Tournament RLT (Playoffs! Won by Kushalos!)

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je suis d'ailleurs
cycle 2 has ended!

thank you to everyone who participated!

#1: Pradhaaan 1601 ELO 87.9 GXE
#2: Finding True Love 1601 ELO 82.3 GXE
#3: Santu 1577 ELO 84 GXE
#4: Kingofcrimea 1576 ELO 84 GXE
#5: julianttc 1572 ELO 84 GXE
#6: Zenobu 1547 ELO 85.5 GXE
#7: Sir Isaac Mewton 1527 ELO 77.8 GXE

And a tie for #8!!
as i didn't write tiebreaking procedure in the op, i had decided the tiebreaker will be the higher gxe. sorry gatorboy for the unfortunate occurance
#8: HT 1518 ELO 79.1 GXE

(Gatorboy had a 76.8 GXE)

Edit: if any one of the playoff participants drops out, gatorboy will take their place
Edit 2: I did this because we only have 3 weeks until usm and the tour hopefully will be almost done by then. Tiebreaker would delay this.
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je suis d'ailleurs
Playoff time!!!

Deadline is this Sunday @ 11:59 Eastern Timezone

King Wynaut
VS #16

VS #15
Sir Isaac Mewton

Finding True Love
VS #14

Senpai D.M
VS #13

Natural Talent
VS #12

VS #11

Lopunny Kicks
VS #10

Ov3r Ac3
VS #9

Good luck to the playoff contenders!

King Wynaut vs HT
vs Sir Isaac Mewton
Finding True Love vs Zenobu
Senpai D.M. vs juliantcc
Natural Talent vs Kushalos
Ajna vs Kingofcrimea
Lopunny kicks vs Santu
Ov3r Ac3 vs Belmont

@all read my edit on my first post for explanation re: tiebreaker

post the times you play competitors please!
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Senpai D.M

is a Tiering Contributor Alumnus
playing wed 11am gmt-7

also predictions I guess

King Wynaut vs HT - HT will be too much for KW's builds
Pradhaan vs Sir Isaac Mewton - sims a sleeper everyone should look out for although prad was first in standings to qualify and sim was 7th so should be good
Finding True Love vs Zenobu - only choosing ftc because i saw a build he shared and it means he can build idk how much zenobu plays ru
Natural Talent vs Kushalos - Im leaning more towards Natural talent if he can prep for Kushes wacky builds and not over predict if not kush will manage a win
Ajna vs Kingofcrimea - this should be easy if Ajna can prep for his builds although Kingofcrimea could pull a game as well making actually closer
Lopunny kicks vs Santu - ???
Ov3r Ac3 vs Belmont - Belmont if he can prep if not ace could easily upset
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