Multi-gen RoA Olympics 5: Finals [16t/192-man Won by Germany]

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Calling act vs cscl, he never response my attempt of schedule and he last seen is the 7th Nov


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Remaining Matches (9)

GSC UU: [AME] Lord Thorx vs [LA] Raichy
ADV Ubers: [ASA] CKW vs [GER] Melle2402
ADV Ubers: [LA] Jhonx~ vs [ITA] dream
ADV OU: [ITA] hellpowna vs [BRA] kael
ADV UU: [BRA] Highways vs [MWS] brewfasa
ADV UU: [IDP] Chill Shadow vs [EUR] Zokuru
DPP Ubers: [ITA] dream vs [EUR] Tomahawk
DPP Ubers: [AME] squinn vs [ARG] mamawebos rodriguez
BW RU: [IDP] Chill Shadow vs [SPA] ilesaural
ORAS OU: [SPA] Sagiri vs [CHN] Vusty.
LGPE OU: [CHN] cscl vs [LA] RahelGamer03

Extending these unconditionally (since finals) for another 3 days, until Thursday November 19th 07:59 AM EST / 01:59 PM CET

I hope to conclude the tournament then.
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Host Interpetation: Walkover Win

ORAS Ubers: [CHN] sanv «W-0» [IDP] Aishia

sanv reported that Aishia gave the win.

ORAS OU: [SPA] Sagiri «0-W» [CHN] Vusty.

No time was scheduled and Sagiri eventually gave the win, claiming it was impossible to schedule.

Host Decision: Adjudged Win

GSC UU: [AME] Lord Thorx «A-0» [LA] Raichy

They scheduled for the first Friday. Neither side claimed a missed scheduled time. Raichy has been largely inactive since and didn't respond to rescheduling.

ADV Ubers: [ASA] CKW «A-0» [GER] Melle2402

They scheduled for Sunday before the deadline. Melle2402 missed the scheduled time. CKW tried to schedule after the deadline. Melle2402 hasn't replied.

ADV OU: [ITA] hellpowna «A-0» [BRA] kael

kael reported that hellpowna deserved the win because of missed scheduled times.

ADV UU: [IDP] Chill Shadow «0-A» [EUR] Zokuru

Zokuru contacted Chill Shadow after the deadline. Chill Shadow did not reply. Chill Shadow also didn't reply throughout the whole period to another opponent.

ADV UU: [BRA] Highways «0-A» [MWS] brewfasa

brewfasa contacted Highways on the first Thursday. Highways didn't reply back until the second Saturday about being available then.

DPP Ubers: [ITA] dream «0-A» [EUR] Tomahawk

There was no clear scheduled time, but a time on Saturday was mentioned as being possible. The scheduling was agreed to continue on Discord. During the last few days before the deadline, and around the Saturday time, dream didn't respond with any information when necessary.

BW RU: [IDP] Chill Shadow «0-A» [SPA] ilesaural

ilesaural made contact at the start of the round. Chill Shadow did not reply.

LGPE OU: [CHN] cscl «0-A» [LA] RahelGamer03

The first contact made was the Wednesday before the deadline by RahelGamer03. cscl did not respond.

Host Decision: Flipped Win

ADV Ubers: [LA] Jhonx~ «F-0» [ITA] dream

No visible contact.

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Total RoA Olympics Matches Completed: 348/400 (87%)

RoA Olympics 5 (2020) Champions


Captains: CMx, FriendOfMrGolem120
Players: CMx, DnB, Dragon Claw, esche, Fakes, FriendOfMrGolem120, Fogbound Lake, Glurakaiser, Melle2402, Serpi, snøfall, vani

Gold Medalists:
kjdaas for RBY Ubers
[GER] Serpi for RBY OU
[GER] FriendOfMrGolem120 for RBY UU
[GER] vani for GSC Ubers
[AME] Lord Thorx for GSC OU
[ASA] Earthworm for GSC UU
[ASA] CKW for ADV Ubers
[MWS] Pak for ADV OU
[MWS] brewfasa for ADV UU
[EUR] Tomahawk for DPP Ubers
[ITA] hellpowna for DPP OU
[EUR] Tomahawk for DPP UU
[SOU] Plas for DPP LC
[ASA] CKW for BW Ubers
[GER] snøfall for BW OU
[EUR] bugzinator for BW UU
[GER] CMx for BW RU
[BRA] Ash KetchumGamer for ORAS Ubers
[AME] Lets In The Sun for ORAS OU
[ITA] Lyss for ORAS UU
[EUR] Frania for ORAS DOU
[CHN] sanv for SM Ubers
[BRA] Ash KetchumGamer for SM OU
[EUR] bugzinator for SM UU
[NE] Kyotoshi for LGPE OU

Silver Medalists:
Luirromen for RBY Ubers
[ITA] AltCauseImInsecure for RBY OU
[CHN] Torchic for RBY UU
[IDP] Mr.378 for GSC Ubers
[GER] vani for GSC OU
[ITA] Amaranth for GSC UU
[GER] Melle2402 for ADV Ubers
[LA] Jhonx~ for ADV OU
[BRA] Highways for ADV UU
[ITA] dream for DPP Ubers
[SOU] Everything Is Something for DPP OU
[ITA] Lyss for DPP UU
[GER] DnB for DPP LC
[AME] steelskitty for BW Ubers
[ITA] Raiza for BW OU
[ARG] ElectricityCat for BW UU
[FRA] SiTuM for BW RU
[LA] Jhonx~ for ORAS Ubers
[ARG] ElectricityCat for ORAS OU
[WES] Decem for ORAS UU
[ITA] umbry for ORAS DOU
[IDP] byronthewellwell for SM Ubers
[LA] xImRaptor for SM OU
[FRA] Dlanyer for SM UU
[SOU] Yami for LGPE OU

Bronze Medalists:
Frrf for RBY Ubers
[ITA] Amaranth for RBY UU
[SPA] Eeveeto for GSC Ubers
[BRA] kael for GSC OU
[AME] Lord Thorx for GSC UU
[LA] Jhonx~ for ADV Ubers
[ITA] hellpowna for ADV OU
[EUR] Zokuru for ADV UU
[ARG] mamawebos rodriguez for DPP Ubers
[FRA] Emeral for DPP OU
[SPA] Tenshinhan for DPP UU
[MWS] idiotfrommars for DPP LC
[GER] Fakes for BW Ubers
[LA] Nalorium for BW OU
[ITA] Lyss for BW UU
[SPA] ilesaural for BW RU
[CHN] sanv for ORAS Ubers
[CHN] Vusty. for ORAS OU
[EUR] bugzinator for ORAS UU
[MWS] Shadowmonstr7 for ORAS DOU
[FRA] SiTuM for SM Ubers
[NE] Kyotoshi for SM OU
[GER] Serpi for SM UU
[LA] RahelGamer03 for LGPE OU
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