Gen 4 RoA Speed BKCCAT 2 - Step 6: Final Adjustments

Hello again! We're back with RoA Speed CCAT 2! :) It'll go the same as the previous one. For reference, the thread can be found here.

Step Summary
Step 1: DPP OU is chosen as the metagame for this CCAT
Step 2: Calm Mind Raikou chosen as the starting Pokemon
Step 3: Roserade chosen as teammate
Step 4: Heatran chosen as teammate
Step 5: Gyarados, Hitmontop, Gengar chosen as teammate
Step 1: Gen & Tier Voting

Same as the previous one. Vote for the metagame you want for this CCAT :) Do not vote for ADV OU though, since that was already done and we'd want to give other metagames a chance :p also no obscure metagames like RBY LC. This step lasts ~48 hours :)


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