one on one
I want to echo Aura Guardian's sentiment: lynching any experienced player at this point in the game would be foolish, since we may depend on them for scum-reads.

That is all.
i agree with eagle4's logic that one of lightwolf/ag is probably mafia but ag is right too, we'd be losing someone very useful to the village if we lynch the wrong one

for now, let's just get everyone posting Lynch Fire Blast

So considering the lynches against LW and AuraGuardian, I think it is a bit too early to decide to lynch someone who could be a large asset to the town. However, from past experience (mafia in Smash), I know that being a mafia when new to the game can be a daunting task. It would make sense for the mafia to have an experienced played to help mafia.

Since LW has yet to post, I'm going to FoS Lightwolf


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Unvote Fire Blast

i'm going to trust more cowbell that the roles were randomized for everyone, so i don't think that's enough reason to distrust either ag or lightwolf yet

that being said FoS Lightwolf, he's as good a target as any since he hasn't posted yet, come on you know village can't afford idleness


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Hi it's 2:24 AM, don't expect much.

Firstly I FoS Zelda for yet to revealing herself to be lynched the first day, that's an disgusting way to throw aside important traditions.

As for voting, I will vote yoshinite for bandwagoning the FoS LightWolf wagon.

It's still a wagon even if it isn't a lynch, great chance for mafias to get an excuse to post.
Un-FoS Lightwolf
FoS yoshinite for the reasons LW gave.
I would like to FoS tas for being just before on the wagon, but he said something of use. Fire Blast? His post obviously missed the "randomized roles" thing, so I want to encourage him to read more
FoS Fire Blast

My lynch vote on Metal Sonic stands for now.


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Un-FoS lightwoof
lw brings up a good point on yoshinite, but i don't think he's doing it just for an excuse to post, i think he's just copying what he's seen other people do so far

FoS Gronkasaurus Rex and CB Terrakion let's get some more posts in here
Hi all!. I think I am in a different timezone to most of you guys probably.

But will just say that I feel the fos-ing seemingly detracts a bit from discussion if you focus too much on it. Voting patterns and reads will be far more important.
In line with that;
Blackhawk seems very cautious thus far (not many posts to go off but eh) which makes sense for someone new to noc
Theangryscientist sounds like he's trying to appease people; concerned with looking pro-town. Can explain a bit later;

vote theangryscientist


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I will be clear, I mean every single person who fosed me, not just him, but it's random voting so I guessed I might as well pick the last guy. So FoS on the rest.
The Witch Hunt for the anti social begins!
For those too lazy to check, these are the people who haven't posted yet.

CB Terrakion
Metal Sonic

As you can see, this is way to many people for one man to accuse everyone. I am going to wait to point the finger. If you want to do that though, I'm not stopping you.
FoS is meant to serve as a second vote; really lynch voting someone is already pointing the finger. So no to the FoS the person you're lynching.

but double FoS on one player...hmm...I'll have to discuss that one with More Cowbell.

We'll get back to you on that.
Vote Count 1.2 (aka the "As if briefly holding down the B button, then releasing it is hard" vote count)

Lynch Votes:

Celever (1): Eagle4
Yoshinite (1): LightWolf
theangryscientist (1): Gronkasaurus Rex
Metal Sonic (1): Aura Guardian
Aura Guardian (0): Eagle4
Fire Blast (0): theangryscientist

Not Voting (11): Box, Blackhawk11, CB Terrakion, Celever, Cereza, Fire Blast, Metal Sonic, Obbmud99, Woodchuck, Yoshinite

FoS count:

Lightwolf (3): Aura Guardian, Eagle4, Fire Blast, theangryscientist, yoshinite,
Fire Blast (1): Aura Guardian
Gronkasaurus Rex (1): theangryscientist
CB Terrakion (1): theangryscientist
Metal Sonic (1): Woodchuck
Yoshinite (1): Aura Guardian

Not under suspicion: Box, Blackhawk11, Celever, Cereza, Eagle4, Obbmud99, Woodchuck

The next Deadline Review is at 8:00 AM EST (GMT-5) on May 15th (106 hours away).

Deadline is currently set at 8:00 AM EST (GMT-5) on May 17th (154 hours away).

More Cowbell and I will make a ruling on whether you are allowed to double FoS the same person later this weekend when we're both on at the same time.

Carry on.


one on one
The Rules (that you didn't read) said:
If there are two or more users with the same number of votes, the one with more FoS will be lynched.
FoS Metal Sonic

If nothing else, for his avatar which will probably send someone into an epileptic seizure.
But seriously.

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