Do you prefer fancy restaurants, or fast food restaurants?

  • Fast Food Restaurants

    Votes: 7 23.3%
  • Fancy Restaurants

    Votes: 11 36.7%
  • Neither, Idc (which means I don't care) about restutants

    Votes: 5 16.7%
  • Other types of restaurants

    Votes: 7 23.3%

  • Total voters
You should know the answer. We've been introduced to restaurants as babies! And we found out more and more about them as we got older. If you don't want to answer the poll, you're always welcome to talk about a certain restaurant! Well actually the purpose is to talk about restaurants, but the poll is there!
TBH regarding restaurants my favorite one is Fasta Pasta, an Australian Franchise Pasta line is one incredible line. Very tasty, very good service quality and with reasonable prices. Although as of 2019, I want to try the one punch man challenge for at least 3 months because I want to get ripped before i graduate so I would be avoiding eating outside due to high levels of sodium and saturated fats. Instead, oatmeal and fruit is probably my main source of energy. Also high fibre breads and veges.

Wish me luck. X3
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im definitely not into fancy restaurants, but not fast food either. I like casual dining, outdoors at a food cart hub or sitting at the restaurant's bar.

i live in pnw so michelin doesnt come around here. The most fancy thing we have is Pok Pok: a northern thai place specializing in booze and chicken marinated in fish sauce (deep fried and other ways), so the whole place smells like fish sauce. Pok Pok's other restaurant that is now closed in ny did have a michelin star. I went to Portland Pok Pok once to play lords of waterdeep (board game) with a few people and we held the table for the whole evening so I would say it's p casual for being the closest thing in portland to a serious fancy restaurant.

we have a top mexican fast food chain (Don Pedro's), but theres only like 5 of them concentrated in 2 areas. so for me, fast food just isn't worth it unless I'm nearby the don pedros. If I go to a food carts instead, I can have the most amazing food in about 15 mins and not have to take a perceived hit to my health that fast food involves.

for example the food carts near my house: the best one is a bakery that makes 'pie cakes', ill leave you to imagine what that is but it is amazing, including the best chocolate cake ive ever had. another one is a texas style bbq, so good. another good one is a fancy egg type breakfast place where they rly know how to cook eggs. there is also an indoor taproom at the food carts.

so basically im not into fancy restaurants or most restaurants period. When i lived in CA most restaurants weren't even good, they were just overpriced things I could make better myself at home. Fast food is usually terrible and more expensive than other less expensive and more healthy options available in the deli at a grocery in my experience. Restaurants have to be really worth it for me to be motivated to go to them, as if I feel like I'm not getting food thats better than what I make at home and/or interesting in other ways it becomes a waste of money and a poor experience in comparison to the joy i get from cooking at home.
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Oh dang. That's tough. Here in my state, restaurants are easy to get to, and the food is pretty good. If that's how restaurants were for you, I could see why you prefer not to go to restaurants. You're right though, fancy restaurants are overpriced, and fast food restaurants are pretty unhealthy.


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I like fast foods, but there is no comparison to a snack or homemade food. I particularly prefer traditional restaurants, since they usually have better service, healthier food and depending on the restaurant, cheaper prices for consumption.


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How fancy are we talking about?
Middle price range casual $10~20 per meal, or like hotel graded $100+ per meal?

I rarely go to fast food restaurants because I consider their food unhealthy.
But I'd normally dine in a middle price range.
Then if it's my birthday or I'm celebrating something, I'd go for a $40 price range.
I said that a little wrong. The prices at a fancy restaurant is 3X more expensive that of a solo food at a grocery store. It isn't too bad. Now if illustrated in a hotel manner like you said, then clearly it's very expensive and most likely won't be worth the price.


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I have a pretty bizarre talent for finding exceptional hole-in-the-wall restaurants, which I love. Generally my yardstick is: if I'm the only white person in the place, then it's going to b pretty good. I live in rural USA, so usually I strike out and find some new stuff whenever I go to a city.

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