Gen 3 RoA Spotlight Tournament: ADV ZU - Round 3


"Wait!" he says, do I look like a waiter?
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Activity Wins

Gyro Ball Enjoyer over Realtimeglover
Smidget over TasmanianDemon
Privacy Policy over Ubo
55Miniben over JonAmon 25


missangelic over giove97

Round 2

Gyro Ball Enjoyer vs. sleid
missangelic vs. plznostep
5Dots vs. Gangsta Spongebob
Zpice vs. diegoyuhhi
JabbaTheGriffin vs. Monai
OranBerryBlissey10 vs. BP
Smidget vs. Bless
pokology vs. 55Miniben
Privacy Policy vs. Mr.Bossaru
Alice Kazumi (1-0) vs. Polar Variety (0-1)

Bernian  vs  TasmanianDemon
Realtimeglover  vs  Gamer1234556
Romanian Tecnico  vs  kenny
Ubo  vs  owntempo
JonAmon 25  vs  bydy
Cbass97  vs  BaitWiz
InfernoDragon  vs  wooper
Docteur Grandhomme vs. Vermillion Gangsta
DiannieRatson vs. giove97





Deadline for this round is Sunday, November 26th at 11:59pm GMT-5 (EST)
Replays are MANDATORY!

Note: Baton Pass is limited to Dry Pass only in ADV ZU. You cannot use Baton Pass in conjunction with status moves that can pass a beneficial effect to any switch-in, including Substitute.
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1) Replays had been posted earlier, no changes required however I just wanted to clarify that it wasn't an activity win and we played our games earlier
2) Contacted via. Discord, games should be played approx. Friday-Sunday depending on scheduling

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