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I really hate to be that guy right now but I take it that some things have changed in this year's RoAlympics compared to last year:

1st When you say that the tournament is going to be a swiss tournament format that means that players will not be eliminated? I'm asking because last year it worked like a single elimination.

2nd Am I eligible for Canada and for Italy? How about the Europe + Africa + Ocenia? I can't find sources which tell me if I am allowed to continue representing Canada or if I am allowed to sign up on another team.

3rd Do players still get to show a cool Gold Medal?

and 4th Why is this year's RoAlympics written in roman numerals when last year's was with 6?

I worked with RoA auth to rework this format so I'll reply to all this

1 Yes, everyone will play 4 rounds, no eliminations
2 You are eligible for any team for which you have valid IPs for a prolonged period; if you wish to inquire about specific teams, you can dm me your posts from that time period and I can verify its legitimacy
3 You're allowed to put whatever you want in your signature to celebrate your victories; Lutra's "you can display this or that" thingy that he used to do has been pretty much faded out of all RoA tournaments this year
4 We thought it looked better

also if you want to GSC UU and maybe other stuff for italy hmu lol


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In, us west (doesn't look like we'll have a team tho)
Adv ou, gsc ou, gsc uu, gsc ubers, oras ubers, I can play oras ru/probably dpp lc too. Maybe others, we can work it out


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Nope. I can assist a lot in prep. I bolded the tiers I'm most proficient in.
Requested Captain: Whoever is captain is fine by me lol.

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