Multi-gen RoA Olympics 2 — Finals [Won by Asia]

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All generations forever.
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Matches Leftover (25+)

1st place deciders (1)

  1. [GER] Lohgock vs [ASA] Heliodor (ORAS Doubles OU)

2nd place deciders (4)
  1. [FRA] Zokuru vs [SPA] xJoelituh (RBY UU)
  2. [FRA] MiyoKa vs [WES] undisputed (ADV UU)
  3. [NA] Skeptics vs [LA] Staraptor (BW OU)
  4. [NA] checkoutmymixedape vs [WES] lax (ORAS UU)
Cycle deciders (1)
  1. [NA] Maya Chansey vs [LA] Caetano93 (RBY Ubers)
Rest (19)
  1. [EUR] Isa vs [ASA] CKW (GSC Ubers)
  2. [ASA] CKW vs [WES] lax (GSC Ubers)
  3. [EUR] Isa vs [WES] lax (GSC Ubers)
  4. [WES] Lavos vs [ASA] Trace (GSC UU)
  5. [EUR] tjdaas vs [ASA] Trace (GSC UU)
  6. [FRA] Tom0410 vs [EUR] Hack (DPP Ubers)
  7. [EUR] Hack vs [GER] Akiko Yosano (DPP Ubers)
  8. [FRA] Tom0410 vs [GER] Akiko Yosano (DPP Ubers)
  9. [EAS] fatty vs [ASA] Arifeen (DPP UU)
  10. [EAS] fatty vs [FRA] Wenderz (DPP UU)
  11. [UK] HSOWA vs [EAS] fatty (DPP LC)
  12. [EAS] fatty vs [LA] Fuladono (DPP LC)
  13. [EUR] Hack vs [UK] Cynara (BW Ubers)
  14. [EUR] Hack vs [EAS] steelskitty (BW Ubers)
  15. [SPA] Real FV13 vs [EAS] fatty (BW UU)
  16. [ASA] SOMALIA vs [EAS] fatty (BW UU)
  17. [EUR] ReshiRampage vs [ITA] HQuaze (ORAS OU)
  18. [ITA] HQuaze vs [WES] Mob Barley (ORAS OU)
  19. [EUR] ReshiRampage vs [WES] Mob Barley (ORAS OU)

2 more days left under the recommended deadline. I'll make plans for starting RoA Championship over the weekend.
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