All Gens Retro Cup of Pokémon 2020: Finals [17T/119P Won by US Northeast]


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Retro Cup of Pokémon features all tiers absent from the World Cup of Pokémon. That means this year, it will be an RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU, BW OU, ORAS OU and SM OU tournament. Each national team is allowed 7 players, plus 3 substitutes (and no less). This tournament will feature 16 teams in the first round, with team formation priority given to WCoP 2020 teams (and based on round 1/qualifying ranks), followed by new teams that aren't supernations/rest-of-the-world. The latter rest-of-the-world will only be allowed if there are less than 16 teams. Qualify rounds will be created if there are more than 16 entrants, in a similar way to WCoP. For the first round, players will be randomly assigned into 4 groups of 4 for each generation (×7), with the top 8 teams with the most wins collected proceeding. The seeding tiebreak will be the highest ranking points (6 points for sole 1st, 4 points for sole 2nd and 2 points for sole 3rd, shared between spots if necessary) within the group, just like WCoP and then randomization as the secondary tiebreak. The qualifying rounds and round 2 matches will be full 7 vs 7 man matchups. RBY OU will be first-to-2-win! (best of 3 excluding ties), while the rest will be first-to-1-win!
In the event of a playoffs tiebreaker, captains of both teams will rank their preferred tiers from #1-#3. Points will be assigned to the ranks in the following way: #1 — 1000, #2 — 100, #3 — 10. The point values are arbitrary but represent the relationship of 1st choice > 2nd choice › 3rd choice when summed. The 3 tiers with the highest number of points will be selected for the tiebreaker set and managers will then choose any 3 unique players from each of their rosters to play in the determined tier spots. If there's a tie, the 3rd tier will be decided at random between the two.
Finals Matchups!

[8] France ‹3-4› US Northeast [3]
Captains: SFG, Emeral vs BKC, mc56556
RBY OU: Peasounay ‹2-1› SaDiSTiCNarwhal [Replays: 1, 2, 3]
GSC OU: BlazingDark vs mc56556 [Replays: 1]
ADV OU: Teclis vs Kevin Garrett [Replays: 1]
DPP OU: Emeral vs august [Replays: 1]
BW OU: Meridian vs Finchinator [Replays: 1]
ORAS OU: Skyrio vs Star [Replays: 1]
SM OU: Corazan vs Sabella [Replays: 1]

Subs: Cicada, BIHI, Alkione | Scimjara, Energy, robjr

Play first-to-1 win in every tier except RBY (first-to-2-wins), and post your wins/losses and replays.

Deadline: Monday August 31st 12:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM CEST
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Always a pleasure playing versus the likes of people such as Peas. I'm upset I couldn't secure the win but it was a good RBY series that really came down to the players

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great work guys, I had a lot of fun working with all of you. special shoutout to our mvp finch, who was a complete battering ram this tour. sab had some really dynamite games as well. also, a big thank you to fnh for selflessly offering to help with tests and whatnot.

for non-team: props to lutra/kris for giving the old gens their own wcop, this was a tour we really needed so thank you for that. finally, well done to france and capitaine sfg, I liked watching your guys' games.

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