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Ever wanted your team rated by a lot of people? Do you want all the efforts you put into testing your team, formatting it and finalizing it to count? This is why we have the Team of the Week! This concept aims at letting people who put effort into making quality RMTs get the attention they deserve, as their team will be put on the spotlight for the week. There are a lot of teams that aren't exactly Archive worthy teams that are extremely well built and presented, and these are often left in the dark. Not anymore!

The concept is fairly simple.

[BOX]~Every week, the RMT-Staff selects a few teams that are nominated as candidates for the Team of the Week.

~These teams are put in a poll. Everyone can vote for the team they think is most deserving for the Team of the Week.

~For the rest of the week, the team with most votes gets posted on Facebook. It also gets a mention here and in #ratemyteam 's topic. People are encouraged to rate it.[/BOX]
Now you're probably thinking, "You're optimistic. Why would people rate this team more than another? After all, it's no different from any other team." Yeah, maybe. But by rating the Team of the Week, you can get rewarded. Obviously, the rewards are going to be related to Rate My Team.

~For the people who have rated a couple of teams, #ratemyteam VOps.
~For the people who have shown a bit more dedication, #ratemyteam HOps.
~People with #ratemyteam VOps or better also get the same privileges as RMT badged users when it comes to nominating teams for the Team of the Week.

Attention aspiring raters!
I hope you realise that this is the perfect opportunity for all of you unbadged users to draw attention on you from the RMT staff. If you produce good rates on a Team of the Week, something that most of the Staff is going to look at, you increase your chances of getting badged.

What kind of teams are going to be selected for the Team of the Week?
If you are interested in getting your team selected for the team of the week, here are some things that you should do to increase your chances of getting nominated. Here are some of them:

[BOX]~Make sure your team is viable and effective.
This one is fairly simple. If your team doesn't fit BW2, or it doesn't have any kind of success, it won't be selected for the Team of the Week. Like I said, it doesn't have to be archive worthy, it doesn't have to have peaked #1. Just a moderately successful team can make it, but it has to work.

~Your team has to be well presented.
Don't you hate to post in a thread that doesn't look good? Yeah I hate it too. If you put a lot of effort into presenting your team well, it'll show and people will be happy to rate it. We appreciate when people take time to improve the quality of the thread they post in Rate my Team, as it improves the quality of the forum. This should be rewarded.

~Don't be a dick.
No one likes to rate a close minded moron's team. Be nice![/BOX]
*NEW RULE* In case of a tie, the team with the fewest rates gets to be the RMT of the Week, since we want to let more people rate it after it was selected.

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