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Rillaboom is among the best pivots in the metagame thanks to its excellent ability, useful utility moves, and strong priority STAB attack. Grassy Surge lets Rillaboom set Grassy Terrain on switch-in, providing passive healing for teammates, strengthening its Grass-type STABs, as well as making Grassy Glide priority, and slowing down threats that benefit from Psychic and Mistry Terrain such as Necrozma and Tapu Fini respectively. Rillaboom works well on a variety of team archetypes, as it fill multiple roles such as a terrain setter and bulky pivot. For example, structures that rely on Trick Room or set-up appreciate Rillaboom’s ability to create safe turns through the use of Fake Out. Kartana specifically benefits from Grassy Terrain boosting Leaf Blade, while Volcanion synergizes well with Rillaboom, as it removes Fire-types in return for Rillaboom checking Water-types. Metagross is also a solid partner due to it being one of the best Kyurem-B checks. Rillaboom is not without faults; its Grass typing leaves it with a plethora of weaknesses that are exposed by common Pokemon such as Kyurem-B and Heatran, and it can be difficult to use alongside other terrain setters. It's also worn down quickly pivoting in and out, especially with hazards up, as it typically has no recovery besides Grassy Terrain and doesn't carry Protect, the latter of which leaves it open to being attacked every turn and susceptible to double targets.

name: Bulky Pivot
move 1: Fake Out
move 2: Grassy Glide
move 3: Superpower / Wood Hammer
move 4: U-turn
item: Assault Vest
ability: Grassy Surge
nature: Adamant
evs: 248 HP / 112 Atk / 36 Def / 112 SpD


* Fake Out puts one of the opponent’s Pokemon out of commission for a turn, giving your partner a safe turn to create progress.

* Grassy Glide is a strong priority STAB move in Grassy Terrain that hits Water- and Rock-types such as Tapu Fini, Blastoise, and Diancie for super effective damage. It also can pick off faster threats such as Nihilego and Urshifu-R.

* Superpower lets Rillaboom hit Steel-types, notably Kartana and Heatran, as well as Kyurem-B, while Wood Hammer is a much stronger STAB move that deals more reliable damage that's less reliant on Grassy Terrain being up, especially to slower and bulkier targets such as Blastoise and Tapu Fini.

* U-turn helps make Rillaboom an excellent pivot by being able to switch out of disadvantageous positions and bring in a Pokemon with a better matchup. It also does a solid amount of damage to opposing Rillaboom.

* The given EVs, combined with Assault Vest, let Rillaboom survive a +1 Sludge Bomb from Nihilego, Charcoal Eruption from Heatran, as well as +1 U-turn from Genesect. The rest of the EVs are dumped into Attack to hit as hard as possible.

Other Options

Eject Button is an option to switch in, set terrain, and immediately pivot out to a strong attacker if keeping up momentum is preferred over longevity. A Choice Band set can deal massive damage, notably securing the OHKO on Ushifu-R with Grassy Glide in Grassy Terrain, but it loses out on Fake Out and overall support value. Miracle Seed is another option to make sure Rillaboom can OHKO Urshifu-R, while retaining Fake Out, but significant power is given up compared to Choice Band and it's generally inferior to Assault Vest and Eject Button besides from the one benchmark. Knock Off can be used in the fourth slot to remove items and nail Dragapult, but you miss out on either better coverage or strongest attack. High Horsepower secures the OHKO on Heatran and is better against Metagross compared to Superpower, but does minimal damage against Kartana and Kyurem-B.

- Written by: [[emma, 294304]]
- Quality checked by: [[zeefable, 501951], [username2, userid2]]
- Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]
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"For example, structures that rely on Trick Room or set up appreciate Rillaboom’s ability to create safe turns"
access to fake out is never explicitly mentioned in the OV so this would be a good time to do so

"Kartana specifically benefits from Grassy Terrain boosting its STAB moves"
just keep it simple and say leaf blade here

Metagross would be a good mention of a partner since you bring up Kyurem-B.

On not carrying protect: I would specifically mention that this often leaves it open to be attacked, if not even double targetted. You hint at it but we can make it a bit more clear

I would explicitly mention Wood Hammer being better for hitting slower targets like Tapu Fini and Blastoise harder than Grassy Glide. I'd probably split up the move mentions after doing so.

Mention Assault Vest in the EV Spread line since that's what makes the calc you listed possible. GP but change "with" to "from", probably just me but for some reason I read this and my first understanding was that it could survive both those attacks as a double up.

Add a Protect/Lefties set to OO, great for farming recovery and decent surprise factor since a lot of time rilla gets doubled/parting shotted/what have you due to lack of protect.

proofread this over one time as there's a few minor grammar things here and there



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It might be worth bumping the SpD up to this: 252 SpA Charcoal Heatran Eruption (150 BP) vs. 248 HP / 112 SpD Assault Vest Rillaboom: 338-402 (83.8 - 99.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Grassy Terrain recovery

You aren't exactly doing much in return unless you have High Horsepower, but if you're able to use Fake Out into Eruptran's partner and live to see the next turn then that's great.

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