Gen 3 RoA Speed CCAT - [DONE]

Approved by Jellicent idk how long ago :O!

Alright since there isn't much demand for mini-tours now, might as well have another project~ The previous CCAT has dragged for too long and thus didn't manage to complete. This time around, I'm going to try a faster approach with each step lasting ~48 hours so we can keep moving on.

There will be no fixed steps as to how this will be done. I'll explain more as we progress :)

Step Summary
Step 1: ADV OU chosen as the metagame for CCAT
Step 2: Chose Moltres + Metagross and Offense for playstyle
Step 3: Chose Gengar and Dugtrio
Step 4: Chose Celebi and refined Dugtrio's EV and Gengar's 4th move
Step 5: Chose Porygon2 as final teammate and added Will-O-Wisp over Morning Sun on Moltres
Step 6: Multiple final adjustments made to the team; team is finalized in this post
Step 1: Gen & Tier Voting

Vote for the metagame you want this CCaT to go with~ Please do not choose obscure metagames that only few people play eg RBY LC. We want as much participation as possible ;) Simply bold your vote~ Feel free to discuss if you feel like! Thanks! ^_^ This step lasts 48 hours!

My vote goes to DPP OU~~

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