Gen 3 RoA Spotlight Tournament: ADV 200 [Canceled]

RoA Spotlight Tournament: ADV 200
This month's RoA community choice is ADV 200, and to encourage participation, the RoA Staff has decided to host a Swiss tournament alongside the monthly ladder.

Rules and Information:
Matches are best-of-three in the [Gen 3] ADV 200 format (first player to win 2 games, ties are not counted).
Players may switch teams between games.
Replays of all tournament game must be posted.
All players will play at least 4 rounds, even if they lose.
If there are players tied for first after 4 matches, they will proceed to a playoff elimination round.
ADV 200 resources and information can be found here.
Each round will last at most 1 week.

Post "in" to sign up, feel free to message me if you have any questions.
Signups will close Sunday, April 7th at 23:59 gmt -4.
Sorry that this wasn't dealt with earlier, was waiting for ADV 200 to be implemented on PS before starting the tour, and that ended up not happening.
I'd still be down to host this if you're all still interested in playing. It will have to be ADV 200 by gentlemen's agreement, and challenged in OU.
If you all decide to do this, I will make sure to find the updated list of usable moves and Pokémon, and it will be your responsibility to make sure your team is legal. If its too much of a pain for me to enforce move legality and all, this will simply not happen.

If you're still interested just like the message, no need to in again. Please say if you're out though.

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