All Gens RoA Battle of the Week(s), week 3: DPP OU - Heist vs. panamaxis


either of these combinations should be wildly entertaining, esp. cos gene is new.

borat has also come a long way since our first tutoring session very proud of the bloke


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I have yet to find an opportunity to reach out to VIL. If this is happening soon, it's happening tomorrow, most likely during the evening EDT (say, after 8pm). Although as a true patriot 9/11 seems like a weird day to schedule a battle.

If this doesn't happen by the end of the day on Wednesday, I'll be unavailable until next week (moving to a different city). I've spoken with BKC about this, he'll likely push this battle back for next week and let the next BotW voting take place if that happens.

Apologies, everyone, this happened to be a pretty bad week availability-wise for me.
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As outlined in Jorgen's post, he and ViL will play next week. In the meantime, nominate metagames, you'll get two battles next week!


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