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Okay, let me make my post

So I feel like Yoshinite playing it smart here, I think he silenced himself to get unnoticed through the day, while we are trying to lynch eachother, thinking that the other is mafia

Vote Yoshinite

As well as of course the idling and all the scummy posts before, although he played smart, if you analyze it well, it is quite obvious he is the last mafia

Metal Sonic

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but your vote was broken

i can easily see a mafia team of you and him and you pretend to be town by giving a broken vote so it wont count

luckily the hosts counted it in, huh
Alright guys, I don't see too much discussion coming out of this, so I will set a deadline.

Deadline is June 25, 9 PM (GMT+1, Central European Time), which is 36 hours away from this post.

Get some scumhunting done, guys!

Metal Sonic

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there are only 2 players here

both the players have their minds set

unless you are hinting that the silencer can really seriously silence himself

i will poop on your setup if yoshinite is mafia
For one last time, you get together in the town square. All whom are left are Metal Sonic, Snaquaza, and a silenced Yoshinite. The results of the voting are as follows:

Vote Count 6.2 (aka the ''Final Battle'' votecount)

Snaquaza (1): Metal Sonic L-1
Yoshinite (1): Snaquaza L-1
Not Voting (1): Yoshinite

FoS Count

Not under suspicion: Metal Sonic, Snaquaza, Yoshinite

So, that's one vote for Yoshinite, and one for Snaquaza. If Metal Sonic is the final member of the Twilight Horde, he has won already - he's not, however. Metal Sonic's role PM reads as follows:

Dear Metal Sonic,
you are Telma.

As the local bar owner in Castle Town, you run into a lot of people. This lead to your bar turning into the hotspot for the resistance against the Twilight Horde. Now, you allow your bar to serve as the resistance group’s impromptu headquarters, so long as the food is paid for.

You are a Weak Hyrule Mason Leader. Each night, you may send a PM to the hosts titled “Night X-Inviting <USER> to my bar”. You will invite your target to join the resistance, giving them access to the “Telma’s Bar” quickchat. You may only successfully recruit two out of every three nights (twice in Nights one-three, twice in Nights four-six, et cetera).

Additionally, you may choose a successor from the resistance in the event that you are lynched or nightkilled. This player will take over your recruiting responsibilities. You may set a successor at any time by sending a PM to the hosts titled “Day/Night X-Appointing <USER> as my backup.”

As a member of the resistance, you have access to the “Telma’s Bar” quickchat, located here: <snip> You may use this chat to discuss the game secretly with your fellow resistance members, but only at night.

Unfortunately, despite being the de facto leader of the resistance, you have no combat skills yourself. If you target a member of the Twilight Horde with your recruit, you will die. Additionally, the resistance is a highly secret society; revealing the names of its members in the main thread will result in a godkill. This is your only warning.

You are allied with Hyrule. You win if Hyrule eliminates the Twilight Horde or if nothing can prevent the same.
Could our #1 scumhunter have gotten a better role? Well, he's made it to the end, but is his vote right?

Yoshinite was silenced for the last day, meaning he was unable to vote, but he was voted on by Snaquaza. Was Snaquaza right?

Dear Yoshinite,
you are Jovani.

You were a completely normal towngoer until you sold your soul to a Poe for infinite wealth. Now, you yourself have been transformed into solid gold in addition to the rest of your possessions. While it may be difficult for you to talk, you can still contribute and perhaps free yourself from your curse.

You are a [GOLD]Golden Hylian[/GOLD]. You have no night action.

You are allied with Hyrule. You win if Hyrule eliminates the Twilight Horde or if nothing can prevent the same.
Nope, golden boy is not the final mafia. That leaves only one:

Dear Fire Blast / Snaquaza,
you are Zant

While you were once a Twili like any other, you have since usurped the throne of the Twilight Realm, making you the King of Twilight. You have a hatred for just about everything, but the World of Light in particular. To display this hatred, you soon engulfed Hyrule with an all-enveloping Twilight.

Your powers aren’t just limited to bringing Twilight to the the World of Light: you can also take the World of Light to the Twilight Realm. As the Twilight Horde Silencer, you may send a PM to the mods every night, titled “Night X - engulfing <USER> in Twilight’’. Doing so will leave your target unable to speak to others during the next day.

As a member of the Twilight Horde, you are allowed to talk to your fellow bad-guys in the Twilight Palace, located <here>.

You are allied with the Twilight Horde. You win when the Twilight Horde eliminates Hyrule, or if nothing can prevent the same.
There we go, the final Twilight member.

With one vote on villager Yoshinite, and one vote on mafia Snaquaza, this game is going to come down to a coin flip (see Rule 5). I've used random.org, with minimum value 1 and maximum value 2. A 1 will mean Yoshinite will be lynched, a 2 will mean Snaquaza will be lynched. And the result is...


This means that Yoshinite will be lynched today, with a mafia victory as a result.

Congratulations to the Twilight Horde (Aura Guardian, Eagle 4 and Snaquaza) for winning Twilight Princess NOC! (albeit by a coin flip).

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