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Here's the situation. The location is Mafiatown, a peaceful village not too far from where you live. The only issue is that a renowned Mafia boss has decided that the village is TOO peaceful, so he's sending in a crew to infiltrate the town and eliminate all the villagers.

[/lame backstory]

General Rules
-When you are alive, feel free to post in the thread and contribute to the game. While you are dead, you may NOT post in the thread except for a simple "damn, I died" post. At no point in the game may you communicate with anyone outside of the thread, unless you are a part of the Mafia.
-This game will have two factions: the Village and the Mafia. Only the mafia are aware of their teammates and may communicate amongst themselves outside the thread. There might or might not be neutrals.
-If you are inactive, you will be subbed out. I will likely prod first, but generally if you are inactive for a full day and night, you will likely be asked to sub out.
-Please do NOT paste your role PM. Simply stating role name and role should be enough.
-You must add the host to any spreadsheet or google doc that you create.
-Please be a good sport. Anyone suspected of gamethrowing or bad sportsmanship will be immediately subbed out.

Signup Rules
-Since no other games are currently running, you may simply post "In" for your signup. This is subject to change if another game is posted while signups are going on.
-Signups will end Tuesday, November 8th at 5:00 PM GMT-6
-If you wish to request a specific role, please do so before sign-ups end.

The Day Cycle
-Day cycles will last 72 hours, or when majority is reached.
-To post your lynch vote, please post Flavor User in bold, where User is who you want to be lynched. I will be lenient with the flavor you wish to include. You may also choose to vote for no lynch.
-To change your vote, unbold your previous vote and post a new one.
-At the end of the day, the player with the most votes on him/her will be lynched. If there is a tie, no lynch will occur.
-Majority will be announced in the thread, so please don't ask about it. When majority is called, there will be a 3-hour grace period to give the accused a chance to defend themselves.

The Night Cycle
-Nights will generally last 48 hours. This may be shortened to 24 hours during endgame.
-The first night is Night 0. No kills will occur on Night 0.
-When sending your night action, please send your PM to Walrein with your action. I will only accept actions over IRC during extenuating circumstances.
-Priorities have been pre-set and will not be revealed. Please don't ask about them.

Godkill Infractions
-Communicating outside of the thread
-Not adding the host to a spreadsheet or google doc

-The Village will win if every member of the Mafia is dead
-The Mafia will win if it is inevitable that they will kill every member of the Village
-Neutrals may or may not exist in this game. If a neutral exists, every faction he needs dead will also need him dead.

-This game has no items

auramaster - The Hooker - Hooker - The Mafia - Won N6
khz - The Framer - Framer - The Mafia - Won N6
Maxim Hydrattler Pernicious ginganinja - The Janitor - Janitor - The Mafia - Won N6

Engineer Pikachu - The Doctor - Bodyguard - The Village - Lost N6
Mithril - The Town Crier - The Announcer - The Village - Lost N6

pokémaniac 212 - The Nurse - Backup Bodyguard - The Village - Lost N6

kingofkongs - The Gossip - Announcer - The Mafia - Lynched D1
zorbees - The Detective - Inspector - The Village - Beaten and Shot N1
Nightmare Jigglypuff - The Innkeeper - Miller - The Village - Lynched D2
polelover44 Spiffy - The Police Chief - Safeguard - The Village - Beaten and Shot N2
TalkingLion - Villager - Vanilla - The Village - Handcuffed and Shot N2
Ditto - The Stalker - Inspector - The Mafia - Stabbed N3
theangryscientist Paperblade - The Sheriff - Backup Alliance Checker - The Village - Beaten and Shot N3
Metal Bagon - The Lunatic - Wolf - Neutral - Handcuffed and Shot N3
nEsp Quagsires - Villager - Vanilla - The Village - Lynched D4
Empoof - The Bounty Hunter - Vigilante - The Village - Beaten and Shot N4
Orcinus Duo - Villager - Vanilla - The Village - Lynched D5
Flamestrike - Villager - Vanilla - The Village - Beaten and Shot N5
Aura Guardian Jalmont - The Town Drunk - Hooker - The Village - Lynched D6
New World Order Kaxtar - The Mayor of Mafiatown - Mayor - The Village - Beaten and Shot N6

Role PMs are going out now.

List of common definitions so that Orc doesn't have to keep hyperlinking:
RVS - The Random Voting Stage
Buddying - Where one mafioso seems to always support another mafioso
OMGUS - Short for Oh My God You Suck, basically a revenge vote at the person who voted you
MYLO - Mislynch and Lose, means that if a villager is lynched that day, the town will lose after the mafia nightkill
LYLO - Lynch or Lose, means that scum MUST be lynched or the town will immediately lose
FoS - Finger of Suspicion, a formal declaration of suspicion without having to vote
Bus - When one mafian gets another lynched to try to appear cleaner
ISO: Isolation. Usually refers to reading a player's posts in isolation. You can view one person's posts "in Isolation" by clicking the post# in the top right corner of the post.

Let me know if I forgot any.


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I was just about to post that njiggs.



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All role PMs are out. It is now night 0. Night 0 will end Thursday, November 10 at 6:00 PM GMT-6 (US Central Time)

If you think you should have gotten a PM but didn't, let me know.

No more talking except for GLHF posts.


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Mafiatown wakes up to a pleasant non-surprise - just like Walrein said, nobody died!

Suddenly, a small boy jumps up onto a rock and yells at the top of his lungs:
Yelling Boy said:
Greetings, players. Village announcer here. Let's get to winning this game already.
Meanwhile, someone in the back of the crowd has started a whisper that is quickly moving through the ranks.
Whisper said:
give me liberty, or give me strawberries!
Puzzled by this piece of information, you decide that the best way to eradicate the mafia threat is to vote to kill one member of the town every day until the mafia are eliminated.


Results are going out. It is now Day 1. Day 1 ends 72 hours from now, or when majority is reached. Please do not start lynch discussions until results are out.

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