Gen 2 RoA Mini-Tournament 22: GSC STABmons - Congrats Colossus


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Was hoping we'd hit 24, but guess not. Still accepting subs atm. Hit it!

Mean Look / Perish Song are still roaming free, but we'll probably have a better idea of if that (or potentially something else) is broken after the first round of replays. On that note, don't forget to share your replays~

Round 1:
Colossus vs Linkin Karp
Marcop vs SOMALIA
wishes vs BPGXMG
Isa vs pinktidal
Mr.378 vs KoldKappuccino
ItsYaBoi1337 vs Mindnight
partys over vs Vengeance417
Akir vs SaDiSTiCNarwhal
Melle2402 vs Eeveeto
Drud vs idiotfrommars
Pearl vs Typhlito
Whis vs Lavos

Best of luck, everyone. Deadline is 11:59 PM EDT, Friday, August 11th
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