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No problem. I would like to clarify that my Pokémon likely do not have optimal IVs or natures, except a few. Is that ok with you? If not, please let me know what you’ll want on them and I can work to breed the Mons that you want. I will say that the Mons I requested do not need to have optimal IVs or natures.
That's fine with me, I'm mostly after ball combos or the HA itself if its on my list, I can breed stats in on my own time! Doing breedject for breedject makes things a lot faster either way.
Hi Melo
CMT for Moon and Beastball cottonee prankster bold?

I ordered a moon cottonee here before but I traded it away my last one unknowningly ^^
Nevermind I forgot I evolved it.

But there more Pokes I'm interested in tho I dont know if you are that interested in my mons.
If multiple pokes catches your interest I'll let you know what I'm interested in.
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Hello Melo,

I am interested in your Beast Ball Cottonee and Love Ball Cutiefly. (Gen8 if possible)

I can offer you three of these that I have from your wantedlist: Love Ball Hatenna, Beast Ball Snom, Beast Ball Dreepy, Beast Ball Larvitar and Moon Ball Rookidee. I don't have them in stock, so I can breed one with desired egg moves, nature, ability, IVs, etc.

I don't have a trade topic for Gen8 (yet), so hopefully trading with me is fine for you. :) Let me know, please.
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