still approved by billymills

0. More Cowbell and shinyskarmory are the hosts of this game; our word is law. We have the power to resolve any disputes as we see fit, as well as godkilling or subbing out rule breakers.

0. Play to win. Play to have fun. Any suicide pacts/game ruining/etc will cause you to be god killed or subbed out, and possibly blacklisted from future mafia games. This is your only warning.

Corollary: Intentional game ruining=\=mistakes or poor play. We know the difference between trying to ruin the game and making mistakes, don’t test us.

1. This is a NO OUTSIDE COMMUNICATION game. Unless specifically stated, you are forbidden to communicate outside of the game thread with other players. You are also forbidden to edit or delete your posts, and you may only post in the game thread during the day.

1a. You may ask the hosts questions at any time either by bolding the question in a thread post or by private messaging us. If we can respond to the question, we will. If we cannot respond, we will neither confirm nor deny anything.

2. The game begins on Night 0, which will be 72 hours long. During this time, actions are not valid and all players must confirm their role PMs with the hosts. Failing to send a PM on night 0 will result in you being subbed out, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO NIGHT ABILITY. Following Night 0, the game will REALLY start with Day 1, which will last at least 7 IRL days.

3. During the Day phase, you may discuss the game in public in the game thread. To vote to lynch a player, post "Lynch <USER>" in the thread in bold. To change your vote, post "Unvote <USER>" in the thread in bold. Additionally, you may Finger of Suspicion (FoS) 2 other players in addition to your lynch vote; the FoS is nonbinding and is used only to break ties.

3a. You may also vote No Lynch during the day; a No Lynch majority will result in no lynch.

4. A day phase will end when a majority of the players in the game agree to lynch a player, or when deadline is reached. In both cases, a host will post in the thread calling Deadline or Majority. The following period is called Twilight; you may continue to discuss during this time while a host writes the update, but you may not change your votes. At the end of Twilight, a host will post an update, and the Night phase will begin.

5. In the event that no majority is reached during the day phase, the user with the highest number of votes will be lynched. If there are two or more users with the same number of votes, the one with more FoS will be lynched. If there is still a tie, the lynch will be decided by a coin flip/D6 roll. There will never be a No Lynch unless No Lynch reaches majority.

6. During the Night phase, you may not talk in the thread. If you have a night action, you may send it in using the method detailed in your role PM.

8. If there is a conflict between a role PM and the rules, the role PM takes precedence. If you still aren't sure, PM us.

9. Once you die, you will be given access to a dead chat. To confirm that you have read the rules, include the missing number in the rules list in your confirmation PM on night 0. After you die, you may not discuss the game with anyone who is still alive, period.

10 (added Night 1): Failure to post in a 36 hour period will result in a silent prod. The second offense will be punished by another prod and by being mocked in the game thread. The final offense will result in an instant substitution.

You all walked through the center of Hyrule Town, going about your business, when suddenly, a young boy carrying a bundle of newspapers ran through the town.

"Extra, extra! Twilight hordes impersonate innocent townspeople!"

You tossed the kid a Rupee and took a look at the newspaper:

Hyrule Times said:
Today the prime minister has confirmed that three members of the Twilight Horde have infiltrated the innocent Hylians living in Hyrule Town. This announcement follows the seemingly random killing of Role PM Template, a stalwart defender of Hyrule against evil. We hope that the threat will be defeated soon.
On the back of the paper was the obituary of the poor dead villager:

Dear shinyskarmory,
you are Role PM Template.

You were created by shinyskarmory and More Cowbell in an effort to make each role PM consistent. I don’t know why since you’re not allowed to copy/paste them anyways. But suffice to say that you’re important to this game, even though you're going to die right away.

You are a Vanilla Hylian. You have no night ability.

You are allied with Hyrule. You win if Hyrule eliminates the Twilight Hordes or if nothing can prevent the same.
Right when you finished, a wave of twilight swept over the town. You screamed and ran, but none of you could escape the tide that turned you into spirits.

