Multi-gen RoA Olympics 2: Round 1

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ok so my dpp lc opponent and I scheduled for last weekend and he missed it, so we rescheduled for this friday. on friday he told me that he would ask his team for a sub to play against me this weekend but the sub hasn't been made yet. activity post i guess? or at least sub someone in


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Calling activity on Fakes. I first messaged him over a week ago. Didn't actually hear from him until a couple days ago, despite him being online and active during the week. I tried promptly scheduling with him but he only wanted to play at times I'd already told him I wasn't available and there's been no sign of him since.
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Eden's Embrace can't play with me. I'm calling act if he can't be subed.

Waiting for sceptross because he can only play tomorrow, day 06.
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