Multi-gen Retro Cup of Pokémon 2020: Signups

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Retro Cup of Pokémon features all tiers absent from the World Cup of Pokémon. That means this year, it will be an RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU, BW OU, ORAS OU and SM OU tournament. Each national team is allowed 7 players, plus 3 substitutes (and no less). This tournament will feature 16 teams in the first round, with team formation priority given to WCoP 2020 teams (and based on round 1/qualifying ranks), followed by new teams that aren't supernations/rest-of-the-world. The latter rest-of-the-world will only be allowed if there are less than 16 teams. Qualify rounds will be created if there are more than 16 entrants, in a similar way to WCoP. For the first round, players will be randomly assigned into 4 groups of 4 for each generation (×7), with the top 8 teams with the most wins collected proceeding. The seeding tiebreak will be the highest ranking points (6 points for sole 1st, 4 points for sole 2nd and 2 points for sole 3rd, shared between spots if necessary) within the group, just like WCoP and then randomization as the secondary tiebreak. The qualifying rounds and round 2 matches will be full 7 vs 7 man matchups. RBY OU will be first-to-2-win! (best of 3 excluding ties), while the rest will be first-to-1-win!


If you were on a WCoP 2020 Roster for a team, you must signup for the same team. Additionally, if you weren't in WCOP 2020, but were in 2019, you must also signup for the same team you were on then.

How to Sign Up

Fill in the following details, e.g.:
[B]Nation:[/B] Oceania
[B]Tiers played:[/B] GSC OU
[B] Inactivity:[/B] None
[B] Requested Captain:[/B] Earthworm
us census regions.png

Once a clear captain is established (by popular vote, counting only first listed captains) for a team, the captain should post the lineup (one for each gen, and 3 substitutes only). If there's a tie, the hosts will break it based on WCoP/community factors. If there's extremely divided support, or evidence of vote manipulation attempts, the hosts may elect a captain that didn't win the vote.

Signups will close in just over a week, when hopefully 16+ teams are reached. If not, it could be downsized to 12.

Kris is joint hosting this tournament.

Deadline: Monday July 13th 06:00 AM EDT / 2:00 PM CEST

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