Multi-gen RoA Room Championship: October 2018 Playoffs [8-man Won by SoulWind]

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As FriendOfMrGolem120 has just told you in this post we're looking forward to see the top 8 fight for the final victory!

The winner of each of these seasonal playoffs can display a green mini-trophy
and qualifies for the year-end RoA Forums Championship


[1] pasy_g (3-0) Alpha Male Psyduck [8]
[4] Shogarth (3-1) Excal [5]
[2] The Kyle (0-3) Astamatitos [7]
[3] SoulWind (3-2) Lavos [6]


[1] pasy_g (W-0) Shogarth [4]
[7] Astamatitos (1-3) SoulWind [3]


[1] pasy_g (1-3) SoulWind [3]


Single Elimination: play a first-to-3 wins (best of 5 wins) match in all gen OU tiers (RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU, BW OU, ORAS OU) with the higher seed picking 1st, 3rd and 5th unique tiers, and the lower seed picking 2nd and 4th unique tiers.

Regarding Deadlines

The deadline for the first round is November 6th, 13th for the semi-finals and November 20th for the finals. I won't be very strict and am willing to give extensions if both players are actually showing attempts to schedule and to get the games done but you should not wait until the last day before starting to schedule. Playing rounds ahead is highly encouraged.

Regarding Ties

In case both last pokemon are knocked out in one turn, the game will be counted as a tie in RBY, GSC, ADV and DPP and has to be replayed (players can opt to use different teams). If that happens in BW or ORAS, the winner will be determined by whatever pokemon showdown says ('Player X won the battle!'). We are following how double knockouts are handled on cartridge games.

Make sure you contact your opponent or post in this thread until November 2nd that I know that you are interested in playing. I'll start subbing out by that date if I see no interest from players in playing. Please tell me as soon as possible in case you are not interested in playing.

Good luck everyone!​
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^ confirming, the worst set I've ever played. That said, my play was bad regardless and you're a really nice dude. Gl in the rest and hopefully in the future we can play a better set.


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RoA Room October 2018 Champion: SoulWind

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RoA Room October 2018 Champion

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