviously Caledfwlch itself, while the spear represents Rhongomyniad. I didn't really think about it while making it, but I guess that makes the little spike halberds have be (sweet, little, precious) Carnwennan.


i should have done tropius so i could have an appropriately-sized sauropod too, SHIT

I'm not good at competitive analysis but I hope Excaliberd is good

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