Registeel (Offensive Curse)

name: Offensive Curse or BaitSteel
move1: Curse
move2: Iron Head
move3: Explosion
move4: Ice Punch / Earthquake / Counter
item: Occa Berry
nature: Adamant
evs:252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Why this set deserves to be on-site:
-I'll let what I wrote on it in an old RMT explain itself:
Random Pizzaman said:
Shiny Registeel has an uncanny resemblance to Brianiac, don't you think. But the reason he's called Brainiac goes on beyond that. The evil mastermind-ness of this original set really makes Registeel a 'Brainiac', becoming essentially a BaitSteel, akin to Baitlix, but even better. I'll start the explaining. Originally, I wanted something that could beat the biggest threat to my team, Swellow, and still be offensive. I tried out Rhyperior, which worked kind of well, but I still lost to Torterra and was exposed to threats like Alakazam. I then looked to steel types, and baitlix stood out as an offensive steel check to Swellow and Moltres. But it couldn't take hits, so I though 'why can't Registeel do this?', and he could. Since i didnt need Stealth Rock, Curse worked to beat even more things. So thus, BaitSteel was born. Registeel serves two roles on my team: special "wall" and normal resist, and as a remover for powerful threats my team would otherwise crumble to, like Torterra, Blaziken, Moltres, Feraligatr, and Houndoom. Here's how Registeel's role usually breaks down to. Early game, he serves as a great switch in to Ambipom, Swellow, Alakazam, Mismagius, Venusuaur and the host of pokemon he usually walls, and counters some of them completely too. Midgame, he busts the other team open by a combination of Curse, a coverage move, and Explosion. Usually a Registeel switch in results in a switch out, meaning a chance to boost to +1 Attack and Defense, and lets me decide what to do next since nothing will OHKO me at this point. Common switches into Registeel: Torterra, Moltres, Donphan, Rhyperior, Hitmonlee, Blaziken and more. If the opponent switches to Torterra, an Ice Punch at +1 is an OHKO while I'll survive the Earthquake, removing the future threat from my team. If Blaziken, Moltres, or any other Fire type switches in, the Occa berry will take the attack and I can Explode in their face. Donphan and other ground types or fighting types are the same. If I play my cards right, Registeel will take a pokemon out with a boosted Ice Punch or Iron Head, and then Explode, taking something else out, or even sweep some teams that let me boost up more than +2. EVs: Max HP lets me wall pokemon, and the Special Defense makes sure I survive a +2 Houndoom's Fire Blast, and everything weaker than that. Adamant and attack EVs let me hurt things pretty badlyRegisteel is awesome, and this set really works well on an offensive team, not wasting the momentum a normal Registeel would. Don't knock it until you try it.
-With Curse and a coverage move, Registeel beats all of its common switch ins at +1.
- Is a much more offensive minded set the the already on-site Curse set, which rarely accomplishes anything (imo).
- Is not outclassed by Steelix, because of the superior movepool and the excellent special defense, which still walls plenty of pokemon.

- Ice Punch to beat Torterra and Donphan switch ins, Counter to take on Rhyperior, and Earthquake for Blaziken, Houndoom and Magneton.
-EVs: OHKO on RP Torterra, not 2KOd by max attack Donphan's Earthquake, KOs on Blaziken and Houndoom, OHKO on eveything that doesnt resist Explosion, all at +1. Max HP and some SpD for his defensive capabilities early game, survive Moltres' Fire Blast and even Hounddom at +2 with plenty left to spare
- Standard Tank (252HP/100atk/156SpD) set an option.
-Stealth Rock in last spot.

Teammates and Counters:
- A Steel type is a boon on an offensive team, walling fast normal types and also taking out Moltres, which many teams struggle with. Thus pairs well with Sceptile, Scyther, Venusaur.
- Shouldnt be used as an all-purpose Special Wall, Milotic and Tangrowth work well to buffer it.
-Hates Rotom, Pursuit from Houndoom or Drapion helps also to remove Ghosts that could absorb Explosion, or alternately use Shadow Claw & Lum.
- Walled by Steelix and opposing Registeel, Rhyperior gets a possible free sub.


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Hey this seems pretty badass actually, I like the inclusion of counter to beat sub-less rhypie and donphan.

Pre-testing notes:

Lum berry is nice for things that try to put you to sleep, also works well with Rest.

Mention Shadow Claw, or WoW rotom and Taunt/WoW missy mess you up. You beat both with Lum Berry and Shadow Claw, which is worth losing to houndoom and moltres imo.

In the teammates section mention that other curse users love not having haze milotic around (assuming you boom on it with registeel). Particularly mention using this and cradily in sandstorm (that actually sounds really unpleasant .__.)
I'll be sure to mention all that, the beauty of the set is that it really is customizable to what you want to beat. However, you shouldn't be switching into a Missy, because +2 HP Fight will maim you. And Rotom with WoW will beat you regardless of Shadow Claw, since they usually are either Restalk or carry Pain Split, and a burnt Registeel is the definition of setup bait. Lum is ok if you're not concerned about Fires, but with Rest it moves more into the defensive Curser territory, and Rest+ Explosion is really a contradiction.
This in SS with Cradily DOES sound scary.
I'm going to try it! Maybe not tonight, but I will. I remember facing this a few metas back and it easily too out 2-3 pokes just from the pure surprise factor. I'll get back to you, even though I'm not part of QC xD.

Edit: So I've tested for a bit (I used your old team...I got laxy xP) and I must say it works quite well. I'm actually half tempted to try an offensive curse set like this, but with recovery. Possibly a set of curse/rest/iron head/explosion? I'm not sure, but I like the surprise factor as well as the effectiveness of it.

[/insert quality control stamp of approval] lol


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Just from a quick glance at this, the EVs add up to more than 510. 252 + 86 +180 + 8 = 526. I can try and revise the spread a little if you want since it will only be a little tinkering.
I approve this set. Its been used against me and quite effectively because of Registeel's bulk.

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i don't see a reason not to use max attack, potentially 88 speed (minimal works too), and the rest in hp. the only difference is... you survive +2 houndoom fire blast. wtf do you need to survive that? eq also seems like it could go in front of ice punch since it gives better coverage overall vs grounded fires + steels (toxicroak too kinda but situationally), while donphan still beats you (both 3hkos; you're slower) and torterra is not overwhelmingly popular.
When I first used this was when Torterra was very popular, hence the odd EVs and Ice Punch. Whenever I've used Earthquake, I've found Ice Punch to just be more useful, since Earthquake leaves you helpless against Rotom, and you can Explode on Fires anyway (Moltres you have to Explode either way).


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I'm sorry, I completely forgot to approve this.


And I assume the 88 SPE is for outrunning standard Rhyperior, letting you Curse before it EQs you. Can be situationally useful, but you should just mention it in AC. Also, agreeing with whoostle on max attack.
There isn't any point of cursing once before being EQed by standard Rhyperior,
as even after a curse you at 49.5% - 58.2%. (Almost a guaranteed 2HKO, and it will hit first on second turn, after you lower your speed. So I would stick with the original EV spread.
nah the 88 speed was me being stupid. either it was me forgetting curse lowers speed (which is stupid possibility number one) or it was me wanting to outpace clefable/weezing for some reason (which is stupid possibility number two). i don't know which it was but since both are stupid...

typed up a long thing on eq vs ice punch then i realized i don't really care about which way it goes. but i do care about the spread which i think should be 252 hp and attack and 4 defense or special defense w/ adamant.


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512 EVs being used, change it to 4 speed =x

You don't get a Koffing from me because I can't boom, but that sets looks really cool.

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