A few minutes later, the light returned to normal thanks to the efforts of the light spirits. They ordered you to assemble daily in the square and kill the infiltrators. You cheered at the ethereal beings' support, but there are still three members of the Twilight Horde among you. If they ever were to gain a majority, all would be lost.

You returned home, prepared to start sorting out the villains from the heroes the next day.

This post begins Night 0. Actions are not valid during Night 0, but all players are expected to confirm their role PMs with the hosts via PM even if they are vanilla. Once all confirmation PMs have been recieved, the game will begin with Day 1. If you do not confirm your PM within 72 hours, you will be subbed out.

Don't post yet; I need time to send out role PMs and get everything set up.


Living Players (3):

1. Metal Sonic
2. Yoshinite
3. Snaquaza

Dead players (12):
0. shinyskarmory-Role PM Template-Vanilla Town-Godkilled day 0 for posting his role PM
1. Box-Ooccoo-Vanilla Town (retroactively changed to Neutral Survivor)-Godkilled and lost Day 1 for a severe Rule 1 violation
2. CB Terrakion-Malo-Vanilla Town-Lynched Day 1 with L-2.
3. Woodchuck-Postman-Village Tracker-Trampled by Bullbos Night 1
4. Cereza-Fyer-Vanilla Town-Lynched Day 2 with L-4
5. Gronkasaurus Rex-Ilia-Vanilla Town-Sliced to pieces Night 2
6. theangryscientistMeowmixx-Yeto-Vanilla Town-Lynched Day 3
7. Obbmud99-Auru-Mason-Sucked into the Twilight Night 3
8. citroceleverAcklowcelever-Midna-Town Convict (retroactively changed toNeutral Survivor)-Godkilled and lost Day 4 for posting while silenced
9. Eagle4-Ganondorf-Mafia Role Inspector-Lynched Day 4 with majority
10. LightWolf-Zelda-Town Safeguard-Trampled by Bullbos Night 4
11. Aura Guardian-King Bulbin-Mafia Roleblocker-Lynched Day 5 with majority
12. Blackhawk11-Link-Vanilla Town-Sucked into the Twilight Night 5

Links to vote counts:
Day 1 Start VC1.1 VC 1.2 VC 1.3 VC 1.4 RESET VC 1.5 VC 1.6 VC 1.7 VC 1.8 VC 1.9 VC 1.DEADLINE

If you didn't get in, I might ask you to sub in the event of inactivity.
ALL ROLE PMs ARE OUT, CONFIRMATION STAGE HAS BEGUN. Once all players have confirmed their role PMs via return PM, Day 1 will begin.

After 72 hours, anybody who does not confirm will be subbed out and Day 1 will begin regardless.
Best of luck to everyone in the game! If anyone that has not responded so far would be willing to sub in, send me or shinyskarmory a PM; we're hoping subs won't be needed, but you never know.

Now, even though shinyskarmory are hosting together, it can get a bit lonely, not participating in the game. Feel free to PM us about anything, or hit is up on IRC (usually somewhere on #pokemon, #circus or #warau). We like to hear about what goes on in your heads!
We are waiting on two confirmation PMs, please get them in so we can start!

If you are one of the people who we're waiting on and something came up IRL, tell us so we can sub you out temporarily or permanently depending on how long it'll be.
Just got word that citro won't be able to play (thanks for the note, Blackhawk), so right now we're looking for subs. User celever has been messaged as he expressed interest earlier, but we are still looking for subs in case other players will drop out of the game for whatever reason. Send me and shinyskarmory a message if you want to play.
As the sun rises over the fields of Hyrule, so do you. The memory of yesterday's announcements is still fresh in your minds - the Twilight Horde has infiltrated the otherwise peaceful and quiet Hyrule Town. Among the 15 of you, there are 3 creatures wishing harm upon the lands of Hyrule, and it is up to the rest to eliminate these foul beings.

