Reverse-engineering Wolfe "Wolfey" Glick's team

So, after watching a certain youtuber's stream promoting a certain pro player's movie's kickstarter, I've decided that the guy's team is awesome and I'd love to build and play it. The only problem is, there's no official RMT for the team, so I need to build it based on what scraps I could find around the internet.

Here's what I managed to find:
(bold text indicates things that I'm at least 95% sure about (either seen it used or damage calc shows it's most likely), everything else is just what I think is most likely to be there)

Mega Banette- Banettitite, frisk
-Pain Split

notes: probably physically defensive, 252hp, 252def, 4 spDef?

Mega Venusaur- Venusaurite
-leech seed

-sludge bomb
-...giga drain?
notes: not sure about spread, 252hp 128 spA 128 def?

Rotom-Wash - Sitrus Berry, levitate
EV: 60 spec.Atk,

notes: uhh, mixed defensive? 252hp, 128 def, 60 spAtk, rest spDef?

Landorus-T- intimidate, choice scarf
EV: no Spec.Def, no HP, max speed
-Rock Slide

notes: probably typical scarf adamant 252 Atk

Heatran - Flash Fire, Leftovers
-Heat Wave
-earth power

-flash cannon? HP ice?
notes: allmost certainly 252hp, not sure about the rest. Allmost certainly no offensive investment

Scrafty- Intimidate, lum berry
EVs: lots of atk, possibly max
-knock off
-drain punch
-fake out

notes: quite bulky

I'd love it if you guys could help me fill in the empty slots, especially the EV spreads and natures (I mean the most likely values).


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The first thing I would try would be to ask the man himself if he'd be willing to share more information about his team. If he doesn't want to share, I'd respect his privacy and try to fill in the blanks out on your own. For almost all of the Pokemon on his team, there isn't one go to EV spread (except for Scarf Landorus-T) and Wolfe has been known to deviate from the norm with his EVs. Your probably not going to get an accurate spread unless you find videos of the team and try to piece things together with a damage calculator (which I wouldn't do too meticulously out of courtesy of his privacy, especially if he doesn't want to share his team right now).

EDIT: Also, upon actually looking up Wolfe's recent regional winning team on, I think you need to be more specific about what team from what event / battle you're talking about. He's used just about everything.
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I did ask him, he just never replied.

Well, I know there are multiple possible spreads here. If there was only one for each pokemon it'd be pretty easy to fill it in :)
I got some EVs from damage calcs, but it was pretty hard because I didn't know the opponent team's spreads either.

To be honest I don't really need to be 100% accurate with the EVs, I just need them to be good enough to work. :)

Are you saying he was using diffrent EV spreads on the same team?
he had two intimidate users and m-banette has priority will-o-wisp, so i'm willing to bet m-banette was careful with max special defense

also im sure heatran had protect not only because most do but also because you're meant to protect with heatran and banette and then disable landorus' earthquake so it can no longer threaten heatran

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