Tournament RMT ARCHIVE TOURNAMENT II [Round 2] (see post #99)

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Hello friends, OLD GEN GOD METABEAST has returned with yet another amazing tournament rofl. I hosted this tournament a long time ago, and decided it would be fun to host it again. Might as well get it started now while the tier is still cancerous due to the presence of Shaymin and Slurpuff. ANYWAY, the main premise of this tournament is simple: teams are often put in the archive after the metagames they functioned in are no longer playable, so why not make a tournament where trainers can battle one another with some of these broken teams? For this tournament, I have chosen all of the XY / ORAS RU teams in the archive, and also selected some of the BW RU teams in the archive as well that have enough broken threats to function in this tournament.

Each player will be assigned 3 teams at the start of the round. They are to play their opponent in a best of three. Each player may only use each team one time in the bo3. You can obviously see what teams your opponent has been assigned, so part of the tournament will be predicting which team they will use in which game. The best part about this tournament is that you don't have to ask for teams...they're literally provided for you. So no point johning or anything, just play your games clowns rofl. Also, one of the teams has a Wynaut, so please challenge in ORAS Ubers where Shadow Tag is allowed.

1. RegiMola: The Origination by -Tsunami- (Importable:
2. ills of the earth by 49 (Importable:
3. Sharpedo Offense by Arifeen (Importable:
4. taking a break from feeding to post a rmt by Nails (Importable:
5. Hand Grenade by New Breed (Importable:
6. Blind Bird by Molk (Importable:
7. My Love by Windsong (Importable:
8.∞ Infinity ∞ by Windsong (Importable:
9. Ultimate balance by SuperPascal (Importable:
10. qht by Nails (Importable:
11. The Queen's Tyranny by TROP (Importable:
12. Pester Ball by Honko (Importable:
13. Turning Into Black and White by august (Importable:


Standard Smogon Clauses
Best of 3
You may not repeat teams in a single round.


1. Take Azelfie
2. rozes
3. Laurens
4. HypnoEmpire
5. Imanalt
6. Arifeen
7. FlamingVictini
8. TraceofLife
9. cryalot
10. sand1234
11. Chill Shadow
12. DnB
13. fran17
15. Jarii
16. Dragonn.
17. Star.
18. Ajna
19. Schaff
20. Shadestep
21. Peli
23. antemortem
24. TheImmortal
25. Double01
26. boltsandbomers
27. Scythe.
28. Matame
29. Leru
30. Melle2402
31. Funbot28
32. dEnIsSsS
33. littelucario
34. lockjaw
35. barton
36. YABO
37. Holiano
38. Sacri'
39. Aramonia
40. Mikaav
41. Brian12345
42. Kaboom
43. Solgaleo
44. HQuaze
45. TestingSomeTeams
46. LightningLuxray
47. atomicllamas
48. lightninging

Subs: FLCL, Welli0u, Feliburn, coR.
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