Research Week Mk.III #5

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Welcome, UUers! It's time for a fresh instalment of Research Group!

Keep the following things in mind during every Research Group:
  • Be open-minded, don't just say something is terrible and walk away; look at its stats, movepool, and typing and think something up!
  • Feel free to theorymon early in the research period, but make it clear you're doing so. Later in the period though, you will be expected to back up your posts with hard evidence like logs, actual sets, perhaps even teams.
  • Just because an analysis has been done for a Pokemon doesn't mean there isn't more to explore; it's very likely that something has gone unnoticed.
  • Do not post in this thread complaining about the Pokemon I choose and/or suggesting ones we should do for future weeks. Feel free to VM / PM me these suggestions, but don't expect me to always listen to you.
This Week's Research Pokemon:

Nidoqueen | Aggron | Cincinno​

How useful are these Pokemon in UU? What sets can they run effectively? What gives them trouble? What advantages do they have over other Pokemon? How well do they work in the metagame? If you have anything to say about any of these Pokemon, please post about them! It doesn't matter if you've used them or have just faced them in battle, anything is fine (but please, do try them). Just be sure to back up your posts with good competitive reasoning. Remember, discussion is not limited to this topic, you are encouraged to talk about these Pokemon in #genvuu as well!

The Research Group Challenge:
In order to participate you must do the following:
  • Post here with a fresh alt and the name(s) of the Pokemon you will be using.
  • Use at least one of the Pokemon being researched.
  • Post your experiences with the Pokemon you're using, participate in the discussion!
  • Upon the midpoint, post your PS! ranking via a screenshot and feel free to continue discussion on the Pokemon you used.
The first stage of the challenge will be very relaxed so theorymon will be allowed as long as its backed up by good reasoning. During the later stage, discussion will be expected to be backed up by hard evidence, such as teams, actual sets, and logs. The winner of the challenge will be the person who has the highest ladder ranking on the Pokemon Showdown UU ladder on the alt they registered at the time the challenge ends. If you win, you will receive temporary hops on #genvuu, but you may only claim your prize if you actually participated in the discussion. Winners will also receive a permanent spot in the Underused Hall of Fame!

I'd like to stress the point that upon signing up, you should also engage in some sort of discussion regarding this week's selection of Pokemon. This project isn't entirely a ladder-only project - it's designed to provoke discussion and creativity in the tier. Also, don't forget to post a ladder ranking next week or count yourself out of week 6.

Current Participants:
- PTjon7 (PTJ2)
- PsYch071c (PsychoSMASH)
- ScraftyIsTheBest (Mespirit Rocks)
- kokoloko (Meraxes)
- Chenkovsky (Maroka)
- Explorer (THINKaway)
- Dcae (Chibikion)
Using Nidoqueen on alt PTJ2.

Nidoqueen's move to UU has been a long time coming. With one of the best movepools in the tier, very nice resistances and bulk, and great special attack Nidoqueen really stands out in my opinion as one of the best wall breakers in the tier. A lot of people have been recognizing Nidoqueen's superiority to Nidoking but her usage is still very low. It would be great if people started to realize how good this thing really is.

Set I'll be using:
Nidoqueen @ Life Orb
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 92 HP / 252 SAtk / 164 Spd
Modest Nature
- Earth Power
- Flamethrower
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
Also, don't forget to post a ladder ranking next week or count yourself out of week 5.
Just wanted to point this out: you meant Week 6, right?

Anyways, let's get this rollin'!

Pokemon: Aggron, Cinccino, Nidoqueen
Alt: Mesprit Rocks

Cinccino oughtta be really fun to use: without a Zong or ScarfShao thing thing oughtta sweep with style! I dunno 'bout Aggron though, but it'll be a hard hitter I'm sure. Nidoqueen will be as good as always.
Alt: THINKaway
Ladder: 1287
Record: 3-8-0
Research Pokemon: Nidoqueen

There was a Nidoqueen set I've been wanting to try...

Nidoqueen (F) @ Starf Berry
Ability: Sheer Force
EVs: 232 HP/252 SpA/20 SpD/4 Spe
Nature: Modest
-Earth Power
-Ice Beam
-Focus Blast

Earth Power is STAB, and Ice Beam is for Flying and Grass-types (Lilligant, Tangrowth, Zapdos, Xatu, etc.). Substitute blocks sleep and helps get into Starf Berry range. Focus Blast hits most else, when it hits, that is.


naughty list
is a Tiering Contributor
Alt: Chibikion
Poke working with: Cinccino

Gonna update this as things go on, hopefully I don't encounter problems like last time around.
Okay yeah, terribly sorry about this being late. Due to it being a month since the last post here, I'm going to null this week, there'll be no winner. This is mostly due to how much decay will have transcended your rankings. However, I will have the next week up shortly. Sorry about that guys.
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