As a Hylian, you will need the light of day to figure out who is part of the Twilight Horde. There is only so much the Spirits of Light can do, meaning that all villagers will be vulnerable to the Twilight Horde at night. There are, however, a number of Hylians who possess special powers - those who do know this. There is also a Resistance afoot, an informed group trying to bring down the Horde, which is said to recruit new members.

All 15 of you gather in the town square, looking to make this day as useful as possible. The Spirits of Light are still strong, and shine a bright light on the square to keep away the Twilight. The people on the square are:

Living Players (15):
1. Aura Guardian
2. Blackhawk11
3. Box
4. CB Terrakion
5. Cereza
6. celever
7. Eagle4
8. Fire Blast
9. Gronkasaurus Rex
10. LightWolf
11. Metal Sonic
12. Obbmud99
13. theangryscientist
14. Woodchuck
15. Yoshinite

Dead players (0):
0. shinyskarmory-Role PM Template-Vanilla Town-Godkilled day 0 for posting his role PM

Reading the rules again is suggested: failing to do so may result in divine intervention (a God-kill), without you even knowing what happened. Really, read the rules! The Spirits of Light don't like cheaters!
Also be sure to remain as active as you can - post something at least once every 24 hours. Failing to do so will result in a prod. If you receive your second prod, you will be subbed out. Any players looking to participate in the game as subs, let me and shinyskarmory know!

It is now Day 1. You are now allowed to post.
The next deadline will be in 168 hours (17th of May, 8:00 AM GMT -5). The deadline may change depending on activity.
It would make sense for SS to post the opening day since he can also change the title with it >_>

Anyways glhf

So first off, Im pretty sure that the hosts have included at least 1 experienced player in the mafia. So the experienced players I know of are LightWolf, Aura Guardian and.. that's it I think.

So by power of rng between the two..

Lynch Aura Guardian
(FoS LightWolf hehe)
You realize that if one of Lightwolf and myself were mafia, you'd basically be taking a 50-50 of losing someone of good use to the village? Though that logic has it's good points, the risk is too great this early in the game (re: without more posts).

Since we're still in RVS, though, Lynch Metal Sonic for not reading the thread title when it said not to post, and forgetting to include in that post the number that the rules require.

FoS Lightwolf because Eagle's logic has a point, so I want LW to talk, since I know that if one of LW and I are mafia, it's LW.
As a clarification, all roles were randomly assigned to people, so anything is possible.

Also, I will be doing morning updates, shinyskarmory will handle night updates. Both of us will post vote counts in between those moments.
i agree with eagle4's logic that one of lightwolf/ag is probably mafia but ag is right too, we'd be losing someone very useful to the village if we lynch the wrong one

for now, let's just get everyone posting Lynch Fire Blast
Vote Count 1.1 (aka the "Link, please teach us how to use a sword. Pretty please?" update)

Lynch Votes:

Aura Guardian (1): Eagle4
Metal Sonic (1): Aura Guardian
Fire Blast (1): theangryscientist

Not Voting (12): Box, Blackhawk11, CB Terrakion, Celever, Cereza, Fire Blast, Gronkasaurus Rex, LightWolf, Metal Sonic, Obbmud99, Woodchuck, Yoshinite

FoS count:

Lightwolf (2): Aura Guardian, Eagle4

Not under suspicion: everyone else

Eagle4's FoS was counted despite not being bolded, but I won't be so lenient on later counts. You can fill in flavor for your lynch votes so long as we can tell that they're lynch votes.

The first Deadline Review will be at 8:00 AM EST on May 15th (about 114 hours away). If activity is high, you may be able to earn a 24 to 48 hour extension. If activity is poor, the deadline will be locked in with no possibility of extension.

Deadline is currently set at 8:00 AM EST on May 17th (approximately 162 hours away).

Carry on.

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