RMT-Shoddy Team looking for improvements

*This is my first RMT, so please excuse me if I missed a certain rule of important note

This is a team I made and use in OU for Shoddy Battle. A key thing about my team is surprise, because many poke's on my team run a different moveset than what is usually used.

Houndoom@Focus Sash -Starter/Sweeper
Ability: Flash Fire
EV's: 252SAtk/ 252Spd/6HP
Nature: Timid(+Spd, -SAtk)
-Dark Pulse
-Wil-o Wisp
Houndoom makes a pretty great lead. Fire/Dark gives amazing coverage, andhis good speed and SAtk helps. Fire/Dark cover most common leads and other poke's like: Weavile,Azelf, Abomasnow, Scizor, Skymin, Lucario, Skarmory, Bronzong, Starmie, and others. Wil-o Wisp helps vs slow threats like Hippowdon, Tyranitar, Salmence, Gyarados and Machamp. Taunt is mostly filler, but helps vs setups. Focus Sash is a blessing vs scafrs and faster opponents, and can net me a KO with his excellent coverage or can get me a WoW in. Obviously the biggest problem with him is stealth rock damage and weakness' to EQ and fighting which why this is counted nearly 100% by Infrnape and Blaziken.

Machamp@Leftovers -Sturdy Rest-talk
Ability: No Guard
EVs: 108HP/144Atk/252Def
Nature: Adamant
-Dynamic Punch
-Stone Edge
-Sleep Talk
Rest-talk set on a defensive champ with confusion is excellent and can end up sweeping 3 or 4 pokemon. No guard over guts since rest will end up getting rid of statuses, and dynamic punch is just too good. Stone Edge to put the hurt on flying and psychics

Electivire@ Choice Scarf -Speedy Revenge
Ability: Motor Drive
Nature: Adamant
-Thunder Punch
-Ice Punch
Before you freak, there is a point behind scarf and 252 spe, well more like a story. I orginally had intended for just a sweeper, but ended up adding a scarf to outspeed key things, and ended up forgetting about those EVs until not to long ago. I checked it after wondering how i outsped a DDx2 Tyranitar, and ended up keeping the EV's. They have come in handy, outspeeding a +3spe Marowak, +2DD Tyra and Gyra, and most scarfed things. Ice P to cover dragons and skymin, EQ for coverage and other Vire's. CC is mainly for possible OHKO on Blissey.

Tangrowth@ leftovers -Status/Wall
Ability: Leaf Guard
Nature: Impish
-Sleep Powder
-Leech Seed
-Power Whip
-Knock off
Another defensive variant poke. Sleep powder is so great to put things to sleep, and great to help me set up leech seed and knock off. With leech seed and leftovers he recovers almost 20% each turn, and wears down opponents with power whip. Small investment in Speed to outrun slowpokes like Donphan and Blissey. Tangrowth is AWESOME!!!

Rhyperior@Leftovers -Sub Wall/Attacker
Ability: Solid Stone
Nature: Impish
-Stone Edge
ANOTHER defensive variant pokemon that's typically more offensive. This is mainly a switch into a dragon or physical attacker, take the hit and retaliate, or set up a large sub on the switch. Behind a sub, he's very scary, and can 2KO or put a large dent into all not-resistant pokes. Behind a sub he can also annihilate a Starmie or Slowbro or Celbi switching in. SS really helps his survivability, but he wont be table to take much from special attackers.

Dragonite@Leftovers -Team Supporter
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Impish
-Dragon Rush
-Heal Bell
A much needed team supporter. Heal Bell eliminates pesky stauses, especially those Toxic-Spikes-I-Can't-Get-Rid-Of, and is a big part of keeping Tangrowth alive. Bulky is great with his variety of resistances, and roost keeps me alive. Dragon Rush is the controversial choice here, but on this set I'll take the extra power over the accuracy drop.

So help me out here, tell me what you think!
A Tyraniboah lead with a Scarfcross somewhere on the team (since they cover each others' weaknesses to a somewhat decent of a degree) could lead a catastrophic annihilation of your team, mostly in part to Heracross' ability to hit most of your team and at least 2HKO every single one of them (which means it'll be hard to switch into him without good prediction). Houndoom has Focus Sash, which Boah's Sandstream can break apart, but with Taunt, Houndoom can prevent Boah from putting up a Sub. But if you don't think its Boah and he Subs up, Boah can hit potential damage your other team members. Otherwise, Houndoom cannot do anything really, against Tyranitar with Fire and Dark under Sandstorm boosted Base 100 SpDef.

By the way, Resting gets rid of unfavorable status but inflicts Machamp with the Sleep Status, so putting Guts on him won't be that bad of a decision. However, Close Combat as an option for replacing Dynamic Punch could have the adverse effect of lowering Machamp's pretty good defenses, and especially on a Restalking set.

Celebi with HP Ice, Grass Knot, Earth Power and Recover could get some ways through your team when Houndoom is defeated, but Electivire's Ice Punch and Rhyperior's Megahorn can serve as a problem. Otherwise, Natural Cure makes Toxic not as potent on Dragonite, Leech Seed and Sleep Powder just as useless on Tangrowth, and confusion from DynamicPunch not very dangerous, compared to its effect on other Pokémon.

Mixpert is a heavy hitter, but at least Tangrowth is there. Just be careful not to switch into Super Effective Ice Beams that Tangrowth doesn't have the SpDef sustain (at least 2HKO).
I see a pretty big MixNape weak, as with HP Ice it 2HKO's everything on your team. A Starmie somewhere, maybe over Rhyperior since it doesn't seem to be doing much for your team would help solve that problem.

I don't like Scarfing Electivire, since then it doesn't get to switch around it's moves, which is the main reason for using it imo.

Dragon Claw is probably better than Dragon Rush on that Dragonite, or even Outrage since Heal Bell heals the confusion (I think).

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