Gen 4 RoA Spotlight: DPP Doubles OU... Winner - Farfromani!

- ROUND 2 -
Remember, posting replays is mandatory.
Please be respectful of one each other's time when scheduling.

F-00  vs  zee
Cao Jie  vs  Fritz420
Bless  vs  squidheadss
qsns  vs  GasaiYunoSan
Lhions  vs  Kiryu Gaming
 vs  RL
laptops  vs  bage1
Farfromani  vs  grayblood
Fangame10 vs DaAwesomeDude1
Smudge vs Jfaun

AIRedzone  vs  Lialiabeast
Alice Kazumi  vs  txitxas
Polar Variety  vs  For 4LOM
Gamer1234556  vs  SpeedyBlu
Velcroc  vs  Bananacrazy111
lrodher  vs  blareposeidon
AnandPog  vs  Fakes
Stella_R vs LuBiStar20
vs Bye

Bracket Views



These brackets are looking like they'll be a bit messy given that we've had one drop and don't have a super clean number of participants. Thanks to the wisdom of TPP, the show will go on, but I ask that you bear with me in these frankly rather goofy times. This week's bracket anomalies are Smudge vs Jfaun, being caused by the 1-0 and 0-1 group having uneven players (19 each), and Memoric being given a bye due to bossaru having dropped from this tour. I will do the best I can with this bracket, all I really care about here is that y'all have fun and get as many games in as possible to encourage participation.

As is pretty standard with tours, act calls and coinflips had to be made. If you are at all curious as to the reasoning behind your specific act call / coinflip, just ask politely and I'll be happy to explain. Otherwise, let's continue as normal and get to playing the game we came here for.

Same drill as always. Replays due Sunday, December 24, 11:59 PM EST (UTC-5). I'm aware this is Christmas Eve and/or Christmas morning for folks, so please try to schedule early and be courteous of one another's time. If you need an extension for the holidays, try to work that out sooner rather than later. In general, though, this is just a long-winded excuse for me to wish y'all some happy holidays. So happy holidays!

Be nice to one another, enjoy some good games, and let's go make some oldgens DOU bloodshed.
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Calling act. He's been online multiple times after i've posted and has not responded. Also, I notified him that I only have Thursday & Friday to schedule because I'm gone for the weekend and he does not seem to care.
Going to have to call act unfortunately as my opp missed our scheduled time on sat and we weren't able to play today
- ROUND 3 -
Remember, posting replays is mandatory.
Please be respectful of one each other's time when scheduling.

Fangame10  vs  Smudge
Cao Jie  vs  F-00
Kiryu Gaming  vs  Farfromani
Void  vs  bage1
GasaiYunoSan  vs  Bless

laptops  vs  Lhions
Jfaun  vs  LuBiStar20
blareposeidon  vs  Fritz420
zee  vs  Memoric
Fakes  vs  DaAwesomeDude1
grayblood  vs  RL
Bananacrazy111  vs  txitxas
AIRedzone  vs  Bye (Enjoy your Christmas present)
squidheadss  vs  SpeedyBlu
qsns  vs For 4LOM

Alice Kazumi  vs  Gamer1234556
Polar Variety  vs  Stella_R
AnandPog  vs  Lialiabeast
lrodher  vs  Velcroc

Bracket Views

Apologies if santa arrived a couple hours behind schedule, but we've got a new round up! I don't care that it's Christmas, I'm still breathing and have internet so y'all get a new round. A small observation I have for y'all is that we only saw four valid sets for week 2 - Please don't make me look into who has what showdown account in excessive detail. And please, please make sure to reach out to your opponents clearly and early if y'all want to be valid for act wins - We had half a dozen coin flips and 8 act calls, I know nobody around here likes coinflip gambling and scheduling can be a nightmare but y'all gotta work with me here. Over 75% of the bracket was decided by activity in some capacity. We literally had so much activity stuff going on that it does not make sense to list it all here: If you disagree with your new score or would like to inquire as to why it is the way it is, feel free to ask but please be courteous. The coinflips themselves were decided by the following in smogtours, as is standard:


I would like to take this time encourage participation and a level of patience with your opponents, as this is a season where lots of folks have specific plans and not a lot of free time. Should y'all need extensions, you know who to ask; I'm not against granting them but y'all are going to need to speak up for yourselves.

Replays for this round are due Sunday, December 31 at 11:59PM EST (GMT-5).
Now, with all the boring text wall out of the way, y'all have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
LET'S SEE SOME DPP'ING IN OUR LAST FEW DAYS OF 2023! Have fun and enjoy your games!

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