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In Progress Replay search improvements


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Easier way to search replays would be nice. Currently you can only search by either username or format, but not both at the same time. It would be so much easier if we didn't have to scroll through our old replays to find one for a tier we may not have played in a while. Also searching with two users to find specific battles between the two.


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This is a little challenging because it involves persistence and private code. However, adding the ability to search by both user + format should be relatively easy for someone with access to do (and similarly, adding the ability to search by two users is fairly easy, though the query needs to look like "(p1 = <user1> AND p2 = <user2>) OR (p1 = <user2> AND p2 = <user1>)".

The main reason these specific changes haven't been made is that ideally we'd like to be able to support arbitrary queries, even over the logs themselves (eg. "show me Gen 7 OU replays containing a Serperior"), but enabling full-text search on the replay database hasn't proven to scale very well. However, I would like to see us not block on this, and instead add some quality of life improvements to replay search (date range, ratings, multiple users, formats) instead of trying to wait to figure out the ideal solution.

EDIT: 'Approved' because improving replay search is something we'd like to address/are experimenting with, but given the extremely limited set of people able to work on it currently it seems unlikely that there will be a lot of progress in the near future (though presumably if it receives a lot of support from users it would be more likely to be prioritized...)
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Additional things I want to search are replays whose ratings are within a certain range, unrated replays, and replays from a certain server.

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