All Gens RoA Community's Choice Ladder: October 2019 - ORAS Monotype

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We're doing 5 days per stage this time around. Voting is broken up into two stages:
  • Generation Voting - The first stage, where we vote for which be featured in the upcoming ladder. All that you need to post during that time is "RBY", "GSC", "ADV", "DPP", "BW", or "ORAS"
  • Format Voting - The second stage, where we vote for a particular format of the winning generation. Options will include traditional formats like NeverUsed and Little Cup, but also wilder picks like Balanced Hackmons and STABmons.
In order to prevent alts, your account needs at least 5 posts to vote; others will just be deleted. The other rotationals for next month will be BW Ubers and a DPP staff's pick.

Voting is now open for the ORAS Format!
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