All Gens RoA Spotlight Community Choice: Rules and Cooldown

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RoA Spotlight Community Choice Rules
  1. First and foremost, the Community Choice voting is primarily maintained by Rage and Kris. If you take issue with a part of this process, take it up with one of us; alternatively, if you have issues reaching one of the maintainers, you can bring up any potential qualms with any Ruins of Alph Room or Forum Staff member, and they will mention it to us.
  2. Voting is broken up into two stages; overall, the voting process should last 10 days (5 days for generation voting, 5 days for format voting). However, we are human, and sometimes we forget to post on time. Please bear with us.​
    • State 1 of voting is generation voting. For 5 days, people get to vote between all of the generations, barring the one that is on cooldown. This means everyone gets to vote for any 6 of the following at any given time: RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, BW, ORAS, SM.​
    • State 2 of voting is format voting. For 5 days, people get to vote between all of the formats, barring the ones that are on cooldown. Every format is discussed between staff; we try to lean towards equally distributing the number of formats up for vote between more and less popular formats. This means that you will see traditional formats like Little Cup and NU, as well as less popular formats like STABmons and Hackmons.
  3. We try our best to limit advertisement of voting.
    • For generation voting, we try to only advertise the voting stage in the Ruins of Alph Room and Discord, as well as Smogon's Twitter. We know there are generation-specific communities such as the ADV community, so we strongly discourage advertising the generation voting stage to cater towards a specific generation.
    • For format voting, we try to practice similar standards. This means no advertising outside of the RoA Room and Discord, and Smogon's twitter, and no encouraging people to vote for one specific format/against another formats. However, we might be more lenient on advertising rules for less popular communities. For example, Monotype has its own room, subforum, and a fairly large past-gen community; as a result, advocating specifically for Monotype during format voting is more likely to get picked up on and reprimanded than something like STABmons.
    • If you want to advertise something but are afraid of the potential consequences, just ask one of the maintainers! You never know what we'll say!
    • If we catch wind of you breaking these rules, the format/generation you are advocating for will be removed from voting for that month and your votes will be invalid. Don't be a party pooper.
Format Cooldown:
  • OU (indefinitely; all OU formats have ladders) [this only applies to vanilla OU; formats like Inverse OU are still eligible]
  • Random Battle (indefinitely; all Random Battle formats have ladders) [this only applies to vanilla Random Battle; formats like Random Battle + Team Preview are still eligible]
Combination Cooldown:
  • SM Ubers (indefinitely; has a ladder) [this only applies to vanilla SM Ubers; formats like SM Ubers + Mega Rayquaza are still eligible]
  • SM Anything Goes (indefinitely; has a ladder) [this only applies to vanilla SM Anything Goes; formats like SM Anything Goes (Blitz) are still eligible]
  • SM Doubles OU (indefinitely; has a ladder) [this only applies to vanilla SM Doubles OU; formats like SM Doubles OU (No S-Ranks) are still eligible]
  • SM Balanced Hackmons (indefinitely; has a ladder)
  • SM Mix and Mega (indefinitely; has a ladder)
  • ORAS Pure Hackmons (indefinitely; has a ladder)
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