Multi-gen RoA Forum Championship: Finals [6-man Won by -Frexa-]

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⏮ 2016 (RBY Only) | [Signups | Finals] | 2018-19 ⏭


RoA Championship is the final tournament in the RoA Tournament circuit that invites top achievers in old generations.
This year, there will be 7 divisions - 6 to determine the best in each of the individual OverUsed tiers of every old generation (1-6), plus a combined RoA division where all old gen OverUsed tiers are played.


The RoA division will feature a sextuple round robin (all old gen OU tiers played against one another), while the other divisions will simply consist of a double round robin. Each win earns 1 point, each draw earns ½ a point. In the case of tiebreaks, smaller round robins will follow, with the same number of battles. If 2 players are joint first, there'll be a first-two-wins match in each division apart from the RoA division, which will instead have a first-to-3½ points match (3 wins and a draw) with tiers not repeated for draws. In the very unlikely event this match will be 3-3, the division who plays all their battles first (or most battles) will be the deciding tier. This tier will be repeated until a win results.

Signature Prizes

The winner of the RoA Division will earn the right to display
, while the winners of the other divisions can display

The divisions are the following:

RoA Division:
Bomber. (14-15) , -Frexa- (17-11) , giara (13-17), HSA (13-16), k3nan (16-14), undisputed (15-15)
RBY OU Division: Lavos , Maya Chansey, Peasounay
GSC OU Division: BKC (4-2), Bomber. (5-1), Lavos (3-3), sulcata (0-6)
ADV OU Division:
Heysup (3-1), Triangles (2-2), undisputed (1-3)
DPP OU Division:
Energy (5-5), Googly (3-5), Pohjis (4-6), pokebasket (8-4)
BW OU Division:
LuckOverSkill (3-1) Luckstard. (1-3), steelskitty (2-2)
ORAS OU Division:
Axel (1-1), Empo (7-3), Exiline (5-3), Get this Money (4-2), ReshiRampage (1-5) , Wally The Bully (0-4)

Set 1
Bomber. (2-3) -Frexa-
giara (2-4) HSA
k3nan (3-3) undisputed
Set 2
-Frexa- (4-2) giara
HSA (3-3) k3nan
(3-3) Bomber.
Set 3
Bomber. (3-3) giara
(3-3) k3nan
(3-3) undisputed
Set 4
Bomber. (5-1) HSA
-Frexa- (4-2) undisputed
giara (4-2) k3nan
Set 5
Bomber. (1-5) k3nan
(3-2) HSA
(2-4) undisputed
Lavos vs Maya Chansey
Maya Chansey vs Peasounay
Peasounay vs Lavos
Set 1
BKC (1-1) Bomber.
Lavos (2-0) sulcata
Set 2
BKC (1-1) Lavos
Bomber. (2-0) sulcata
Set 3
BKC (2-0) sulcata
Bomber. (2-0) Lavos
Heysup (1-1) Triangles
(1-1) undisputed
undisputed (0-2) Heysup
Set 1
Energy (1-1) Googly
(3-1) Pohjis
Set 2
Energy (2-2) pokebasket
(1-1) Pohjis
Set 3
Energy (2-2) Pohjis
Googly (1-3) pokebaset
LuckOverSkill (2-0) Luckstard.
Luckstard. (1-1) steelskitty
steelskitty (1-1) LuckOverSkill
Set 1
Axel (1-1) Empo
Exiline (0-2) Get this money
Reshirampage vs Wally The Bully
Set 2
Empo (1-1) Exiline
Get this money (2-0) Reshirampage
Wally The Bully vs Axel
Set 3
Axel vs Exiline
Empo (1-1) Reshirampage
Get this money vs Wally The Bully
Set 4
Axel vs Get this money
Empo (2-0) Wally The Bully
Exiline (2-0) Reshirampage
Set 5
Axel vs Reshirampage
Empo (2-0) Get this money
Exiline (2-0) Wally The Bully
Report the results of your battles (2 or 6) against each of your opponents.

Will be expecting you to play about 2 opponents each week for the larger divisions. Hard deadline will be February 1st.
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won g1 and g2 vs undisputed idk if we are doing this right. ggs sorry for luck.
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