RBY Retro Cup of Pokémon — Finals [Won by Germany]

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Retro Cup of Pokémon features all tiers retired from World Cup of Pokémon. That means this year, it will just be an RBY OU tournament. Each national team is allowed 3 players, plus 1 substitute. The first 16 teams (corresponding to those who applied for this year's World Cup of Pokémon) to successfully apply will be the teams to make up the tournament. For the first round, players will be randomly assigned into 12 groups of 4, with the top 8 teams with the most wins collected. The seeding tiebreak will be the highest ranking points (6 points for sole 1st, 4 points for sole 2nd and 2 points for sole 3rd, shared between spots if necessary) within the group, just like WCoP and then randomization as the secondary tiebreak. The qualifying tiebreak will be full 3 vs 3 man matchups involving the tied teams. From Round 2 onwards, your team's captain will be asked to submit your lineup in order from spots 1-3. The rest of the tournament will be single elimination 3 vs 3 man matchups. Every tournament match will be first-to-2! (best of 3 excluding ties).


Italy (0-2) Germany
Captains: The Idiot Ninja | Linkin Karp

1: Not Troller (0-2) Lusch (Replay: 1, 2)
2: The Idiot Ninja (0-2) Bedschibaer (Replay: 1, 2)
3: smilzo vs Mael (Replay: 1, 2, 3)

Substitutes: vakatalesau | Linkin Karp

Play a first-to-2 (best of 3 excluding ties) match once against your opponent.

Deadline: August 28th 05:00 AM EDT / 11:00 AM CEST
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Lost 0-2, g1 was an absolute fuckfest with hax and g2 i got constantly outplayed and outlucked

sorry team for slumping in playoffs, still proud of showing that Italy can hold their own even without marco/Alex. playing this tournament with you guys has been awesome and even if I would have liked a different ending I'm still happy I was a part of this.

congratulations to germany as well, respect for all of you guys, was a pleasure to play you.

thanks to lutra for organizing and hosting. o7
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