SM Ubers Remastering a Remastered team ( Lacus Clyne ).

"A battle is a combat in warfare between two or more armed forces, or combatants. A war sometimes consists of many battles. Battles generally are well defined in duration, area, and force commitment. The Pokémon competitive world has many unique individuals when it comes to species and which we call as the combatants of the battle. These kind of battle styles are compared equally to Chess where Mind Game actually matters. Mastering the competitive skills of Pokémon is not impossible, but requires time. Mastering the competitive skills of Pokémon is nothing but counter playing the opposing player with available and given tactics. People often complain about what they've got, but everything has some potential to be an useful thing for the player. It all really matters about how good is the player. It doesn't matter if he's famous. They are still many hidden talents who regret to show their face to the community because of the pressure. I am not calling myself a talent, but I am one of them who refused to show my real identity to the Pokémon Community".

Greetings and Welcome to all the people of Smogon.

People may not know me till now but I am a Pokémon trainer whose aim is to attain full Pokémon Mastery on this competitive world and find a unique personality for myself. You can call me anything but I consider myself a master because of the experience I had with these things even after crossing some hurdles in my life.

2012: I joined Pokemon Showdown with many different random Anonymous names ( Such as they all would be random numbers and names ). Well, It wasn't a good year for me in terms of Battling because I lost badly most of the battle without knowing what to do. Still I decided not to give up and played the whole year.

2013: I think it was October when XY was released. XY turned my attention towards Übers and it was the time I decided to leave Random Battle Tier and to play Übers. At the time, I learned the meta soon and became good at it. I enjoyed the year of success but I still decided to be Anonymous because I don't wanted anyone to know me at that time.

2014: Discovered 'Pokemon Online' and stayed there for months anonymously with random names. Came back to Showdown after ORAS release in November. It was a good year and the presence of Primal Groudon when ORAS was released grabbed my attention.

2015: I left the game early ( I think it's February's end or early March ) due to some real life problems.

2018: I came back last week and watched other people playing Übers and it really impressed me. I also decided not to be Anonymous anymore because there's no use of it so I will be known as "SPhobic" from now.

I made this team after spending two days. I am making this RMT thread as my comeback announcement to all the players. I hope, by this RMT, people can know who I am and what really is my aim.

At the time of XY, I usually like to steal RMT teams and use it. It was a team called Remastered by an user known as Lacus Clyne, I am happy that he still exists. I'll explain how I remastered his Remastered team.

Teambuilding Process:


1.) This is actually the original version called as Remastered. I decided to take this team and make changes according to the current Übers Metagame. See below.



2.) My first version. I didn't change the core concept ( I kept Ferrothorn, Ho-Oh and Ditto with their own sets and only changed Ho-Oh's Sleep talk to Toxic ). I removed Mega Kangaskhan and added an Impish Refresh Mega Salamence which tanks Ho-Oh. I changed Mewtwo to a better Stallbreaker i.e. Gothitelle. I also changed Water Arceus to Ground Arceus to check Primal Groudon more offensively.


3.) The last version. Let me list the changes with reasons,

* Ho-Oh - Removed the Band set and added Substitute over Earthquake.

* Gothitelle to ChestoRest Tyranitar - To check Mega Gengar and Yveltal.

Some words about the team:

Well, It wasn't an easy task. It took me about two days to remaster this team. Though, I succeeded in it. The team is purely Anti-Meta if used correctly.

Ho-Oh @ Leftovers
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 104 HP / 252 Atk / 152 Spd
Adamant Nature
- Brave Bird
- Substitute
- Toxic
- Sacred Fire

Ferrothorn (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Iron Barbs
EVs: 252 HP / 48 Def / 208 SDef
Careful Nature
- Leech Seed
- Power Whip
- Stealth Rock
- Protect

Tyranitar (M) @ Chesto Berry
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 252 HP / 8 Def / 248 SDef
Sassy Nature
- Toxic
- Rest
- Pursuit
- Ice Beam

Arceus-Ground @ Earth Plate
Ability: Multitype
EVs: 248 HP / 136 Def / 124 Spd
Bold Nature
- Judgment
- Ice Beam
- Recover
- Defog

Salamence (M) @ Salamencite
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 220 Def / 20 SDef / 16 Spd
Impish Nature
- Refresh
- Dragon Dance
- Roost
- Return

Ditto @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Imposter
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
IVs: 30 HP / 30 Atk / 30 Def / 30 SpD / 0 Spe
Relaxed Nature
- Transform

The team really functions around Ditto + Ferrothorn + Ho-Oh core.

Ho-Oh: Blessed with amazing Atk and SpD stat, This Pokémon serves as a Stallbreaker for this team. Hiding behind a Sub and spreading Toxic all over the opponent team, Burning foes by Sacred Fire and hitting opponents hard by its STAB Brave Bird. Regains its health by Regenerator. This Pokémon with this SubToxic set is considered as a deadly nightmare for most opponents especially Stall users.

Ditto: Anti-Offense Pokémon. Copies the set up boosts of a Pokemon and hits it back by its boosted Scarf speed. If a Double Dance Groudon comes, Then this handles that so Arceus-Ground can have a safe time dealing with other Pokémon's.

Ferrothorn: I decided to keep it because people are running a new Kyogre set called as MixedOgre which contains Liquidation and Earthquake. Ferrothorn handles that set perfectly and sets up Stealth Rock for the team. It functions as a Special Wall.

Remaining Pokémon's: Tyranitar is used here to check Mega Gengar and Yveltal. Mega Salamence isn't a setup sweeper but Dragon Dance can be useful sometimes when the matchup is very hard. Also, Mence checks Ho-Oh and Marshadow for the team. Arceus-Ground deals with Primal Groudon and opposing Mega Salamence and also removes hazards by Defog.

1.) HP Ice Life Orb Marshadow: Beats my Salamence. Should play carefully by using Ho-Oh and GroundCeus.

2.) HP Ice Ho-Oh: KO's mence and troubles the team. Again, The combo of GroundCeus and Ho-Oh should be used to win. Tyranitar helps vs Non EQ Ho-Oh.

3.) Mixed Fairy Arceus: Judgment, Fire Blast and Stone Edge combo beats my team. Just give up against this.

4.) CM Refresh Recover GhostCeus: Slowly beats my team. Should use Tyranitar and Ho-Oh constantly.

Final Words:

Huge thanks to Lacus Clyne. I think I made a good comeback to the game. People should know me now. Feel free to comment below. Also I am joining UPL for the first time this year! So anyways,

Thanks for reading the RMT.


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It's a disappointment that nobody replied in this thread. I want a good rate from someone to improve my team and I am still waiting. My team is weak to CM Arceus sets, Mixed Don and Life Orb Dialga and Palkia.
I've only seen one replay stored where it gives Dialga LO problems for example. Quiet, it is not a mon that is used much and less in that way.

Well, the others you mention also give you problems POgre / Mewtwo X or Marsh but you have more control with the latter. Mention to ice spam as KyuW.

Sorry if nobody has commented here but it is not as easy as it seems. The structure of the team is not bad but maybe a Waterceus by GroundCeus so you have a check for Pogre or Palkia. You can consider a set change in Ttar and play SR with him and Ferrothorn Spikes. Also a change for Zyg and thus you cover what W-Arceus can not like Lucario although you have Ditto.

I regret not being very helpful but it is very complicated and you do not have much information. Still, I hope it helps.

Have patience for a next time, man. I have several and there are no messages but nothing happens.

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