Multi-gen RoA Olympics 2 — Round 1

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Lost 0-2 against Meru in some fun games. Getting my Mew hit by a non-killing crit HB and 2 subsequent fullparas sucked, but the "omfg !!!!!!!!!!!" from my opponent when the 439573485th Ice Beam finally froze his Mewtwo was worth it all.


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2/3 Round 1 battles complete. 40 remaining battles to do in ~4 days:
  1. [EUR] MetalGro$$ vs [NA] Maya Chansey (RBY Ubers)
  2. [ASA] Eden's Embrace vs [LA] Caetano93 (RBY Ubers)
  3. [EAS] EB0LA vs [SPA] Ranshiin (RBY OU)
  4. [LA] Caetano93 vs [EUR] sceptross (RBY UU)
  5. [NA] Maya Chansey vs [IDP] Yoshizilla315 (RBY UU)
  6. [SPA] xJoelituh vs [WES] Meru (RBY UU)
  7. [FRA] Zokuru vs [UK] CrapAtRBY (RBY UU)
  8. [FRA] 0Nl vs [NA] Mizuhime (GSC Ubers)
  9. [IDP] Sapientia vs [UK] dusk raimon (GSC Ubers)
  10. [WES] Lavos vs [EAS] Mr.378 (GSC Ubers)
  11. [UK] 1 True Lycan vs [NA] Mizuhime (GSC OU)
  12. [SPA] Real FV13 vs [EAS] Mr.378 (GSC OU)
  13. [UK] dusk raimon vs [EAS] snagaa (GSC UU)
  14. [SPA] xJoelituh vs [NA] Chop (ADV Ubers)
  15. [EAS] Mr.378 vs [EUR] Hack (ADV Ubers)
  16. [NA] Heysup vs [GER] Fakes (ADV OU)
  17. [FRA] 0Nl vs [UK] Stockings (ADV OU)
  18. [IDP] Sapientia vs [SPA] Eeveeto (ADV UU)
  19. [LA] Lextrevis vs [WES] undisputed (ADV UU)
  20. [EUR] Drud vs [FRA] MiyoKa (ADV UU)
  21. [SPA] xJoelituh vs [LA] Al-kun (DPP Ubers)
  22. [NA] Chop vs [WES] z0mOG (DPP Ubers)
  23. [LA] Al-kun vs [UK] Hassin627 (DPP OU)
  24. [GER] Fakes vs [ASA] Googly (DPP OU)
  25. [LA] HaxBro.K vs [SPA] TeZy (DPP UU)
  26. [IDP] Eseque vs [NA] ProfessorMasterChief (DPP UU)
  27. [ITA] SamuelBestt vs [EAS] fatty (DPP UU)
  28. [SPA] Sken vs [FRA] WcJay (DPP LC)
  29. [EAS] fatty vs [ASA] Rasberry Pie SG (DPP LC)
  30. [LA] Staraptor vs [SPA] Luispeikou (BW OU)
  31. [ITA] Mix vs [IDP] christos21 (BW OU)
  32. [EAS] fatty vs [WES] Ajna (BW UU)
  33. [GER] Descending vs [LA] Staraptor (BW UU)
  34. [ITA] H.M.N.I.P vs [NA] ProfessorMasterChief (BW UU)
  35. [SPA] Real FV13 vs [UK] Villa (BW UU)
  36. [EAS] Dream vs [LA] Mr. Perry (ORAS Ubers)
  37. [ASA] Googly vs [SPA] Luispeikou (ORAS OU)
  38. [LA] Al-kun vs [EUR] tjdaas (ORAS UU)
  39. [NA] GenOne vs [FRA] Zokuru (ORAS Doubles OU)
  40. [EAS] Gilbert arenas vs [GER] Lohgock (ORAS Doubles OU)

Tagging all captains to check their player's contact if they haven't already:
[ASA] byronthewellwell, [ITA] The Idiot Ninja, [LA] Marcelinho Rodrigues, [FRA] Zokuru, [NA] Skeptics, [EAS] Mr.378, [EUR] Drud, [SPA] xJoelituh, [GER] CBprincess, [WES] psychicmewtwo, [UK] Stockings, [IDP] Eseque
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