Multi-gen RoA Olympics 6: Round 2

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calling act vs 64 squares, they have made no effort whatsoever to schedule, see their wall for details
calling act on yami our match was scheduled last sunday i was on but we never ended up playing over this past week i tried to schedule a match but he/she never responded check their wall for details


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Host Interpetation: Walkover Win

GSC Ubers: [ITA] Amaranth ‹W-0› [WES] 64 Squares

Amaranth and 64 Squares scheduled for both Wednesday and Thursday before the deadline. 64 Squares reported missing both times and gave the win.

ADV Ubers: [GER] mitana ‹0-W› [SOU] SuperEpicAmpharos

SuperEpicAmpharos reported that mitana gave them the win.

BW RU: [UK] NEON_Voyager ‹W-0› [AME] Akaru Kokuyo

NEON_Voyager and Akaru Kokuyo scheduled for Friday. Akaru Kokuo missed the scheduled time and then gave the win later on.

Host Interpetation: Adjudged Win

[NE] machao753 «A-0» [SOU] Yami

Yami didn't reply in the scheduled window on the first Sunday or since.

Host Interpetation: Flipped Win

RBY OU: [WES] 64 Squares «0-F» [FRA] Frrf

64 Squares and Frrf initially scheduled on Tuesday. Frrf cancelled that within 30 minutes and suggested the following day at that time. 64 Squares replied about an hour after the suggested time, wanting to play in 10 mins. Frrf declined. Frrf later said they were free on Saturday. 64 Squares said next week probably, but maybe Saturday. Frrf then said in the morning before the deadline, they were free for the rest of the day. Since there was a week gap without arranging anything, I'm going to flip this, but it's disappointing 64 Squares hasn't replied recently.

SM UU: [IND] Rhmsitb «F-F» [SPA] Rodriblutar

Rhmsitb and Rodriblutar finally scheduled for Saturday after some delays and impatient scheduling. Rodriblutar said they were online 2 minutes before the scheduled time, but there's no record of what actually happened afterwards.

I will wait a bit to do the flips and aim to start the next round tonight in BST.
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