Multi-gen RoA Room Championship - Summer Playoff - Final [Won by Bomber.]

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Summer 2017 | Fall 2017 ⏭

As Lutra has just told you in this thread we're excited to see the top 8 for final victory.

The winner of each of these seasonal playoffs can display a green mini-trophy
and qualifies for the year-end RoA Championship.

According with summer ranking, here are quarterfinals:

[1] EB0LA (1-3) Natural Talent [8]
[4] Bomber. (3-2) Honko [5]
[3] Oibaf (3-1) W2S [6]
[2] Barbows (3-1) sulcata [7]


[4] Bomber. (3-1) Natural Talent [8]
[3] Oibaf (0-3) Barbows [2]


[4] Bomber. (3-2) Barbows [2]

That's a single elimination tournament playoffs and play a first-to-3 wins (best of 5 wins) match in all gen OU tiers (RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU, BW OU, ORAS OU) with the higher seed picking 1st, 3rd and 5th tiers, and the lower seed picking 2nd and 4th tiers.

Good luck!!​
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Lost 2-3 with a clutch finals, we forgot to save the replay for the adv game where the match went 1-1 (and i admitedly haxed him for the win), but here are the others in order

ggs, man ^^ it was nice participating in my first smogon tour an reaching finals
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