Research Week 2 - Nominations

What should be the Pokemon / playstyle for Research Week #2?

  • Tentacool

    Votes: 11 47.8%
  • Lickitung

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Snubbull

    Votes: 4 17.4%

  • Total voters
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Hello, and welcome to the beginning of LC's second research week. We are going to do things a little differently this time. This time, all good nominations will go into a poll, which we will then vote upon who the next Research Pokemon or theme will be. I hope this will better gauge the interests in Little Cup players.

Here is the introduction for anyone interested:

The idea of "research weeks" came from the Ubers Subforum and was created by Theorymon, Jibaku and bojangles. Being the state of activity in the Subforum and the current metagame, with permission from the creators, a research week seems to be perfect for Little Cup. There are two reasons why a research week is being held for Little Cup. First is the fact that the Little Cup Subforum is rather dry, so hopefully a research week will bolster activity in the forum and on the ladders on CAP and Pokemon-Online.

The second reason is because there are numerous Pokemon without Little Cup analyses. The Pokemon up for Research are currently all Pokemon who do not have analyses. Throughout the Research Week, I would like if any viable sets to posted in the thread with either full set comments or a bulleted list of what the set accomplishes. At the end of the Research Week, I will compile all the viable sets and put them into an analysis, which will go through Quality Control and proceed to follow the same procedure that all analyses go through. Please feel free to reflect opinions on the current Pokemon being researched. Comments like how it does in the metagame, if it seems outclassed, good teammates and what theme team this Pokemon works best are great examples of things to post. Saying things like "We should have researched 'Pokemon X' instead of this Pokemon" is a bad idea.

You do not need to sign-up in order to participate in a research week or write up a set. Anyone can contribute any set, although only "good" ones will make it into the final analysis.

The process and rules of research weeks may change over time depending on the success or failure of past research weeks. Keep in mind that research weeks will be moderated, so don't use this as a chance just to increase post count or troll. Any utter stupidity will not be tolerated, but that should go without saying.

Let the research begin!

edit: This thread will close Sunday, July 25th.
I think Lickitung would be fun to test out some sets for. It's giant movepool along with great defensive stats and an offensive boosting in Swords Dance (and Belly Drum!) give it an enormous number of viable sets that need to be tested tryed and true.

There's my pitch.

List of fun moves:
Belly Drum
Disable, anyone?
Heal Bell
Helping Hand (LC Dubs)
Knock Off
Me First! :)
Swords Dance
...along with the regular normal type special attacking options, plus Power Whip and assorted physical moves to boot.

tl;dr: What a stud.
Nominating Snubbull. Great attack, Intimidate, amazing movepool, low speed (for trick room.) (My other post was more in depth, but when i hit back space, my browser went back so I lose all of it...) Some notable moves:

Bulk Up
Brick Break
Focus Punch
The three special fire moves. (Overheat, FB, flamethrower.)
Elemental Fangs
Super Fang
The three special thunder moves (Shock Wave, Thunder, TBolt)

tl;dr more of a stud than lickilily
I would like to nominate Tentacool for research week. Stats: 40/40/35/50/100/70 so it has below average attack with sightly better special attack, good speed and great special bulk. It also has unresisted STABs (powerful ones too in Surf/Hydro Pump and Sludge Bomb on the special side and the slightly less powerful Waterfall and Poison Jab on the physical side.) It gets an offensive stat-up move in swords dance which isn't too bad considering Tentacool's above average speed. Tentacool can also set T-spikes (as well as absorb them!) and has access to rapid spin. I think that it would be a great option for research week just because it has so many options. In addition to combinations or everything stated above it gets access to a lot of other cool things like Acupressure, Confuse Ray, Haze, Knock Off, Mirror Coat, Muddy Water, Rain Dance and Role Play. Now while some of those are probably too gimmicky and will never work, some of them could be interesting and effective options.


and that goes double for me
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Instead of making a new thread, I just attached the poll to this thread. Please vote for which Pokemon you believe we know the least about and will be a good a Pokemon to research!

This thread will now close Sunday, July 25th.
Lickitung ftw.

-A mixed tank up to par with Munchlax, with wish/protect and a humongous movepool

-A great wallbreaker with decent offenses on both sides and a humongous movepool

-Swords Dance backed by decent attack, bulk, and a humongous movepool

-Originality backed by the fact that it isn't Munchlax and a humongous movepool

-Unpredictability due to it's decent offenses on both sides and a humongous movepool

Vote Lickitung today!
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