RBY Retro Cup of Pokémon — Round 1

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Since our 3rd player can t play I am going to drop the rest of the games in my group. Special sorry to Mister Tim because I totally forgot we had to play yesterday and I johned him the last week as well due to irl obligations. Best of luck at all the teams.


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I don't know if it's worth extending for a lengthier period yet, because I haven't checked most of the 20 remaining matches, but it'll probably be at least 8 hours or so before I can finalize the positions, so play if you are able to.


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Adjudged Wins

Eo Ut Mortus (W-0) BluBirD252 (activity)
R!cardo(0-W) Eden's Embrace(R!cardo delayed scheduling)
Diegolh (W-0) Zebraiken (Zebraiken didn't make the time apparently)
HSA (0-W) thelinekioubeur(HSA didn't reply recently)
MetalGro$$ (W-0) xJoelituh (missed schedule, but late contact)
Not Troller (W-0) Void (Void didn't reply)
Charis Savidakis (0-W) Sam (Charis forfeited)
Charis Savidakis (0-W) Mister Tim (Charis forfeited)
Sam (0-W) Mister Tim (Sam didn't reply to Mister Tim's latest contact)

Dead Games

Maestro Arena (D-D) R!cardo (no profile messages)
R!cardo (D-D) 6A9 Ace Matador (no profile messages)
Eden's Embrace (D-D) 6A9 Ace Matador (no reply from 6A9, apparently arranged for yesterday and Eden Embrace missed time.)
Maestro Arena (D-D) 6A9 Ace Matador (no recent profile messages)
BKC (D-D) Steven Snype (no profile messages)
dice (D-D) Steven Snype (no profile messages)
Void (D-D) Eternal Spirit (no profile message)
Marcop (D-D) Void (no profile messages)
Traceoflife (D-D) p2 (no profile messages)
Traceoflife (D-D) Pearl (no profile messages)
Sam (D-D) Nintendi (no profile messages)

Gotta go, will edit the rest in later, but captains check the seeds and send in the lineups, 1 vs 8, 4 vs 5, 3 vs 6, 2 vs 7, I'm sure most of you know by now. If there's any change in the rankings, I'll let the affected teams know.

Edit: Downgraded Eden's Embrace win to dead game. Will not give adjudged win to Ace Matador without logs. I have also finished listing the decisions.

Playoffs, as it stands:

[1] Italy vs [8] US Central
[4] Canada vs [5] US West
[3] Europe vs [6] UK
[2] France vs [7] Germany
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